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Magical Twin. Chapter 9

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????Magical Twins????
We are magical☀
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a minister’s son)

Written by Adelegan T.T ilerioluwa
Hilex’s Library????????
????Episode Nine????
Eloise’s POV????
I’m sorry, it was a mistake. Beak apologized as I applied ice on Evie’s cut on her head

Now that’s it, you guys still haven’t told us the reason why you are fighting! What is wrong with you, what if the glass got into her eyes. I said angrily

He threw it. Min said
Sorry. Beak said
Why are you fighting? I asked
Its nothing necessary. Min replied

Its not necessary? And you are fighting? Evie asked
(This story is written by Adelegan Ilerioluwa)
I don’t think I can continue this conversation, I’m out. Min said and walked away
I faced Beak
You guys can fight if you want to but don’t affect us with that. I said
Sorry, i did it out of control. He said again and sat on the couch, there was a cut on his lips

Let’s go to our room. I said to Evie and we left
The cut isn’t all that much, just little one. Evie said
You should have missed it instead of Min, I can’t be there to protect you every time. I said

Sorry. She replied and held her stomach again
Evie! What is wrong with you? You’ve been like this for days, I have a feeling you are keeping something from me. I said

No…no way, why would I do that…just a normal stomach upset. Nothing more. She replied

You’ll need to see a Doctor and…
No, I don’t want to see a Doctor. She objected immediately

Nothing, I’ll be fine. She said and brought out her magical book
Evie, is there something you are not telling me? I asked

No Eloise, I tell you everything I know. She replied as she flipped through the pages of the book
I sighed and brought out the new phone Beak bought for me
I don’t know why I have this feeling she was keeping something from me.I looked at her again and she smiled

(This story is written by Adelegan Ilerioluwa)

I turned on my data and browsed the internet
A phone rang

Your phone is ringing. I said to her and she picked it

????Freddy? She said all of a sudden

Oh… I thought the guy was not going to call

Is it true you gave him my number? Evie asked after the call

Yeah, I gave him after the party. I replied

But why? I don’t even know if he is Xavier’s friend. She said and I turned
She covered her mouth

What does Xavier has to do with this? I asked
ERM..EMR…ERM.. She stuttered

Evie’s POV
I stuttered and couldn’t find a perfect word to say
What does Xavier has to do with this? She asked again
Er….its a slip of tongue, maybe I miss him. I lied
Miss that jerk?!
Evie, I have a feeling you are hiding something since yesterday, are you sure you don’t want to tell me anything? She asked

I moved closer to her and held her hands

You are my sister, I am not hiding anything. I replied
I believe you. She replied and got up from bed
.So you gave Freddy my number? I asked

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Yeah, he is a nice guy. She said

I don’t like him, I love Min. I replied
Lover girl, I’m going downstairs. She replied and walked out, she came back and scattered my hair

Not cool. I said and she ran out

What if Freddy is Xavier’s friend, he’s gonna come for me
I think its time I tell Evie before she finds out

Beak’s POV
I heard footsteps coming down, I looked up and it was Eloise

I stood up and walked to her

I’m sorry, it was a mistake. I said to her apologetically
Its okay but can you tell me why you are fighting? She asked

Its….just a little misunderstanding. I replied and we both sat on the couch
I couldn’t stop staring at her, no wonder Min wants what belongs to me
You are mine Eloise
The strands of her hair brushed through her face
Oh…I said and brushed it back

Why aren’t you going to college? I asked
For some personal reasons. She replied and then turned to me
You still haven’t treated the cut on your lips. She said
I’ll help you. She said and stood up, she went to the first aid box and came out with what she was going to use
She sat and turned to me, she raised my chin up , my eyes was on her lips

I’m falling badly for you.I said within myself
I felt like grabbing her close to myself and give her a deep kiss but…….I can’t do it
Its a gradually process

Done. She said and got up
Wait. I said
Do you need anything? She asked

No but…..do mind if we go out tomorrow? I asked

Okay,I’ll tell Evie. She said

No, just you and I. I replied, she swinged her head left and right
Okay. She replied and left

Min should relax cos Eloise is mine. I said and chuckled happily

Unknown’s POV
Listen Kim, I told you already I hate Madison, I should be the one in that house not her. I worked for it. I said angrily

I told you I’m going to divorce her and we’ll live happily, just give me sometime. He replied

I have given you enough time, I gave you ten good years to do something. Those stupid boys of yours are grown up. I said

Don’t call them that.
What else should I call them? I hate them, my kid should be in their positions, you left me here with my fake husband suffering, I just feel like killing him. I said
Those boys aren’t mine, I can’t just believe Madison brought bastards to my house and I took care of them for twenty three years, I wasted my money on them. He replied

What about the properties? I asked
I’m working on how to will everything to you, I think I should be able to do that in the next one week. He replied
fake husband would be shocked when I tell him he is not the father of my baby. I said and smiled

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He stood up
I have to leave now. He said and hugged me tightly
I love you. He said
And I love you more. I replied as he kissed my hair

We unlocked from the hug

Bye. I said and he left

Finally! This man is going to be mine forever, all his properties will be for i and my child

This is the beginning Madison, I’ll make sure you and your kids become poor just like a church rat
My phone rang and
Gosh! It was my fake husband, the motherfucker daddy

I hate him.
I picked it
????My security told me he saw Kim coming out of our house, I thought I told you I don’t ever want to see him again in my house. He shrieked

????Baby, I’m sorry, he came here for some reasons I’ll explain to you when you come home.

???? I need a lot of explainations cos I told you I don’t want to see him.

????Just come home, okay? I said and ended the call

I think its time I take this man out of my life, I hate him
I brought out my phone and dialed Mitchell’s number, I need her to kill him before he gets home

Min’s POV
I paced up and down my dad’s office, I can’t believe his workers restricted me from gaining access into his office

Just sit sir, he’ll be here. His secretary said

Everyone stood up as he walked in

Hey dad. I said but he ignored me and went to his office, I tried walking after him but his securities stopped me

Excuse me??
We are following orders. One of them replied

Gosh! Are you crazy?! I have to see my dad now! I yelled

You are in a office. He said again
I brought out my phone and dialed dad’s number
????Dad, your securities are restricting me. I said
????Give him the phone. He replied and I did
After some minutes, he allowed me inside

Bitch. I muttured

Why are you here? I’m busy. Dad said

I came here because of mum, why would you want a divorce because of your second family? How could you keep such a big secret from us? I asked
I didn’t. He replied
But dad….
Listen, I don’t have much time to spend with you, I have some files to treat. He said

Oh….I get it, you are doing this because of your bitch you called a second wife and kids?!
Security? He called and they came in

Remember we started together! Mum started with you and you no reason to make her sad! I yelled
Some set of securities came in and struggled to take me out

Let go of me! I yelled
I don’t want to see him here ever again. Dad said
Dad! Are you saying this to your son? I asked surprised and he chuckled
Take him outside. He said

Daddy, don’t do this. I said and they took me out of his office
I wanted to go back inside but his securities stood in my way
Shit! I Murmured and walked out, I got into my car and zoomed off
On my way, some set of people came out of nowhere

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I stopped driving and got out angrily
Who the fuck are you? I asked and then they started shooting
Oh God! I shouted and got back into my car, I locked the door and drove out of the scene
Thank God its a bullet proof car
I drove faster but they were following me

Oh god, my phone
I searched for my phone and dialed Eloise’s number

She didn’t pick it
Oh god! I shouldn’t have left without them

I looked back and…phew, they have stopped following me

Thank goodness

My phone rang and it was Eloise
I picked it

I missed your call, what’s up? She asked

I don’t need your help anymore! I yelled and ended the call

I shouldn’t have yelled at her, I have to show to her love, she needs to understand I love her

She’s the one I want in my life
Relax Beak, Eloise is mine


Eloise’s POV
I was browsing through the internet then I saw something very difficult to understand

I gave it to Evie
I don’t know what it means either. She replied and continued reading
There is something I need to tell you. She said

Maybe later Evie, I need to know what this means, I’ll show Beak. I said and got up from bed

I walked out of the room to the sitting room and saw Min drinking at the dinning

Why do you love drinking? I asked and walked to him

He raised his head and I could sense he was not happy
Are you okay?

Yes. He replied a gulped down his drink

I gave him my phone
What does this means? I asked and he read the content
He told me meaning
Thanks. I said and stood up
You don’t seem okay, is everything fine? I asked again

He sniffed
Why should I be happy when my family is not happy. He said
What happened? I asked and sat down

I went to see dad today. He said morosely
You need to see how my dad ordered his securities to throw me out of his office.
He..he didn’t even recognize me as his son, our happy home has been destroyed, my mum is……. He sniffed and gulped down my drink, I
He faced her

Oh my gosh! He’s crying????

I am trying all my best to cheer my mum but its not working, I don’t know why dad is doing this
….he is….

Its okay. I said and gave him a hug
Everything will be fine. I said and patted him

I love my mum…

Everything will be fine. I said still hugging him

Evie’s POV
Eloise was taking long, I dropped the book I was reading and walked out of our room, I was about climbing downstairs then I saw her hugging Min
I stared for some minutes then I went back to our room unhappy

I know he likes her and not me
I leaned on the wall and thought for a while

I sat on the bed and looked at the entrance waiting for her