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Magical Twin. Chapter 6

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????Magical Twins????
We are magical☀
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a minister’s son)????????

Written by Adelegan T.T Ilerioluwa
Hilex’s Library
????Episode Six????
????Minho’s POV

Mum, are you serious? Dad wants a divorce because of his second family? Who the f*ck are they?! I yelled angrily
Beak cleared his throat then I remembered Eloise and Evie were still present, they shouldn’t be involved in our family matters

We’ll stay outside. Eloise said and left with her twin sister

You know what mum, I’m gonna find out who they are. I said
You just have to stop crying. I added and cleaned away her tears with my thumb

We love you mum. Beak said and hugged her, I joined the hug
Please stop crying, we are here for you. I said and rubbed her back
My mother means so much to me and that’s why I’ll find who the second family are
I can’t believe dad did this.


Eloise’s POV
I wonder who the second family are, he must be really sad right now..Evie said with her gaze down
I don’t know, we met them a few days ago so how are we supposed to know that? I asked and crossed my arms

They love their parents so much, too bad ours left us when we were young. She said and sniffed
Are you crying? I asked and raised her chin up to my face, I cleaned her tears
Let bygones be bygones. I said and she nodded

Don’t you think we should help them? She asked
Evie please, its about their family, its personal. I replied
But you won’t fight with Minho again. She said and I scoffed
That’s if he doesn’t cross my lane. I said with a smirk

One of the securities walked to us. ” You are called inside.” He said

All right. We replied and walked inside
The whole issue had die down and they were discussing other things

Oh…..your bodyguards are so beautiful. Their mum said and smiled at us

Hello ma’am. We both said and bowed, I did like I was a responsible girl????????
Sit down. She said and we did
I see you guys are identical. She said
Yes ma, its a pleasure to finally meet you. Evie said and bowed again

I am Mrs Madison………. Kim. She felt reluctant to pronounce her last word, maybe because she’s gonna be a divorcee very soon

I’m Eloise
I’m Evie. We said at once
I see them in your name tags already and I hope my son (Minho) doesn’t go crazy on you guys especially the one on the left. She said referring to me
I replied with a smile and gave Min a terrible glare.

Idiot! He said aloud and his mum was surprised

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Mum, she’s so rude and frustrating. He replied and pointed to me
Darling, you don’t say that to ladies, okay? His mum corrected and pinched him

Guys, we are sleeping here. Beak said as he operated his phone, he was not happy

I gulped down into nothing, Minho and his mum discussion reminded me of my parents, I felt like crying but I held myself together

We were taken to our room, so beautiful. I was surprised when Beak told us Madia has her own room here, jeez! Must she follow them around?

Don’t you think we should visit uncle? Evie suggested

No. I replied sharply
Why? He lives around here, you know. She said

Evie, uncle is fine. I said

But he’s gonna be worried….

Evie? I called and turned to her out of frustration

Dinner’s ready ma’am. One of Mrs Madison’s chef said outside

We will talk about uncle later. I said and got up from bed, I just don’t feel happy tonight

The dinning were set with different types of food, I was about to seat then a hand pulled out a chair for me, I turned and it was Beak.

Thanks. I said and sat down
I sat opposite to Min while Mrs Madison was sitting between him and Beak

I played with my food, I just don’t know why I actually remembered my parents today, why not some other day

Darling, are you okay? Beak mum said
Oh… I muttered and raised up my head
What’s wrong with you? Evie whispered
I gave her *Fine* sign and she nodded

Is everything all right? Mrs Madison asked again

Ye..yes. I replied

I notice you’ve not been easy, is everything fine? Beak asked
Would everyone stop asking me how I feel? I said within myself

I laid on the bed and maintained a straight face

Are you saying we shouldn’t see uncle? Evie question jerked me out of my thoughts

I told you we are not seeing him, his wife chased us out. I replied and sat up
Okay. She replied and held her stomach

Are you okay? I asked

Not really, my stomach hurts. She replied
Sorry, take we rest. I said and gave her a pillow

She laid her head on the bed and soon slept off
I took the magical book and read a page

Geez! So boring! I wonder why she loves reading it
We have magics and no one else must know about it or else we will die, that’s the fact
Only goodness knows how we have magics. I stood up and walked out of the room to the dinning
I placed my head on the table and didn’t know when I fell asleep

Minho’s POV
I was walking to my room after I spoke with my bad then I heard a snore
When did mum hire pigs as maid
I walked to the dinning and it was Eloise or Evie?

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I think it’s Evie.
Get up idiot. I said and she raised her head, she yawned and glared at me

Huh? Evie will never do that.
I am I the one you refer to as an idiot? ???? She asked

IMG! Its Eloise.
I stepped back. Wait, why did I?

Yeah, idiot! I yelled and moved closer to her
See, you are gonna die young if you don’t stop yelling. She said

What the f*ck?! Is that a curse?! I yelled again
You will just die. She said again and I grabbed her cloth
Her chest part tore and I could see her br* slightly
Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She screamed and gave me a lifetime beating
Sorry, it was a mistake……..
I should not be begging her but her hand sounded like stone
I tried to defend myself, suddenly my hand landed on her waist

I was lost in staring at her, oh God! She’s so beautiful

Hey! Let’s go of me. She said and I jerked out of my thoughts
She covered herself with her hand
I saw the colour of your br*. I said aloud
Shut your mouth, you ought to apologize. She said and I laughed

Apologize? Remember you once saw my thing and now I see your the color of your thing slightly???????????? I said

Are you crazy?! Min! She yelled and I ran to my room
I jumped on the bed and smiled

She sounds amazing and fun to be with
Color pink! I murmured

Next day
Evie’s POV
Awnn,I:m gonna miss you. Min’s mum said and hugged them again
Yeah mum, bye…….we love you. He said as we entered the car
I noticed Min and Beak were staring at Eloise who was asleep through the front mirror
Gosh! Why do they stare so much?

Beak’s POV
I stared at her pretty face, I think I can now differentiate her from her twin
She is more beautiful and whenever I see her, I know she is the one

Min was also looking at her lustfully
I closed his eyes
Dude! Are you okay? He asked

Yes, stop staring. I said and he looked away
Guys, its okay. Evie said
Eloise was asleep
So beautiful. ????????????

Eloise’s POV
Wake up, dumbass. Min yelled into my ear coupled with soap and water

Omo! I screamed and ran to the nearby toilet, I washed my face

Evie! I screamed and walked out
I told you not to pour that on me again. I said and sat down
Sorry. She said

You sleep a lot, you slept for eight good hours. Min said
Eight hours? Oh mine! Its night already. I said and stared out the window

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Where is Beak? I asked

Sleeping in his room. He replied
Hey! Wanna go to club and I need to accompany me. He said
Okay. Evie replied then she held her stomach

Hey, are you okay? You’ve been complaining of that lately. I said tenderly

Yeah, I think I have a running stomach. She said while Min showed no care
That’s none of my business, you are coming with me. He said

Why are you so careless? I asked
None of your business, its your job to protect me. He replied
You can follow me while she stays at home. He said and I let out a sigh

Thanks. I replied and took her upstairs
Take care of yourself. I said and went back downstairs
Let’s go dumbo! I said and walked out

Disco music were played, he drank himself to stupor and enjoyed himself in the company of different sluts
Geez! I shouldn’t have followed him

Finally, he got up and began to split gibberish
Shut up and let’s go home. I said and took him outside
Everyone was asleep except the securities at home and few maids
I want more drinks. Min said as I took him in
You can’t go to your room like this. I said

Take me to my room. He said, I covered my nose….his whole mouth was filled with the smells of alcohol

Thank God I know his room
I took him to his room
Wow! I exclaimed and looked around, just like a a palace
This people are rich!
I dropped him and he fell on the bed.
Help me with my shoe. He said and I turned to him

Drunk ass. I muttered and took it off, why did I even do it?
I stood up and turned to leave then he drew me back and I fell beside him on the bed, thank God I didn’t fall on him
I sat up

Hey! Are you crazy? Do you want me to punch you? I asked
Do you know you are beautiful? He asked

I know I am so shut up! I said
I saw your thing yesterday. Color pink. He said and laughed

Aigo! Aigo aigo! SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH! I yelled but he kept on saying gibberish
He wanted to take off his shirt but had a problem with it

I helped him and took it off
Do you also want to see my thing? He asked and laughed
I drew him to the edge of his bed and tied his mouth
I opened his closet and took out his trousers
I tore it and used not to toe his legs

Him mm mm him mm hmm…. He grumbled

That the thing! Goodnight! I said and gave him a knock
I walked out of his room and slammed his door