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Magical Twin. Episode 13

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????Magical Twins????
We are magical☀
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a minister’s son)????????

Written by Mïmmy (Adelegan Ilerioluwa)
@Hilex’s Library

????Episode Thirteen????
Eloise’s POV????
Thank you so much Doctor, she’ll take them regularly. I said referring to Evie’s medications
We slept at the hospital and thank God the abortion was a success

Sorry. I said and wrapped her hand around my shoulders as we walked out of the hospital, I waved my hand to stop a cab and we entered
I didn’t use Minho’s car since he was asking me questions

Sorry. I said to Evie again
I can’t believe she’s no more a virgin, gosh! That bastard
I ought to have killed him instead of shooting one of his legs
My phone rang and it happened to be the goat I know
I picked it
???? Where are you? He asked
????We are on our way home. I replied then I heard Beak shouting at him in the background

Are they fighting again? Evie asked
I think so. I replied, thank God we were almost home
We got home and I paid the cabby, we entered only to see the maids and workers panicking and trying to separate them

Guys, stop! I said but they continued

Oh god! What to do?
Eloise do something. Evie said
I took my lips on and looked around then I saw a bottle, I walked closer to it and broke it on the wall but still did not attract them, I walked to the bar and brought out another one
I broke it on my head and the drink poured on my body
Oh my God! They stopped
Will you guys stop fighting now? I asked and they left themselves angrily

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Leave! Min said to his domestic workers angrily

I think we are going to quit this job
Yeah, why are you fighting?

We told you its not necessary and please don’t quit. Min said
Gosh! I muttered and walked to my room with Evie

We walked in and sat on the bed
Ouch! My head hurts
I’ll get an ice bag. She said and went downstairs before I could stop her. Only heaven knows why they are fighting

She came back.
Thanks. I said and placed it on my head

I think they are fighting because of a girl. She said and I scoffed
Well that shows how foolish they are, why would they allow a girl to meddle in between them…

You. She said cutting me off
Are you saying they are fighting because of me? I asked

Yeah, its obvious… They like you, I mean they are both in love with you. She said a little sad

I laughed
Maybe you are getting it wrong, they can’t be in love with me…I’m definitely not their type. I said

Remember boys are always after you, remember grade 11?


Lucas and Grover fought because of you….they loved you, remember?

Evie, I seriously want this conversation to stop now, please… They love you, not me, okay? Lover girl. I teased

All I know is they are fighting because of you. She said and went to the bathroom

That’s wrong, right? I’m a weirdo. I said and chuckled

Minho’s POV
Its high time you realize we are not mates! She belongs to me! I said and he scoffed

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You know very well that she hates you, she likes me so just relax. He said
I wanted to give him the reply he deserves but got interrupted by a message
Not only my phone, his as well

Mum? We called surprised

Mrs Madison’s Mansion
What is wrong with the two of you? Is this the right time you fight? Mum scolded

I’m sorry but he should stay away from what belongs to me! I said
She’s not yours!

I’m still here! Mum shouted
Excuse us Beak…..for now. She said and he went to his room

I am highly disappointed! You are fighting because of a girl?

Who told you we were fighting? I asked
One of your securities did and I won’t mention his name because I know you will definitely sack him.

Mum, I’m in love with the girl and I’ll never leave her
Are you two dating already?
No. I said and she scoffed

What in the holy butt is wrong with you? You are not even dating? Gosh!

Do I know her?
Yes but I’ll not reveal her name to you. I replied

Get me Beak. She said to her maid and she left
He came out looking at me angrily

Mum, don’t listen to him. He said
Please, you two should do me a favor and ask her out, whosoever she answers has her and please stop fighting…. You should stop fighting. Make me happy even if your father can’t. She said with tears flowing down her cheeks
Stop crying. Beak said and hugged her

I’ll text Eloise when I get home.

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Story by Mimmy Adelegan Ilerioluwa

Beak’s POV
I should have done what mum said before now! Well, I’ll text her and we’ll go out tomorrow

I smiled
She will say yes to me, certainly

Here I come Eloise

Eloise’s POV
I sang as I walked I to our room, Evie was busy reading her stuff and I was operating my phone
I dropped it on the bed and went to the toilet to ease myself

Eloise! Evie called

What? I asked

Your phone just beeped. She replied
Kk. I was done and I rushed out of the toilet after flushing

I think its a message. She said as I picked it up.

Its a message from Beak and Min?
How come it came in at the same time?
I checked it and they told me to meet them at a venue

Different venues actually and different time I showed Evie
Didn’t I tell you they are in love with you…

Not now please. I said and she stopped

What are you going to do, turn them down? She asked

So you’ll turn yourself to two? She asked

Yes. I replied
I am two already, I have you by my side. I said and smiled
You will go to Min and I’ll go to Beak. You two will get closer

What if they find out…

Never, we are identical!

Our name tags?
I have an extra name tagged shirt with my name, just use it. I said

I hope this works out. She said

It certainly will.
Smile. I said and tickled her