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Magical Twin. Episode 10

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????Magical Twins????
We are magical☀
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a minister’s son)????????

Written by Adelegan T.T Ilerioluwa
Hilex’s Library

????Episode Ten????☀
????Eloise’s POV????
I walked back to my room and met Evie laying on the bed
You said you wanted to tell me something. I said and she stood up
You are not a good sister. She said and I scoffed

C’mon, stop these jokes. I said
How could you? You did something downstairs just now and here you are acting innocent. She said, I was speechless for some seconds

Okay? Enough of the drama, I seriously don’t know what you are talking about.
You hugged Min, a tight hug. She said and I chuckled
Just a hug twine. I said and sat on the bed

You really think I’m joking?
Sis, its just a hug and nothing more. I emphasized
Nothing more to you but it means a lot to me, you guys are getting closer everyday, I see everything you do, I know you like him an he like you…


Yeah its true. She said and walked to the toilet angrily

But.. It’s just a hug. I said and walked after her but she shut the door at my face and I think she locked it

Evie, it was just a mere hug, he needed it. I said and banged the door repeatedly

Just go away, I hate you! She yelled

Go! She shouted

A tear dropped out of my eyes, I dropped my phone on the be and buried my head in my palm crying
(Story by Adelegan Ilerioluwa)
The door opened and I heard footsteps, I raised up my head and she was the one

I’m sorry. I said, she stood still and stared at me for some seconds
Should I call it hatred? Love?
I don’t know
She came to me and hugged me
I’m sorry i said those words to you. She said and I sniffed
Story by Adelegan Ilerioluwa)
I take back my word, I love my sister. She said still in the hug

Lover girl. I muttered and she hit me on my back causing us to laugh
Did Freddy call you again? I asked

Nope, he sounds dull. She replied and sat on the bed
Yeah, that reminds me, you said you wanted to tell me something, what is it? I asked and her countenance changed

Oh..sorry. She said startled
Aren’t you telling me anymore? I asked and she kept quiet
Are you still angry?
No..no just that…I don’t think its necessary anymore. She replied
I thought for a while then I said
Evie’s POV
I don’t know why I feel sad whenever I want to tell her

I shouldn’t tell her, should I?
I need to find a way to get rid of Xavier, it would have been easy if I can use my magics openly but I don’t want to die

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Oh God, what to do?

“Goodnight.” She said
Story by Adelegan Ilerioluwa)
Next morning
Eloise’s POV
There is nothing really happening today except for Beak taking me out

Which one do you think I should wear? I asked Evie
Anyone. She replied
Boy are always after you even when you don’t have anything to wear. She said
You are not serious. I muttered and gave her a friendly punch

I really don’t feel like going out today with Beak. I said and she sighed

Nothing, just want to stay home and watch TV.I said and she laughed
Crazy. She replied

And one more thing about yesterday, I don’t like Min.I said
So you like Beak?
No! I replied outrageously
I don’t like any of them and…..Beak is kinda behaving weird these days. I said

Have you ever noticed he did something and only people who have magics could do that? I asked

Yeah…he once spoke in a magical way to me and I was bewildered, he has no magics right? She asked

Yeah but he is acting strange. I said
Whatever it is, I don’t care. I said and she chuckled

I was done dressing
I’ll be downstairs. I said and went out of the room
I got to the sitting room and met Min operating his laptop

Good morning. He greeted
I felt reluctant to reply him, maybe Evie’s gonna see this and take it up
I am greeting you.he said politely
Morning. I finally replied
He turned away from his laptop and looked at me
You look beautiful. He said and I gave him a knock
Wire. I replied and sat on the couch

Min’s POV
You will never stop being rude. I said and she chucked
I looked at her again
Did you dress up for me? I asked and she scoffed

Pftts….are you crazy?!
Nope. I replied
I am going out with Beak. She said
Okay… What?! I yelled all of a sudden

Geez Louise! Why the yell? She asked

Tell me its not true you are going out with Beak. I asked

I am
No way!
Yes way! She replied and Beak came out
Let’s go. She said to her and she stood up
You are not going……I was about saying but they left already
Damn! Damn!!

What sh*t?! I hate him so much now.
I continued operating my laptop then I found it difficult to log into one of the dad company’s website
I’ve been banned?! Gosh!
Did dad do this?
Mum has to see this.


The Eagle’s Mansion
Madia’s POV

Ha! I screamed and ran out of my room
No way! Dad! I said and rushed to mum’s room

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Unfortunately, I caught her making out with one of her staff
I turned
Geez Louise! Get out now!! I yelled

Sorry ma’am. He said and left hurriedly

Honey. Mum called and I turned to her

Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?! What rubbish was that? I asked
Story by Adelegan Ilerioluwa)

Sorry dear, don’t tell your father about it..

No! Dad is dead! I said
Oh my! Antonio? She asked
I got a call from the police just now, we have to see him. I said still

Oh dear, its not true…I love my husband so much. She said as she dresses up
I see….its obvious
The scene

We got to the scene, my mum cried like a baby
Not even a single tear dropped from my eyes, I tried to cry but none came

I think he deserves it but I don’t know why

Your dad is gone! Help me! Mum shouted

She was taken back to her vehicle as dad’s body was moved out of the scene

I should call Min and tell him about it

Min’s POV
I was at Mum’s house explaining some issues to her when my phone sounded

Excuse me mum. I said and answered the call
????Dad is dead
Min, are you okay? Mum asked
????I’ll call you back.

Madia’s dad is dead.I said
Louise! When and how?
I don’t know. Mr eagle would be feeling bad right now. I said and she flinched

I don’t know why your dad is behaving like this. She said changing the topic

Have you been able to find out who is second family are?
No. She replied
Call Beak, he is the only one I think can speak to him now. She said
I can’t, call him yourself.I replied rudely

Beak’s POV
Its really fun going out with you. I said and she gave no reply
Beak, you act strange these days. She said

Strange? How?
How do you feel most times. She asked
At time I feel like destroying a lot of things and sometimes i just have a terrible mood swing. I said

Do you feel like you have powers? She asked

I…I was interrupted by a phone call from mum

Few minutes later

I have to see mum now. I said
Oh but….its far from Seoul
I’ll use our private jet. I replied

Okay, I’ll find a way to get home. She said and I held her and raised it to my lips
I was about kissing her temples then she freed it from mine
Are you insane????? she asked and I scratched my head

Sorry, I have to go. I said and walked out smiling


Mrs Madison’s Mansion
I walked into the house and met Min and mum discussing

You are so fast…
I came by air, our private jet. I replied

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Oh…thank God that has not been restricted. Min said
What do you mean? I asked and mom showed me his laptop
Min came here immediately this happened. Mum said

No way, Min must have offended dad, he did something! I half yelled

Maybe you are sick! He replied

Stop now! Mum said
I am still here. She said

We are sorry….
Did you guys have some misunderstandings before you came here? She asked and we kept quiet
Say something! She shrieked

We are sorry mum.

Fine, Beak…you need to go to your dad’s office and fix this! She said authoritatively
No way! He did it and its his job to mend it. I replied
My mum held my hand
Honey, please…. I don’t know why you are fighting but….do it for me..for us and see your dad. She said softly

Fine, I’ll and after I mend everything, tell him to mind his business

He will..

Mum? Min called surprise


Eloise’s POV????
I got home and met Evie watching the TV
Hey! I said and collapsed on the couch

How was your outing? She asked

Should I say great? I asked and she chuckled
Where’s Min? I asked

He left for his mum’s house about two hours ago
And he left alone?
Yes, I wanted to follow him but…….he demanded for ..y..o..u. She said

Oh, I see. I muttered and she held her stomach
Evie! I know there’s more to this stomach pain, are you sure you don’t want to see a Doctor? I asked

No, its not necessary. She replied in pains
It stopped
Min and Beak came inside whispering abuses to each other
Story by Adelegan Ilerioluwa)
Welcome fighters. I said and then Evie began to groan in pains again
You are going to the hospital. I said

What? No, I am not going. She said

You are! You’ve been like this for days. I said and took her hand
Do me a favor and tell your driver to drive us min. I said


Eloise, I don’t want to….
You will! I said and dragged her out


Series of tests were carried out and after waiting for hours, the Doctor told us to see him

He thought we were one actually
I’m Eloise
I’m Evie. We said

What about the tests? I asked and he cleared his throat
Congratulations. He said and I was bewildered


Yes, its a thing of joy, she is pre…… He stopped talking and coughs

He continued
Actually she is pre…. He coughed again, a louder one, he drank water and continued

She is pre…… He coughed again

Geez! She is pre what Doctor?! I yelled and banged the table