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Heiress. Episode 12

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????My Heiress????

[????Oh! The heir is cruel ❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

(Prove she was a thief)

???? Episode 12????

Riele’s pov ????????

“What the f–k are you doing here you peevert!!”

Zayne shouted angrily at my and shut the door on my face and he entered, I wasn’t in my right senses while since i’ve seen his body , I was so drown in love that I went crazy ,and my mind was filled with crazy imagination of us having a romantic moment , ive pissed him off right now …o gosh ..

????The next morning at school ????

Zayne’s pov

It was morning ,the teacher came in and taught us ..
He taught us on some music highnotes and some stuff more..

Chloe showed interest in the subject and I think she loved it …

But who mind ,she likes it for her self,I don’t give a fuck.

I had a business with my band about the birthday party of the president’s daughter , I don’t want to go but I think Sebastian objection will almost tear me apart , but I don’t have to follow there beseeches everytime…

I will decided on my on .

I walked to special quarter which no one ever dares to enter ..

But only me stay in there , I opened it with my password , “off course “zaivy” was my password , I entered ,and sat on the couch with a very heavy heart ..

“This girl Riele must be crazy , she was acting weired yesterday night , she was freaky horny , that makes her dresses like a stripper to me ??, She must be mad , I was embarrassed” ..

I walked to the bathroom ,washed my face with water ,and dried with a white towel , it was refreshing….

“Ohh , felix didn’t text me??, That’s unusual of him”

I thought as i checked my pocket , there was not my phone , my wrist also my customized Bangles wasn’t either and ?? ,,.

“That’s …., Ohh I kept it on my table , since I felt unconfortable ,when I was jotting some notes down , ohh my phone that’s where all pictures of I and ivy was the customized Bangles ,ohhh carelessness.….

????Felix’s pov????

“What!? , Do you just say he won’t attend ?”

Sebastian asked with surprise look ,

“Yes” I replied,

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We just finished the class as i explained what zayne said of the president’s offer ,

“Ohh noo???????? ,I must go no matter what ,I have to see my handsome cute Lord ????.

Sebastian said ,

“You actually want to go because of Sean ?”

I asked ,

“Yes !!”
He replied ..

Sebastian is minister Jacky last son ,minister Jacky is one of the member of Zayne’s dad group , he had two daughter and a son which is Sebastian, Sebastian is a very cute Lil lgbtq+ member , yes he’s a “queer” , he’s an handsome ,or let me say pretty boy who talks of naughty contents he could make you hard by his words, but what he’s a queer , which stands for the”Q” in the LGBTQ+ community , he had always crushed on SEAN the first born of president , he always wished for business we would have in the president’s house , so he could have chances to see his crush , and he would do anything not to miss his any chance with Sean , and now zayne is planning not to go, senbastian is gonna make zayne go ????,he will definitely agree with him , because zayne is found of Sebastian ,zayne always says Sebastian has a heart like ivy ,his personality was like ivy , he’s considered Zayne’s son , that a scandal has once surfasses the air that zayne too was gay cause his closeness with Sebastian was another level ..but it’s nothing like that , they’re cool best buddy and what’s more than best friends , after ivy , Sebastian is the next to zayne , it’s an honor for him though to be an HEIR’s best buddy ..

“Are you saying he won’t come , I’m gonna go and meet him ,in his so called sacred house ”

Sebastian said as he matches to Sebastian private quarter , Sebastian is the only one zayne considered to enter his quarter , but not as he always wishes , I too won’t be permitted in ..

“Just meet me in the rehearsal room already ,okay?”

I screamed to callout to him …

As he jogged to zayne’s quarter …


I sighed as I turned to go and noticed the girl called chloe was busy reading her book alone in the class , while everyone is out I walked to her sit , she didn’t notice my appearance , she looks pretty though but she’ll be ugly if she’s gonna be sent out by zayne brutality…

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“Ohhh , zayne forgot his bangles” , I thought and took it from his table ..

As I walked to the rehearsal room …

Riele’s pov ????????

I was so disgusted looking at that stupid girl called Chloe as she sat beside zayne , .…

I summoned my new girls , ..
To plan our first task .

She placed her head on her table and her books on her lap as she was reading ,I’m gonna set her up , ..

“Now check all those tables and bring any expensive stuffs”

I whispered to bella my new girl’s ear , as she obeyed with a slight bow , she must , because I AM THE HEIRESS,

Luckily zayne forgot his phone on his table ,..

“The heaven is truly by my side ”

I said to myself as I took the phone and slightly stucked it into her bag to frame her .

“What have you found yet ?”

I whispered some distance away from her not to creat awareness ..

“I found a diamond ring in one of the student bag , and here is what my friends found , a crystal hearing meant for guys , a diamond ring , airpod and plenty expensive stuffs …

We stucked it in her bag , and she still wasn’t aware our plan was successful ,as I quickly sent the girls away …

And I walked out …

???? Zayne’s pov????

I was about to walk out when Sebastian showed up…

“Ohh zayne , I haven’t seen your face today”

Sebastian said ..

“Now you’re seeing it I said ”

I replied ..

“Hmm, God knows when you’ll let go of your heavy heart , you are loosing so much weight ”

Sebastian said ,

“Really ??, Do you want me to be fat ?”

I asked ,

“At Least ….!”

“It’s okay !, Follow me now , we’re gonna find my bangle I’ve’d lost it ”

I cuts him off ,

He follows , as we reached the class , the students are all back , while some are chewing gum , some picking teeth ,cause they just came back from cafeteria …

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I noticed some are worried , some were arguing ,there were lots of noise ..

I quickly walked to the class Mic ???? ,

” What’s with the chaos?? ”

I called there attentions..

“My diamond ring bestowed to me my my dad is missing ????”

A guy said ..

“My earpod is missing as well ”

“My phone ”

There were many complaint about missing stuffs

“My phone is missing as well ”

Riele said ..

“What ??, Are you all saying someone stole y’all items ??”

I asked ,

“Yes !!” They all chorused ..

“This has never happened in this class I’m I right??”

Riele asked with a devishly smirk ,

“Yes !!”

The class chorused again..

“Then the comers should be responsible for it ,and the only new comers are RIELE and CHLOE , that’s me and Chloe ,then you are gonna check our bags ,the person who’s in possession of this items will be purnished severally , not only that I’m gonna purnish her if she have it with her because she had spoiled my name a whole HEIRESS Ronaldgates popular group”

Riele objected ,

“Yes !!, That’s true !!,,

The class were all talking ..

They all turned to Chloe ,..

“We’re gonna check your property now ”

One of the student said ,

” No that can’t be , I don’t take people’s property ”
Chloe defended with already teary face ..

“Are you saying you won’t allow us check ??”

The guy said ,as he landed a very hot slap on her face ….

And she fell and burtes into heartly tears ..

And the guy opened the bag to my greatest shock all the stuffs were in her possession ..

“Do you own all this ??”

The guy asked her ,

She puts on an innocent face ,

“That , That !!!!”


The guy gave her another hot slap as blood gushes out of her mouth , and she fell again an hits her head on the table..

And the whole class rushed and starts to give her the beatings of her life she could die at any moment ..

I know she’s a thief from the beginning , I said and dialed the school cops contact ..


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