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Heiress. Episode 15

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????My Heiress????

[????Oh! The heir is cruel ❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 15????

???? Felix’s pov????

“I was humiliated by Sebastian words not just now but ages , he says some words that hurts you uaware ,but would he late before he realizes it ,, the girl Chloe is truely talented at list Sebastian should respect Zayne’s code of conduct that he doesn’t like girls , why will he signed a girl to his record label, this will proprietly bring more hatred for girls ,we just have to leave him now till he feel a thing for girls..

“You should get used to me by now that I don’t mince words ,I’m so sorry !!”

He followed me to the construction site ..

Where I usually takes fresh air ,and throw pebbles into the clean river , mostly used for pool by the students ..

“Please Felix” he pleaded ,pleaded and pleaded..

“Ok ok !!”

I said ..

“Yaasss , thats my felixx”..

“Let’s swim in this cool pool”

I said ,

“I don’t want to get wet now , I preferred the artificial pool”.

Sebastian excused,

“Hummm !!, Tell me you can’t swim stop lieing????????”
I revealed,

“Good you know???? ”

“This natural pool is refreshing , I’m gonna have a good time here ”

I said

“Close your eyes !! Pervert , I’m gonna take off my trousers”

I said jokingly,as I removed my trouserss ,shoes and shirt ..

“What’s under the trousers , you mean I should close my eyes for the lollipop?”

He said sacarstically,

“More longer and bigger than your so called crush Sean ”

I replied ,and jumped into the pool ,

“Go far and turn to a mer- man , don’t forget to engage a mer-maid okay ”

He said jokingly and threw a pebble..

“Someone help!!!”

Someone help!!”


“I and Sebastian chorused”

“Who could that be ?”

Sebastian asked ,

“The voice looks familiar though”

I said ,

“Help!! Please ????I’m drowning”

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The voice screamed again ,

“Felix we must help the person ”

Sebastian called out ,

“As I quickly rushed out of the pool,

We traces the scream ,it accelerates as we walks closer ,

“I think there is no cave in this school?”

Sebastian asked ,

“That’s true only in a cave ,vacant room ,and well that sounds echoly that way ”

I explained ,

“There’s a well that way !!”

Sebastian pointed ,

And we ran towards the direction , as we saw four girls walked away some feets away , until they are out of sight ,,.

We quickly ran to the well ,

I was shocked to see a girl who already lost conciousness drowning ,and blood gushing out of her head …

“Who’s that in we must help already ”
Sebastian said trembling on fear ,

“We must leave right away , don’t you see the girl is dead anyways ?”

I replied ,

“And so what ??,help right now !!”

Sebastian screamed,

“If the cops get here ,we would accused of murder ”
I replied,

“Help right now , I’m gonna make a video evidence”
Sebastian said as he removed his phone ,

“There’s is an attempted murder now , as we heard the scream from the pool some feets away , the girl was allegedly thrown in the well,and they went on the way , as we make this video evidence of my friend trying to save her ”

Sebastian said to the video as he recorded how i gently entered the well , I stepped on the steps mounted on the well ..

And finally entered the well , i swimmed down ,the girl already drown , I held her by her waist , beneath the water, I swim upwardly to the water surface ,the girl already lost conciousness

???? Sebastian’s pov????️‍????

Fortunately , Felix was able to the girl , to my greatest shock it was CHLOE,

Felix laid her on the ground unconsciously ,and he was also shocked to see she was Chloe,

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“I thought we left her with zayne , could he be the one who sent those girls to throw her here ?”

Felix asked in shock ,

“How can you say such word , Zayne doesn’t talk to girls , he should have sent guys , if he was the one , what the use of girls to him , it’s another person ”

I replied,

“I suspected that crude girl riele”

Felix suggested ,

“I’m gonna sue her , let’s save this girl’s life , she’s gonna give up at any moment”

I said as we quickly carried her to the school hospital as the nurses rushed her to the ward ,.

“Was she not the girl you brought earlier today ?”

Dr Wesley asked in surprise ,as we waited for him to attend to her ..

“Sir it’s an emergency ,

“I think it’s gonna take 2 days for her to recover , and we close the hospital , 2 hours to the time now , you’re gonna take her home and take proper care for her , after we finish the first aid”

The school Dr said and quickly entered her ward , to attend to her ,

..30 mins later..

The doctor came out from Chloe’s ward ,

“Doctor , how’s she ??”

I quickly asked ,

“Her Condition is critical , she drank alot of unpure water , that’s missed with cement chemical ”

The Dr said ,

“Yes Dr ,it’s the site construction well ”

I explained ,

“And she hits her head really hard on a stone that , she losts so much blood , her temperature is really high which is unusual , she might have fainted of SURFFORCATION in her early life , the side effect affects her head so much that it will takes two days before she recovers again”

He said and prescribed drugs for her ,and handed the lists to us , and gave us metholated spirit , iodine , and cotton wool to change her injury always,and he went to his office to prepare for his home..

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“Where is she gonna stay now , the doctor said it’s going to be two days before she recovers”

Felix asked ,

“She’s gonna stay in your home ,since she’s one of your workers ”

I said ,

“What do you think zayne is gonna allow that ??”

Felix asked ,

“Why won’t he?, Where else will she stay , do you want us to leave her here ??”

I replied,

“I doubt he would allow her in ”

Felix doubted,

“He would”

I said, it’s already closing ,when Zayne’s call entered,

???? Where are you guys?

????We are in the school hostel,

????Why??, What reason are you in the hospital ,

???? Come and pick us with the car ,in the hospital..


..9 mins later ..

they came , ”

Brent and zayne are already inside , we quickly walked inside Chloe’s ward and carried her inside the car , we drew the curtains and the driver ignited ..

“WTF !!, Who the hell is she ??”

Zayne asked not looking who she was ,

” Ohh is she not that disastrous girl??”

Zayne asked,

I explained all what happened to him…

???? Bent’s pov????

I was in the car as the driver drove to pick Zayne’s friends, I usey head phone and pressing my phone
“And so what !!, How’s that my business ?, Is she not having a home ”

Zayne shouted at his friends ,

“What’s the causes this chaos ”

“Can you imagine ,them brought this girl to stay the night in our home ?”

I was surprised to see Chloe conciously..

They explained what happened to her for me …

“I’ll let her stay in my room ”

I annouced ,

“Yes that’s a good Samaritan”


“Wait everyone , is that not Zaivy , costomized bangles ,zayne gave ivy? ”

Felix annouced ,as he saw zayne’s love knot in chloe’s wrist and left everyone including me in total shock …


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