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Magical Twin. Episode 12

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????Magical Twins????
We are magical☀
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a minister’s son)
@Hilex’s Library
Written by Mïmmy Løvë (Adelegan Ilerioluwa)
????Episode Twelve????
????Eloise’s POV????
I increased my speed and drove faster out of Seoul, that son of a bitch!
For six months, he enjoyed himself sleeping with my sister, I am very sure her pregnancy resulted to the last one they did and that must be a month ago
Its been a month we left home
I didn’t even check how old the bastard was
Gosh! Xavier!

Wondering how I could drive? Uncle taught us when we turned seventeen, i’ll be twenty one next month

Three hours later
I arrived at uncle’s resident, I got out of the car and used my face mask in case uncle sees me
The gate has been locked, I looked left and right, no one was watching
I used my powers and jumped over the fence
It has been a while
I walked to the balcony and entered through the back door
I walked to our former room, I opened the door slowly and saw Nicole sleeping
Oh, the little brat has taken over our room. I walked to Xavier’s room and opened the door
He was not inside, I heard a shower running….he must be in the bathroom

Son of a bitch!
I placed one of my legs on his bed and waited patiently for him

Finally, he came out wearing his shorts

Long time no see idiot. I said calmly
Who are you? And what are you doing in my room. He said and walked to his drawer, he brought out his gun and stretched it to me
I chuckled and stood upright, I removed my mask

Eloise? He called surprised
As you can see. I replied

Why are you…..I landed him a very hot and terrible slap

How dare you! He shrieked
I’ll kill you. He said and pointed his gun at me
O collected it from him before he could pull the trigger

What do you want from me?! He yelled
I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him to the wall, I double hit him in his stomach
He gave me a punch in my face
J chuckled and held his head and hit it on the wall

You idiot! How dare you do that to my sister!
I did nothing!
Will you shut your mouth! I shouted and punched him

I brought out his gun and shot his leg
Ah! He groaned in pains

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Listen, this is just a preamble, if I ever see you near me or my sister again and you try to harm us
Gosh! You are dead man. I said and used my mask before walking out of his room

Xavier’s POV
I groaned painfully as I reached out my hand for my phone, I called my private nurse

Be here this minute. I said and threw the phone away

Geez! Evie betrayed me, I told her not to tell anybody
This is just the beginning, I will make sure the two of you pay for this

Few hours later
Eloise’s POV
Its almost morning as I drove into Seoul, just few minutes from Min’s house
Evie will go to the hospital to undergo D&C

I did no’t want to go against the law if not, I would have killed Xavier
Finally, I got home. I parked in the garage and walked into the house
I saw Evie asleep on the couch, Min was operating his laptop

Where were you since yesterday, I was worried. He said and turned in my direction
Are you my mother? I asked
I woke Evie
Oh….where were you? She asked and yawned
I ignored their questions and went to our room

Are you sure she is fine? Min asked Evie
Yes, she is fine. She replied and came to our room
I took off my jacket
I know you went to see Xavier. She started a conversation

No, I went to deal with him. I replied

I’m sorry. She said
We are going to the hospital to abort the baby tomorrow. I said and took off my shoe

What about Halloween? She asked
Oh shit! Tomorrow is Halloween? We can go in the afternoon. I said

Everyone would be busy, why don’t we go after the hollowed party tomorrow night. She suggested

Okay. I replied
I know you are still mad at me…..
I am not angry…anymore but don’t keep something like that away from me. I said and she hugged me

I’m sorry. She said in the hug

Goodnight. I said after we unlocked from the hug and moved to the edge of the bed, a message came into my phone
I checked and it was from Minho
????Where were you? You got me worried
I scoffed and replied him

????i already asked you if you are my mother????
Few seconds later
????Min: Why?
????Me: Good night
????Min: Will you be my date for holloween?
I scoffed

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I dropped my phone and turned off the light

Minho’s POV
I waited for minutes but got no reply from her, maybe she’s tired but I really want to know where she went to
I stared at her picture, I used it as my profile

I falling for you badly. I smiled

Relax Beak

I shut down my laptop and went to my room

Next morning
I walked out of my room to the sitting room with my pajamas still on
Everyone was awake except Eloise
Evie was helping the maids
Good morning. She greeted

Where is Eloise? I and Beak asked at the same time She is upstairs. She replied staring at me

I turned and went back to my room, she should be awake!
Frustrating girl!

Eloise’s POV
I woke up to the ring of a phone, without looking at who was calling, I picked it
????Hey! He yelled that I had to distance the phone from my ear, I knew he was the one. Who would ever behave like a goat apart from him

I ended the call and got up from bed, I went to the bathroom and washed my face
I walked out of my room and met them preparing for halloween

The Halloween dress you ordered has been delivered ma. A maid said to me and left

Didn’t I tell you to always wake up before me?! Min half yelled

Good morning. I said and sat on the couch, unfortunately, I sat on Beak’s phone

I’m sorry. I said and gave it to him
Its still working. Thanks. He said and then I saw a mark in his hand
A mark with a sign W
I wanted to asked what it means but he left already
I need to tell Evie
Evie? I called and drew her to a corner

Do you know what Mark W means? I asked and she scoffed

Mark W? I don’t think I have ever heard of it. She replied
But what? I asked

But I know what mark M means. She said and walked away
I saw W not M. I soliloquied and walked after her, I bumped into Min
Sorry. I said and tried to walk away but he drew me back

I asked you a question. He said

What question? I asked
I sent it to you. He replied and I chuckled

Sorry, I don’t know what you are talking about. I replied and walked away

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Hey Evie, let’s try our dress. I said and ran upstairs
My dress has an eyepatch, lucky for me. I said and shoved out my tongue at her

You are not serious. She said
She wore hers

Wow! Min is definitely gonna go gaga for this. I teased and she smiled

And Beak for you. She said and I frowned
I told you I don’t like him, I don’t like any one.
I’m sorry..actually, Freddy asked me to be his date. She said

I said no….
Cos…..I don’t want him to have a deep feeling for me and later turns out that I’ll break his heart. She replied


Freddy told me Xavier is Madia’s Ex. She said and I dropped what I was holding

Author’s POV
Guests entered with their dates
Freddy and Madia were around
Suddenly, Eloise walked over to Madia and took her out of the scene
Evie wondered why she did that

Eloise’s POV continues

Let go off me, what’s your problem? Madia said and struggled to let go of her hand which I held tightly
Who is Xavier? I asked

Why are you asking me? She answered with a question

Answer me now before I squeeze life out of you
He is my Ex, now let go of me! She yelled
I left her alone
When did you break up with him, when and why?
(This story is written by Mïmmy Løvë( Adelegan Ilerioluwa)
Because he was mean and bad, he maltreats me. She replied

Why did you invite him to your birthday party? I asked and she flinched
I didn’t invite him, mum did!

Later that night…………
I explained everything she told me to Evie
Do you think we can handle Xavier? She asked
Of course.I replied as we climbed down the stairs

Is it not too late to go for D&C?
You suggested we should go tonight, didn’t you? I asked

Okay then. We got to the sitting room and met Min and Beak abusing each other

Jerk! He said

Whatever, Min could you please tell your driver to take us to the hospital? I asked

Hospital? Why?He asked
We are going for a D&C. Evie said
Evie? I called

D&C? Who is pregnant? Min asked, I kept quiet

Who is pregnant?
Your forefathers. I replied and walked out of the house with Evie