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Heiress. Episode 11

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????My Heiress????

[????Oh! The heir is cruel ❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

18+ contents

( Adult contents only)

???? Episode 11 ????

???? Chloe’s pov ????
I finished my work for today , and I bade Ella goodbye a left for my home.

I bade the security man as well , I stopped a cab ,it waits and I entered , it carried me to the address I gave him which was my home ..

I walked to our house door pressed the doorbell????, and it rang ,,.and Nicki rushed out as she almost bumped into me , she looks stuffy as she stuck chicken’s lap in her mouth ”

“Huh, welcome miss”

Nicki said ,

“Thanks ”

I said with a smile ..

“Where’s sister ?”

I asked ,

“I’m here , welcome ”

She said as she stepped out of her room ..

“How was the work ?”

She asked ,

“Good ”

I said as I quickly remembered the memories I see lately.

“Sis , I’m confused of something I that happens to me lately”

I said ,

“Huhh??!!, what’s that ”

She asked with a worried face ..

“I usually see someone else memory lately”

I said ,

“Hmm!!,was that not imaginations ?, Or reflection to the stories you’ve read”

She said ,

“No ,not at all”

“Really ??”

Sis rosa asked,

“Yes I’m sure”

I said ,

“Oh that’s absurd”
She said worriedly ,

“Yes , I used to see a girl and a boy , like when I meet some certain new people , when I come in speak with them ,my head hurts and memories keep flashing my head in black and white color, and what I thought was that could be my memory”

I explained ,

“Ohhh!!, No never , that’s not your memory, it can never be”

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Sis Rosa said. trembling tone ,like a thief who just got caught and tries to explain,.

“Then who’s memory could that be ??”

I asked with a squeezed face ,

“Ohhh!! , did you just say when you meet some certain people you haven’t met before ?”

She asked like a student who just got answer to his /her examination question,

What with these reactions from her ??..

????Rosa’s pov????

“Then who’s memory could that be ??”

Chloe asked ,

Oh aigo I know some day memory will keep flashing her head ,and she will fully know her past when she combines all memory she had seen , I have to confuse her , and makes her ignore every single part of memories she had seen”

“I thought to my self”

“What will I do now?”

I thought ,

“Ohhh!! , did you just say when you meet some certain people you haven’t met before?”

I didn’t know when I said that hurriedly,and she puts a worried face ,that I took it to personal “like the cat will slip out of the basket”.

“Yes it is ”

She replied,

“Ohh I forgot to tell you , do you know you’re a gifted child”

I lied ,


She reacted confusedly,

“Ohh, calm down Chloe , i’ve forgotten to tell you since , that you are a “SEER” ”

I blurted out,

“What !!, Really ?? , Are you for real”

She screamed surprisingly ,

“Yes that’s it , why you keep seeing memory of someone else it’s the person’s past that hurts them”

I explained with a smile,

“That must have been kingley’s dog has died before ?, No I’m not gonna believe I’m gonna confirm from him first ”

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She said with a very shocked and worried face as she dials the person who seems to be kingsley’s number ,

“Ohhh!!, I’m I to live like this forever , I lied to her ever since she knew me , I filled her with lies every single day , i’m a big sinner , she’s gonna resent me when she clearly understand her memories , I’m so guilty ????????????,what if the person he called haven’t ever lost his dog ?, She’ll know I’m a liar, o m g , what a loser i am ????,,..

????Prrrrrn ,prnnnn, prnnnnn,

????” Hello Chloe

????Hello Kingsley .

????How are you Chloe ?

????I’m good .

???? What’s with you call me today ?.

????I want to confirm something from you .
???? Ohh , what’s that Chloe?

????yeah have you ever had a dog pet called “BRUNO” and it died , then you went to your sister,and you broke the sad new..
????What!!! (He shouted on the phone) , how do you know,how did you know my dog’s name was Bruno??.

????Is it ?,..

????,yes! .

????Whoa????????????, I’ll gist you in school .

Chloe said and ended the call ..

“Sis , it is true , I’m a SEER , Kingsley dog is Bruno and it died when he was young , I saw that memory we he was sad of his past “..

Chloe explained ..
“You should have told me this earlier”

She frowned,,.

“Ooh ,I said I forgot , since you don’t see fortunes some whiles now ”
I lied ,

“I must have exhausted my energy , and also I don’t have any new people around since we’ve been living in hidings ”

She said ..

“Ohhh , let’s say that then ”

I said ..

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“Go to the dinning and eat your food ,make sure you freshen up first”

I instructed ,

“Yes sis !!”

She hugged me and ran to her room happily…

Oooh what a narrow excape I hope she stops seeing her memories and keep ignoring any of them ”

I thought to myself ..


I sighed and walk to my room…

Riele’s pov ????????
It’s night already ,after a long stressful day in school ..

“Zayne might be lonely right now ”

I have to go stay with him ..

I wore my sexy black night gown , my stripper leggings which has lots of holes in it which make me looks hotter and attractive ..
I put on small makeovers and and red lipstick ..

I’m gonna seduce zayne and make him sleep with me I’m gonna have baby with him ,then he won’t be able to reject me anymore..

I walked out my room the house light were all already turned off..

The whole house was changed to a full moon theme cause the house was full of Technics..

I walked majestically to Zayne’s door and knocked , ..

He didn’t answer , I then pressed the doorbell button ..

The door was opened ..OMG ..

“What do you want !!”

He asked

“I was just ….

I said as I walked to him , –

He hooked me to the door and placed his sexy lips on mine ????????, we locked lips ,he gently kissed me as we went intense in the kisses , he was not that good but he made me go crazy ..

“Ouchh , hummm!!, Awnnnn!! ,

I –

I moaned loudly , ..


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