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Magical Twin. Chapter 8

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????Magical Twins????
We are magical☀
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a minister’s son)

Written by Adelegan T.T Ilerioluwa
Hilex’s Library
Hilex’s Library
????Episode Eight????
????Evie’s POV????
I stood like a frozen chicken, my heartbeat skipped as I gulped down my fear
What was he doing here, was he related to Madia?

He scoffed
So, this is where you ran to? He asked and I turned to call Eloise but she was not there

Oh God! Where did she go? I asked myself
(This story is written by Adelegan Ilerioluwa)
He was about to say something then a guy came and whispered something into his ear, he stared at me for a while then he left

Who knows what he has in mind

Hi. The guy he left behind said and stretches forth his hand to me
He…he…hello. I stuttered and collected the handshake
He smiled
I’m Freddy and….you? If I may ask?
Yeah, sure…sure. I said and chuckled nervously

He smiled
You still haven’t told me your name. He said
Oh…Evie. I replied

Nice name, beautiful. Do you mind if I have your…digits? He asked slowly
(This story is written by Adelegan Ilerioluwa)

I can’t give it to him, I know he is Xavier’s friend, I can’t!

Hello. He said and jerked me out of my thoughts, I removed my hand from his

Sorry, I….. He was interrupted by a phone call
I’ll be back. He said and attended to the call
I took in a deep breath, now back to Xavier
Who is he to Madia? Why is he here? A lot of questions popped up in my mind

I looked left then I saw Eloise holding Minho’s ear
Don’t you ever trick me again. She said and everyone murmured

????he did that to the minister’s son
????What a rude bodyguard
Whatever. I muttered and walked to her

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Where were you when I needed your help? I asked with my arms crossed

Sorry, you wouldn’t believe min tricked me and…..she stopped talking and looked at me from head to toe

What? I asked
You said you needed my help, for what? She asked

Yeah, A jerk was here…Xa….I stopped
Xa what? She asked

I wanted to say the service here is awful. I replied
I suspect you are hiding something. She said, that caught me

Are you hiding our popcorn?! She asked, I took in a deep breath and hissed

Popcorn????. I shook my head pitifully and walked to the toilet

Freddy’s POV
????All right, thanks. I said the the planner over the phone and ended the call
I walked back to where I left beauty and couldn’t find her
I told her to wait for me, gosh! I haven’t seen someone that beautiful in my whole life.
Can’t believe I lost her.

I was about to walk away then I saw her standing beside one of the minister’s son
(This story is written by Adelegan Ilerioluwa)

I smiled and walked to her

Evie. I called and then she gave me a weird look, I didn’t dwell on that anyway

So, your number? I asked and she scoffed

What number? She answered with a question rudely
Evie, we talked few seconds ago. I said smiling

I don’t know you and I am Eloise. She replied and I chuckled

Come on, stop that act. Evie…. I said
She came closer and took a bouncing stick
Wanna get some of this stick? She asked and pointed to her name tag
Oh. I muttered
Eloise. I pronounced and shook my head in agreement

Wait…what do you want from my sister? She asked
Oh…sister? Never mind. I said and ran away
Wondering who I am?
I’m Madia’s cousin and I’ll be staying for for a few months just to chill and enjoy myself

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I should have asked of her sister, so…they are twins? Very identical. I said within myself
I bumped into Xavier

Dude, were you not watching? He asked pissed
Sorry. I said and turned to leave
I saw him talking to Evie or Eloise?
No, it’s Evie!

Hey, do you know Evie? I asked then he glared at me and walked away

I wonder why Madia had invited people like him

How do I get her number?
(This story is written by Adelegan Ilerioliwa)

Eloise’s POV
A guy asked of you. I said to Evie

Oh, who? She asked

I don’t know, he never mentioned his name. I replied with a shrug
His name is Freddy. Min said
Oh..Freddy? He must be looking for me. She said

Who is he? I asked
I met him today and he asked for my number. She replied
I gave her a friendly punch on her shoulder and teased her

Did you? I asked and she scoffed
No. She replied coldly.
Oh man! Why?
Cos….he is Xa….. She stopped talking and held her stomach
Are you sure you are fine, you’ve been like that for some days. I said
Yeah I think I have fever. She replied and I scoffed
Fever? And your stomach hurts? Fever? I asked unbelievably

Eloise, I’m fine. She replied sharply

Oh… I muttered

Rat head, get me that drink. Min said and I was like

Are you sane?
Yeah, I’m your boss, give it to me. He said

I slapped his head

What?! He yelled that it drew everyone’s attention

Serves you right.
Eloise. Evie called

Minho’s POV

I hate you. I muttered and looked away then I saw Dad and Mrs Eagle, Madia’s mum talking
I know they are business partners but Dad shouldn’t be here
He should be at work

I’ll be right back. I said and trailed him
They said some things I find it difficult to understand, he turned to leave then he saw me

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Son? He called surprised
Can we talk? I asked

Sorry but I’m in a hurry. He replied and walked out
Hope you are enjoying the party? Mrs Eagle said

What were you discussing with my dad? I asked and she chuckled

What else but business. She replied and walked away sawing her butt left and right

Oh…here you are min. Madia said and came to me
Come, you need to see my friends. She said and I felt reluctant

Come on. She said and dragged me along

I bumped into Beak and when our eyes made a contact, I hissed and walked away with Madia

What’s wrong with you and Beak? She asked

Just ignore him. I replied

Eloise POV
We got home all tired
Gosh! What a hectic day. Beak said and mistakenly sat on Min’s phone

Oops, sorry. He said and gave it to him

Are you sick? Min asked
Dude, just your phone, okay? Beak replied and turned on the Tv

Jerk! He said
You should watch whatever you say to me from now on cos she’s mine. Min replied angrily

What are they talking about? I asked Evie
I don’t know
Just keep your fucking mouth shut, idiot. Beak replied
Suddenly, Min grabbed his shirt and pulled him to the wall, they started fighting

Geez! Guys! Stop! I and Evie shouted as we tried to stop them
I held Beak while she held Min
He is a jerk! Min said
Shut up, why are you fighting? I asked
You are the Jerk! Beak yelled and freed himself from my hold
He took a glass cup and threw it at Min
Beak! I shouted
Oh my gosh! Min missed it and it landed on Evie