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Heiress. Episode 14

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????My Heiress????

[????Oh! The heir is cruel ❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode14 ????

???? Zayne’s pov ????

My heart hurts so much ,when chloe sang queen of my heart , the very best song we used to sing together , I missed ivy so much …

“Zayne do you hear that , very nice voice, you have to sign her to our band ”

Sebastian recommend, while he mentioned of signing her to our music band , .

“What ?? , Are your u saying you’re gonna sign her ?”

I asked with an unbelievable expression…

“Yes , she’s having a nice talent isn’t she ??”

Sebastian said ..

“Do you know there are many ministers son pending request to be signed to our band ??,and now you’re planning to sign a lowly girl?”

Felix asked with surprised ..

“Do you just say she’s lowly , what about you? Was it not zayne who brought you to where you’re her today ?”

Sebastian blasted …


I shouted at him, to make him mind his words , Sebastian is a kind of person who doesn’t mince words ,he says whatever is in his mind..

“Ohhh!! , I’m sorry Felix ,but you’ve kinda gone to far ”

Sebastian apologized,,

“Are you trying to broadcast ,how lowly I was ?? , Are you a friend at all , were you the one who brought me here ,yet you’re humiliating me because of her??”

Felix was very hurt from Sebastian’s word ,

“You should be used to me by now , I don’t mince words ,I’m sorry ”

Sebastian apologized ,and tried to touch Felix who’s already tearing up ,but he flung Sebastian’s hands away and walked out humiliated Sebastian had no choice than to follow him to apologized ..

“Do you see what you’ve caused ?, You’re always causing disaster ??”

I said to Chloe,..

“Sir , please help me apologize,I don’t mean to cause chaos in your friendship”

Chloe requested ,as she knelt down and held my legs ,..

“What do you mean I should beg ?, I’ve I showed you mercy enough to make you touch me , do you think if I allowed my attendants and bouncers to follow me to school daily ,you would have any chance to see me at all ,talk- less of touching , such impertinence ,get your filthy lowly hands from my leg ”

I blasted her and work away and left her on her kneels as she puts on a teary face already .,

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I worked into the inner room and drew the curtains …

And I hurled on the bed , when I her face keep flashing my head , I became uneasy,

“was I too harsh on her ??, No she deserved it, I thought”

“What will she be thinking now , I’m to proud , whatever she thinks , I said she couldn’t have been able to touch me if my bouncers and attendants were here that’s harsh,, who cares though it’s the thruth ,fro instance what if she tried to kill me , who’s going to help me , she might think that’s the reason I said that”

I felt so ueasy for my actions on her , as I was thinking about reasons she would think I didn’t intend my actions on purpose ,but to avoid offending ivy????, that’s unusual of me I’ve hurted and kicked out many girls ,why is hers different, closely looking at her she looks like ivy but ivy is dead , I personally saw her when her dead body was taken into a coffin ????️⚰️⚰️..

????Flash back ????

7 years ago ????..

???? Zayne’s pov????

I was in my bedroom playing video game on my phone , I was having a good time on bed …

I moved my body and my body mistakenly presse wrong buttons on my remote and it changed my TV channel to news , I hate watching news , as I was about to change the channel ,not facing the TV but my phone until I heard ,”ivy Louis the family’s daughter have been declared missing after the body of minister louis and the servants , attendant was found on the floor after allege assassination ”

The news caster , casted this bad news I quickly stood from my bed but I lost conciousness after listening to this bad news ..

I woke up on my bed again to found Brent by my side with a deadly and red eyes …

“Do you hear that , do you !!!, She’s dead they killed her because she’s gonna marry you , because she’s gonna become the heiress , you took the girl’s life for your sake ?? , You gets everything you wants , your fame , dad’s attention , I was presumed as the heir when you weren’t given birth to ,and I lost it to you when you were born , I’ve given you everything in my life , I’m more lonely than a grave yard ,but the girl I’ve loved , you still wants her again , I have to leave her for you as your dad instructed ,you’ve always been full of your self ,you’ve never cared for people’s emotions., I left her for you to take care even if I see her every day I will be happy , still you couldn’t even protect her ???? ????????, How foolish you are ,she was assassinated and sent to early grave because of you and now you’re sleeping and enjoying your life , you’re not to be found around human being you’re heartless!!?”

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Brent lamented and insulted me I was hurt really seriously ,I was crying as he talks , I never knew he has gone through this much pain he had buried it in him and never showed it to me “,

“Don’t you have anything to say ?? You heartless human ??”

He cursed ..

“Get him out of here !!”

I ordered my bodyguard , as I couldn’t take it anymore my mind was blank my head burned like a volcano , my whole body was frozen that ,tears couldn’t drop ..

“Why meeeeeee!!!!!”

I screamed and I lost conciousness again ..

I woke up and I cried the whole day ..

????Next day ????

I and my dad drove to minister louis house , everyone was mourning , I saw a dead body covered with white robe , it was my ivy ????????….ivy …

I cried uncontrollably..

“Ivyyy why did you leave me in this world , I cried holding her ..

She was placed inside the coffin⚰️ ,the innocent girl ???? the golden hairpin I customized which zaivy was written on it,I placed it in her hands ..

She was taken to the grave yard and was buried ..

???? Flash back ended ????

I witnessed when she was buried ..

???? Chloe’s pov ????

I’m really hurt right now , he just insulted me ..

It looks like nothing to me , I’m totally drunk in love with him , my heart beats anytime I’m with him , but I never paid attention to it ..

Why are you so cruel ..
Who made you like this ??..
I’m sorry for not being of any help to you …

I walked out embarrassed..

I was on my way back to the class when I met riele and two girls …

“Hey bitch come here ”

Riele said ,

“Who ??”.
I asked ,

“You idiot !!”

She said ..
“I’m Chloe ,not an idiot miss”

I said ,.

“What ,do you KNOW who you’re talking to ??”

She said ..

“I’m sorry I have more important things to do miss ”

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I said …

Riele’s pov ????????

I was annoyed when minister Jackie son saved that stupid girl..

He took her with him to zayne’s muiscal quarter,I think Sebastian is having some connections with zayne , I’m gonna take Chloe down first ,to take Sebastian would be easy …

I laid ambushed with my girls as Chloe was coming out of the musical room , ..

She was so rude as she wasn’t answering my call ..

“Girls bring her along with me !”

I ordered ,as the girls carried her and covered her mouth with an hand napkin ..
They followed me as I instructed ..

We walked past the school premises and avoid people…

There was a well used by engineers to build the uncompleted buildings..

“Good , it will be good to throw her in the well”

I said ..
“Ohh no , please pardon me , what have I done please ”

She pleaded,

“What have you done?”

I asked with a smirk ..

“When you’re busy seducing my bethroted , you’re telling me to pardon you?? ”

I said ,

“I never stay near him , he hates me alot what’s the use of seducing him when he hated me ?
Please I won’t let him see my face again please save my life just this ones”

She begged crying , I won’t listen to you..

“Dump her inside !!”

I ordered , as she was thrown inside the deep well…

????Chloe’s pov ????

“When you’re busy seducing my bethroted , you’re telling me to pardon you?? ”

Riele said,

“I never stay near him , he hates me alot what’s the use of seducing him when he hated me ?
Please I won’t let him see my face again please save my life just this ones”

I begged crying ..

“Dump her inside !!”

I struggle to save my safe but was in vain as the girl threw me inside and my head hits the well ..

“Someone help !!, Someone help !!”

I shouted ,and I drown it was late and dark down there …

When I starts to see memories of someone in black and white form…

???? Memories ????

The little girl was buried in a coffin , it was dark in there ,she couldn’t breathe , she shouted ,but her voice wasn’t heard , she knocked the coffin helplessly , there was no one to help , she was running out of breath this time , it was late and she gave up the ghost ????.


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