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Magical Twin. Chapter 7

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????Magical Twins????
We are magical☀
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a minister’s son)????????
Written by Adelegan Ilerioluwa

@Hilex’s Library
@Hilex’s Library
Adelegan Ilerioluwa’s story????????
????Episode Seven????
Beak’s POV????
My alarm rung into my ear, is it morning already? Why?
I grumbled and got up from bed, I felt a strange move in me as I walked to the toilet ; this story is written by Adelegan Ilerioluwa
I’ve been feeling like that since the twins joined us and I don’t know why
At times, I do things out of control
That aside, I have to see min and talk to him about mum and dad
This story is written by Adelegan Ilerioluwa
I washed my faced and then I felt the strange move again
Geez! I muttered and walked out to Minho’s room. He was tied to his bed

What? Who did this? Are you okay? I asked and quickly untied his mouth
That dumbass did it! He yelled

Dumbass? Who? I asked confused
Yes, Eloise tied me! He yelled again, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud

I ‘ll definitely sack that girl! She so rude, I prefer her sister. He said as I untied him completely

Nice if you prefer her sister. I replied

What do you mean? He asked and got up from bed (This story is written by Adelegan Ilerioluwa)
Since you prefer her sister, then I can have her as my girlfriend.
You are joking, right? He asked and I chuckled
I’m serious. I replied

He gave me a glare and walked out

What? I hope its not what I am thinking. I said and walked after him
This story is written by Adelegan Ilerioluwa
We got to the sitting room
What if its what you are thinking? He asked
Dude, forget that girl, she’s mine. He said and I scoffed

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Are you sick in the head or something? You just told me you prefer her sister so what the butt are you saying?! I half yelled

I have said it, I am your brother and you should listen to me. He said and sat down, feeling like a king
This story is written by Adelegan Ilerioluwa

You are sick! I said

I am not sick!
Guys! A voice said

What?! We both yelled and turned, it was the twins
Why are you yelling? I’ve never seen you guys like this. Eloise said

Yeah. Evie added
Its nothing, just a little misunderstanding and he should listen to his brother. Min said

What a brother! I replied and sat down
(This story is written by Adelegan Ilerioluwa)

Can we know the reason why you are fighting? Evie asked and sat beside Min

Its not necessary. We replied simultaneously

All right, good morning. Eloise said and sat beside me, I shoved out my tongue at him

I called dad yesterday. I said trying to change the topic.

What did he say? He asked no more pissed

He said he still wants a divorce. I replied and stood up from my seat
I guess we have to know who the second family are. I said then Madia came in

Hey Min. She squealed and gave him a side hug
Evie’s POV
Madia squealed and gave Min a side hug ignoring every other person
She pushed me away and I hit my butt on the floor

Hey! I shrieked and she hissed
Let me help you. Beak said and stretched his hand to me
Thanks. I said and collected it

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You are dumb Madia. Eloise said and went to our room

Hey, you don’t talk to my friend like that. Min half yelled
I sat on a couch and monitored their movements, I don’t trust that girl, she might be a threat to the Kim’s family????

Why are you there? Min asked
Oh, sorry. I said and turned to leave

Get ready, we are going out. He said and after some seconds, I left for my room

I opened the door and saw Eloise testing some clothes
Who gave you those? I asked and sat on the bed
Beak bought them for me and a new phone. She replied happily
Awnn….that’s so sweet of him, Minho is gonna look at me someday. I replied dreamily
That reminds me, Min said we are going out. I said and she groaned

Why now?! I hate that boy. She said and sat on the bed
Is Madia still with him? She asked and I nodded
I have a feeling that girl is a threat to their family. I said

Evie, let not meddle in what is not ours, okay? She said

Yes but…….
Okay. I replied


I and Eloise climbed down the stairs in our outfits
And as usual, all eyes was on her, no one even looked at me
I don’t know why boys are always after her, I know Minho likes her and not me

I hate you Eloise!
Will you wipe away that jealousy! My inner woman screamed at me

Oh! I jerked out of my bad thoughts
I love you Eloise. I said within myself

She is your sister and you should love her she loves you. Someone said into my head, I don’t even know who said it
This story is written by Adelegan Ilerioluwa

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Let’s go. Min said and we all walked out
Today is Madia’s birthday and she wants to celebrate it at their house and we are all invited

I wonder why she can’t stay in her house, why did she come here for crying out loud
This story is written by Adelegan ilerioluwa

We entered the vehicle and took off, Beak and Ellis fell into talking while Madia and Min discussed
This story is written by Adelegan Ilerioluwa
I took in a deep breath

You look beautiful. Someone said into my ear
I turned and it was beak
Thanks. I replied and smiled, I wish it was Min that said that to me

We arrived at our destination and walked gracefully into the big compound
This story is written by Adelegan Ilerioluwa
Merriments were going on
Min and Beak sat while I and Eloise stood behind them boldly
A guys was passing and his phone fell

Oh..sorry. I said and picked it up for him
He raised his head and removed his glasses

Oh my gosh! Xavier!