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Magical Twin. Episode 11

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????Magical Twins????
We are magical☀
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a minister’s son)????????

Hilex’s Library
Written by Mïmmy Løvë ( Adelegan Ilerioluwa )

????Episode Eleven????
Eloise’s POV
The Doctor keeps on coughing
What is wrong with you, just say it. I said and he nodded
Finally, it stopped
I think I need to use the toilet. Evie said and stood up
No, sit down. I said and she did

Congratulations, she is pregnant. He said

Con..preg….. I had my eyes widened in shock

Somebody pinch me
(Written by Mïmmy Løvë( Adelegan Ilerioluwa)
Are you sure about this, Doctor? I asked
Yeah, here is the result of the test. He said and gave me a paper

Gosh! Evie muttered
I faced Evie but she avoided my gaze

I said it, something was wrong. I muttured and stood up
Thank you Doctor. I said and walked out of his office

Eloise wait. She said and came running after me

What?! I yelled

Evie’s POV
Eloise I’m sorry but you need to understand. I said
Who got you pregnant? Min? She asked
No…not him…
Then are you a Virgin Mary? She asked again
I was speechless. She huffed and walked away angrily

We got home not talking to each other, I should have told her
To my surprise, she grabbed Minho’s shirt and pushed him to the wall

You nitwit! How dare you?! She said in between clenched teeth
Hey, let go of me, I didn’t do anything. He said

Eloise, listen to me…he is not the one. I said
Then who?! She asked and released him
I took in a deep breath and…

Xavier, I think its Xavier. I said

What’s happening here? Min asked

Xavier? You mean uncle’s Xavier? She asked and I nodded nervously

I can’t believe this.

Written by Mimmy Love (Adelegan Ilerioluwa)

See Eloise, I know…you are disappointed but he raped me..I didn’t fall in love with him, he was the one that raped me. I said with my eyes teary

Its been how many months this happened? She asked with looking at me

It happened….it happened six months the ago. I said out of shame
Six months. She said repeatedly
Evie six months, you kept his from me! For six months! She yelled

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I’m sorry but…he threatened to kill me. I said crying
He threatened to kill you, so you couldn’t tell your sister? I shared everything with you, every secrets of my life! Just because of a common threat, yoi kept this very big secret from me.
Evie, its time you learn how to fight for yourself, what do you have magics for? I know we can’t use it openly but you need to be brave. She said

I’m sorry. I replied still crying

Keep your apologies and let’s talk about what we are going to do to that bastard in your womb! She said pointing her finger to my stomach

I don’t know what to do. I said panicking
You’ll abort it! She said
I can’t….
Evie, are you insane? You don’t want to abort it?! Do you think its sensible when you are pregnant for your cousin?! She yelled

I couldn’t find a perfect word to say
I am so disappointed in you. She said
My phone rang
Who is it? She asked and I checked

Answer it. She said and walked out angrily

????Hello. I said
????Hey Evie, how are you doing? He asked, it took a while before I replied him
????I’m fine. I replied dully

????Hey, you sound dull, is everything fine? He asked
????Fine. I replied
????Are you sure…
????i said I am okay! Just get lost! I yelled and ended the call
I held the duvet to myself and cried like a baby
I hate myself! I hate you Evie!

Eloise’s POV
I walked down the stairs angrily, no one was in the sitting room. I sat on a couch and maintained a straight face

She kept such a thing from me for six months, and we lived in the same house for six months

Who knows if she has something else she hasn’t discussed with me

She’s a betrayal
Are you okay? A voice said and it was Min coming inside

Yes. I replied simply
But you are crying.. He said

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Oh…am I? Gosh
I cleaned my eyes.
Sorry, I didn’t mean to react like that. I said and he sat beside me, I moved to the edge of the couch
Is something wrong? He asked

Nope, everything is fine. I said and laughed
Rat head, its been a while we had a fight. He said with a smirk
What if we start now Dumbo! I half yelled

I told you not to call me that! He yelled

You know one thing about you? You love shouting. Shouters are liable to die young. I said and stood up

No, its smokers are liable to die young, rat head. You don’t even know anything, all you do is eat food. He s aid

I don’t know anything? I asked incredulously
Yeah, you wanna beat me? He asked and stood up
I kicked him in between his legs
Idiot. I said and sat and enjoyed the TV

Gosh! You are so dangerous.
A guy came in, his face looks familiar, I think I have seen him

Hey Freddy. Beak said coming downstairs.
Oh, Freddy.
Evie, why were you like that? He asked me
I am Eloise. I corrected and he muttered an ‘Oh’

Evie? You have a visitor. I shouted

You are here for Evie? Min asked
Maybe….yes. He replied and laughed

I’ll go get her. I said and walked to our room, she was crying

Hey, Freddy is downstairs waiting for you. I said and turned to leave

Freddy? She asked

Well you heard me, and I believe you are not dumb and deaf. I replied and went downstairs

Betrayal. I muttered

I’m going to see Madia, I need you to accompany me. Min said

Why would she be the one to follow you? Beak asked

Bro, I don’t have time for this tonight. He said and walked out

Jerk! Beak half yelled

What’s wrong with you two? I asked and when I got no reply I left with Min

Evie’s POV
I climbed down the stairs absent minded that I almost fell but thank God, I didn’t

Sorry I yelled at you over the phone, I was frustrated. I said and pulled out a chair for myself and sat down

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Its okay. He replied

Are you…Xavier’s friend? I asked
I don’t think I know who Xavier is. He said
Xavier? The guys you saw talking to to me the day we met. I said
Oh…that spoilt dumb ass, he is Madia’s ex. He replied and I sighed
Yes. I answered

I want to know you more. He said

Mrs Eagle’s mansion
Madia’s POV
I can’t believe this mum, not up to three hours dad died, you have started selling his properties! Who does that?

His wife. She answered
What a wife!

Why are you selling it? I asked

Baby, just forget it…whatever I do now is for the sake of the both of us, okay?

Minho and the rude Eloise came in, I hate her so much!

Hey Min. I said and hugged him, I rolled my eyes at Eloise
Sorry about your dad. He said as we unlocked from the hug
Hey son. My mum said
Hi Mrs eagle.

What about your lovely dad and Mrs kim madison. She said with some type of attitude

Just ignore her. I said

Say me well to your mother. My mum said and chuckled

Oh geez.

Evie’s POV
I’ll abort the baby. I said to Eloise who has been giving me a cold reaction since she returned

Good. She simply said

There’s something you need to know. I said
I saw Xavier the day I met Freddy…at the party.
Oh….and you didn’t tell me.

Sorry……I wanted to tell you but you were too busy with Min. I said and lowered my gaze

I was busy?! She incredulously
I know you are disappointed…..I’m sorry.
She didn’t say anything, she laid on the bed and covered herself with the duvet
Goodnight. She said
I laid nervously on the bed
Suddenly, she got up, took her jacket and stormed out of the room

Eloise, where are you going? I asked and followed her downstairs
I’ll be right back. She said and went out of the house holding Min’s car key

Where is she going? Its ten after midnight already!