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Heiress. Episode 16

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????My Heiress????

[????Oh! The heir is cruel ❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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????Episode 16 ????

????Zayne’s pov????
My heart felt pain the moment Chloe was brought in the girl ,I think the girl is innocent, different plot were made against her ,her good part have never been shown..

What is my heart feeling towards this girl , body never felt it ,..

Judging from positive side , I’m damn in love with ivy , that I’ve vowed never to fall in love with anyone else , but this girl is melting my cold heart ..

“She will be staying in our home for two days ”

Sebastian announced ,

“Is she not the disastrous girl”

I asked pretentiously , in other to prevent Felix and co ,to think negative about me , it might look unusual to them..

“I’ll allow her stay in my room ”

Brent annouced ,

My heart felt a pinch that my heart races , my whole body was in goosebump, what ??I’m I feeling jealous right now , what did Brent just say , he’s gonna make her stay in his room , I’m gonna object,.

“What wrong with me now ?, I’m I already feeling something for her no that can’t be , what I’m feeling is that a girl can not stay in same room with a man , this excuse might work ..

“What !!, Are you saying she’s gonna stay In your room? ”

I asked with a squeezed face ,

“Yes !, Is anything wrong with that ?”

Brent asked ,

“How can you stay in a room with a girl ,when there’re many extra rooms ?”

I asked ,

“Why’re you so worried ?”

Brent asked ,

“I think that’s the it Should be , how will the girl feel when she’s concious again?”

I said ,

“That’s unusual of you ”

Sebastian said ,

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“Unusual ??, What ‘s that supposed to mean ?”

I asked with a pretencious deadly look,

“Ohh, don’t go to far , I was just joking , we’re gonna lay her in a new room , but please you’re gonna take good care of her ”

Sebastian said ,

“What !, Do you think I will ??”

I asked pretentiously ,

“What !!, Is that not the bangles , zayne gave ivy as the love knot!!,in Chloe’s wrist??”

Felix blown the air ,

As my jaw dropped looking at the bangle ??.

“What !! , That’s iivvvvy ‘s ivy….”

I stammered ,,in shock ,as I looked at my wrist in Hope of finding mine , and that should be ivy’s ,but it wasn’t in my wrist , and that was my own in Chloe’s wrist”

“So she stole the bangles also ??, Does she really possess this theft behavior ??”

I said loudly ,

????️‍???? Sebastian’s pov????

“Ohh , everyone this is a misunderstanding , she didn’t steal that , it was part of the items found in her bag , which was a plot against her ”

I lied , in other to clear the misunderstanding about to rise ,

“Are you saying after the plot ,she used the wrist band again? ”

Zayne asked with anger and curiosity written all over his face ,

“Actually …..”

I said and stopped thinking of what to say again,

“Talk to me Sebastian !!”

Zayne ordered curiously ,

“Actually .., when we were looking for the wrist band ,we reached the scenerio where they were hitting Chloe , after you left, the class carried there items , and the one left was the wrist band , you already left thefor the rehearsal room , so I just carried the wrist band and wore it for her , since I’m gonna take help her to the hospital ”

I lied simultaneously ,knowing fully he’s gonna object my excuse ..

“Do you know how precious that is to me ??”

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Zayne asked with a very angry look in his face ,I’ve never seen him that angry in my entire life ,.

“I’m so sorry ????, I did that to keep it safe ”

I said pitifully ,

“No don’t feel to guilty , can I have it back now?”

He demanded ,

“She’s still unconscious right now, you will get it beg when she’s concious again”

I excused , not wanting to disturb her , she she laid pitifully on the bed costomized in the car …

???? Felix’s pov????

I was stunned when I saw the love knot between of ivy and zayne in Chloe’s wrist , while I’m in the possession of one of the wrist bang , the one with me is for zayne , and that one’s for ivy , why is Chloe having it ?? ,
Who’s this girl Chloe , she can’t be ivy , ivy is dead 7 years ago , how can a dead come back to life ??, If she’s re- born ,she shouldn’t have been grown-up adult , she should be 7 years old kid , which is immposibble ..
So ivy is Chloe ??, This can’t be possible , now the wrist band with me is for zayne , and the one in Chloe’s wrist is for ivy , there are hints which make shows Chloe could be ivy, zayne thought the wrist band on Chloe’s wrist is his own Now ,,
But this is complicated , if I tell zayne what I found out now , he’s gonna take Chloe as his bride forsake all old memories ,he won’t want to leave Chloe for a second , when the foe don’t Know who she really is now they were attempting to take her life , furthermore it will cause great chaos in his family , minister Ruby will find away to take Chloe down again ,and at the end Chloe is gonna die eventually , my concience will juge me ,that I didn’t apply common sense to this huge revelation , I’m gonna wait for the time zayne wants to investigate about the assassination 7 years ago ..

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I have some doubts that points that Chloe is not really ivy, if she’s truely ivy, she would have told zayne , so she might have seen the wrist band somewhere or somehow ..

“But what baffles we is that , Chloe looks like Ivy , she sings like her , she’s in possession of there ivy and zayne love knot , but ivy was dead and buried she can’t be Ivy , even if ivy later risen from dead she was already buried , she’s going to surforcate and die”

I thought deeply ,

“This is so complicated , I’m going insane already”

We reached home as we all allighted …

“Brother tell me what happened to her , she’s isn’t talking , did zayne do something to her ??”

Ella keep pestering me with questions ,as I explained all what Happened to her …
“What ??, Who did that to her ??, The person must be wicked, brother ,do you Know the person ”

She asked curiously , as the attendants carried Chloe inside ..

Riele”s pov ????????

I was left behind by zayne and co , I called Zayne phone but he wasn’t picking , he’d never picked my call since I’ve been living in his father’s home , what’s the use of calling him ?? ,..

I called my private driver , and he arrived and carried from the school gates..

I really dealt with the girl so bad , tomorrow morning the smell of her decayed body will chase the engineers from the site ,and she’ll be announced dead , that she committed suicide , my plan really worked ????,
I giggled to myself …


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