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Heiress. Episode 13

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????My Heiress????

[????Oh! The heir is cruel ❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 13????

????️‍???? Sebastian’s pov????

I couldn’t take it anymore ,when the poor girl was reaceiving the beating of her life , from this crude classmates , and zayne is trying to call the cops????‍✈️ again??.

“You all stop now !!!”

I shouted ..

“Huh!! , Why !!?”

They were all asking …

“Why will they stop?”

The girl who’s known as the Presumptive Heiress asked (riele)..

“Do you realize she might gave up at any moment , you’re taking judgement from your hands , don’t you know?!!!!”

I shouted with a trembling and teary tone ..

“Why don’t you handle her to the cops????‍✈️and they will make proper investigation , then if she’s guilty she would be purnished according to the law, she’s having her right ,do you realize that!! ???””

I asked them angrily ,as they were all murmmuring to themselves ..

“What !!, Don’t you have anything to say ??,she could SUE you all you know that ??, This is nothing than bullying and harrasment !!, I Sebastian Jackie, will investigate this issue , if she truly stole those items ,she would be purnished but if it was a plot to frame her ,I’m gonna fetch the culprit and I’ll sue him/her ”

I warned ..

“Him /her ??, Hahaha , is she your date anyways ?, Do you Know her , is she your relative??, So you’re related to a theif?? , MINISTER Jackie’s baby of the house , a gay!! hahaha ”

The presumptive Heiress humiliated me ,

“Shut your crap Riele!!”

Zayne insulted riele,

“What!! Husband?” – riele,

“How dare you humiliate Sebastian in that manner , and what audacity makes you call me you husband ?? ,Have I proposed to you ?, Have we ever been in a relationship ??, What Impertinent pervert you are !!, You can abuse who so ever you wish ,but he’s not one ”

Zayne blasted her .

“Sebastian let’s go to the rehearsal room now! ”

Zayne ordered as he walked out of the class leaving everyone talking ..

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I quickly walked to the girl she was laying helplessly on the floor with bruise all over her face ..

“Ohh what poor girl ????!”

“Thanks so much young master , you are so gracious”

She appreciated ,

“Ohh no , you can call me by name I’m Sebastian and you ?? ”

I introduced ,

“I’m Chloe ”
– chloe

“Do not waste much energy and follow me”

I said and held her by her arms to surport her ,thus she was greatly injured ..

I took her to the school hospital ,they treated her , plastered her injury ..

And took her with me to the rehearsal room ,


????Chloe’s pov????

The young master Sebastian ,is a nice young , handsome or let me say pretty boy , I overheard riele said he was a gay , gays are always nice fellow and they cared for humanity , he must have been through hard times than I do , because some few people barely accept lgbtq+ ,that’s why he must have cared for humanity and supports individual rights, I think he’s a good companion to zayne ,I think zayne likes me one day ????, he really hates me , my heart hurts ..

I followed the young master per his order,till we reached the quarter,he opened the door with his I.D ,and I followed behind ,

The rehearsal room was so cool and very beautiful, there were speakers,mic, keyboard , drumset , computer system , it’s a studio ..ewww what beautiful music room .

“Why did you bring such wench here ?? ”

Felix asked as he walked out of the inner room with long curtains fall,

“I have a business with her non of your business ”

Sebastian replied,

As I laughed ..

“Does a thief laugh ?”

I heard a voice and zayne came out ,

“What do…”

“I’m having a business with her please zayne ”

Sebastian pleaded on my behalf,

“What business would you he having with a lowly girl like her?? ”

Zayne said,

“I was impressed when you sang the first day you entered our class you sang amazingly good, I wish to hear your voice again ,will you sing ??”

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Sebastian offered ,after he stopped answering zayne much question..

“I’m not worthy to sing in an HEIR’s personal rehearsal room young master ”

I said ..

“Glad you know that , now get your filthy self away from here now ”

Zayne blasted me ,

“I’m sorry My Lord ,if I have offended you in any ways , but I’ll tell you I’m not a thief and I will never be , the first day you mistook me for a thief, miss Ella actually asked me to get a room , and I did according to her order but I lost my way to your room , I was scared you’re gonna mistook me for a thief ,and it is now ,I regretted I hid myself , This plot against me in the class was a setup , they decided to fame me of what I didn’t do , ….

Flashbacks ????
1 hour ago .

Chloe and Sebastian

“Nice meeting you ”

Sebastian said , as they walked to the school hospital …

“Do you think zayne will allow me in his personal music room “, Chloe asked Sebastian who sat as the nurse treats her with first aid ,..

“I should be the one asking you questions first , did you really take those items ?”

Sebastian asked Chloe ..

“How can I dare do such a thing ??, How can I be so foolish to put stolen items in my bag , who does that , if it’s not a plot against me ??”

Chloe defended ..

“I Know that as well , but you don’t have evidence “, Sebastian said as he was worried of how to find evidence of who plot that..

“I thought we have a CCTV camera in the class ”
Chloe said ,..

“Ohh , what a clever girl !!”

Sebastian puts a call through the cctv manager , and the footage of the incident that happened in there class was sent to Sebastian , …

And the enemy was riele…

Flashbacks ends ????..

“Really?! , Zayne asked .

“Yes !!, ..

“That still doesn’t changes anything , if it was a plot for you then you can’t show your face to me “..

“Huhuhu! Are you ready to sing now ?? ”

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Sebastian asked..

“Yes ,I’m gracious young master ”

I appreciated ..

As I walked gently to the music hut , ..

I took the the headphone .

“I will be singing

“Queen Of My Heart by Westlife”

I announced and sebastian sat on the keyboardist stood ready to play , while zayne and Felix stood and watch angrily..

????QUEEN OF MY HEART /westlife????
So here we stand????

in our secret place????

Where the sound of the crowd is so far

You take my hand, and it feels like

We both understand, it where we
belong ????️????

So how do I say, do I say goodbye ????
We both have our dreams we both
want to fly????????

So lets take tonight,????

to carry us
through, the lonely times????????????

I’ll always look back as I walk away????
Memories will last for eternity
And all of our tears will be lost in the

When I found my way back to your
arms again????????

But until that day, you know you are
The Queen of my heart????????????

So lets take tonight, and never let go????????

While we dance we kiss, like there’s no
As the stars sparkle down, like a
diamond ring????????

I’l treasure this moment, till we meet

But no matter how far, away you may
Il just close my eyes, and your in my
And there you will be, until we will
‘l always look back as I walk away
This mem????????????ory will last for eternity
And all of our tears will be lost in the
When I found my way back to your
arms again????????????????️
But until that day, you know you are
The Queen of my heart
And there you will be, until we will
‘l always look back as I walk away
This memory will last for eternity
And all of our tears will be lost in the
When I found my way back to your
arms again
But until that day, you know you are
The Queen of my heart oh yeahs????️????????????????


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