January 17, 2022

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Heiress. Episode 17

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????My Heiress????

[????Oh! The heir is cruel ❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode17 ????

???? Zayne’s pov ????
I was so uneasy ,in my room ,I felt like looking at chloe’s wrist ,as the wrist bands ,makes me remember the memory of ivy…

☁️ Memories 7 years ago☁️

Zayne’s pov????
Tomorrow is ivy’s birthday , I’ve bought her gift already ..

“Attendant Mew!!”
I called out of of my attendant,

“Yes your heir-ship !!”

She answered with a slight bow ,

“I’ve told you several times do not refer that Heir-ship foolishness as my name ”

I warned ,

“But your heir-ship..”

“Do not !!!”

She tried to say but I shuts her up .

“Okay my Lord !!”

She corrected,

“Make arrangements to minister Louis home ”

I ordered , sitting on my chairs,

“Yes your Heir-ship …, Sorry my Lord ”

She forgot my order so fast ,due to her used to the word “your heir-ship”,

“Whatever !!”

I said as she left ,to inform the servants ..

And two workers came in and bowed , as I walked to the bathing tube ,I entered and they wash my body gently in the tube , they finished bathing me and dressed me up , unlike now , I’ve sacked all attendants and workers under me due to the disater that Happened to me ..

“The car is ready your heir-ship , I mean my Lord”

Attendant Mew repeated earlier mistake again ,

“It’s better you use my name instead”

I said with a frown,

“I’m sorry my Lord ”

She corrected this time ..

As I walked out of my room , as attendant Mew followed me behind , and my to body guard ( bouncers)..

“Your Heir – ship !!, Where are you going this now ?”

I saw my mom said from distance after I’ve walked down the stairs ,

“I need to see My Heiress for her birthday”

I replied ,

“I’ve warned you several times not to refers her as the heiress ”

My dad warned ,.

“Dad!!, Why do you say that?”

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I asked curiously,

“She is not crowned yet ,why will you call her that ? ”

My dad said ,

“Because of that reasons ??, But she’s the one ill choose as my heiress , then what’s the use of not referring her as my heiress”

I said ,

“You have to listen to your father son ”

My mom said as she gave me a slight hug,

“Where are just telling you this to pretect her ”

My mom said ,

“There’s no harm that’s gonna befall her mom, I’m gonna come home a little bit late ”

I said as I walked to the car , and the boucer opened the door , and I entered ,as the two bouncers , entered the last back sit , and attendant Mew sat at the front sit near the driver…

Attendant Mew is an Asian woman, my dad employed her ,her work is risky that she could give her life up in my stead ..

After 15 minutes of driving ,we reached minister Louis home..

The gate keeper opened the gate,

We entered the compound , I could sight how ivy ran out as her little servant followed behind her , I don’t get to know her little servant well , since our attendants used to excuse us when we’re together.

“Your Heir – ship , what brought you here ”

Ivy asked with a gentle smile,

My heart melts mere looking at her bright beautiful face ,

“Hmm !!, Can’t I meet my heiress anymore ?”

I teased ,

“Hahaha ????????,
I never mearnt that your heir-ship”

She said as I held her hands and she followed behind with a smile ,

“Where are we going this time ?”

She asked with a smile which makes my heart skip , looking at her beautiful smile ..
“The garden ”

I said ..

As we walked to the garden , we watered the flowers together , trimmed the flower trees, we also played hide and seek, we sang a love song , perfect Tonight by Ed – Sheeran ..

It’s already dark

“Your heir-ship , it’s already dark”
She said ..

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“Then let’s sing the good night song…

????????Right here in my arm by mellisa Tyson ????????

Ivy : Sun goes down
And we are here together
Glow like a thousand charms????????

Ivy: Stay with me
And you can dream forever
Right here in my arms tonight..

Zayne: Stars begin to climb????????

Ivy& zayne: Melodies
Fill the breeze
Sweeter all the time????????

Zayne: My love!!????????

Ivy: Sun goes down????????

And we are here together????????

Zayne: Is always with you
Whether near or far????????

Ivy: Fireflies
Glow like a thousand charms????????

Zayne: How sweet????????

Ivy: Stay with me
And you can dream

Zayne: To hold you????????

Zayne &ivy : Right here in
my arms tonight..????????

We finished singing ,

And I wore her the golden customized wrist band she loved it …

Memories ended ☁️☁️..

After all the loved you’ve shown me , I couldn’t even protect you ivy , I’m sorry ,I’ve vow not to stay with any girl just to reprimand my unworthiness to protect you …

I said as I walked out of my room ,on my way to Chloe’s new room ..

I peeped through the door knot , to confirm if she’s awake so as to not enter when she’s concious, my heart almost popped out when I saw Brent ..
My fist turned into a ball , and gossebump arrised all my skin , ive never felt as jealous as this in my life, why I’m I so jealous ? For this lowly girl ??, Why is she the only one that have moved my heart unlike any other lady , my heart feels for her but my body relents…

I won’t break ivy’s heart upon all this vows because of a mere girl, I’ll commit suicide in other to meet ivy , she is up there waiting for me ????, I’m gonna join you soon ivyyy..

What life is it without you ??

I thought as I walked out of the building ,

I walked towards the store , I acquired some cements..

And I walked back inside to the kitchen with tears all over my face..

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Riele’s pov ????????

“I hope the whole house will be calm now since the disastrous girl is gone” ,..
I said to myself as I walked upstairs ,and directly to my room , I dropped my bag ..

There isn’t any attendant to send an errand at the moments as my stomach growled of hunger , I have to check the kitchen maybe I could find a chef to cook for me..

I went inside the kitchen , and I was so shocked , when I saw zayne missed some cements inside a glass transparent cup , and about to commit suicide ..

“If he dies now everything is over for me and my dad ”

I said to myself..

As i walked to him ,and grabbed the cup , as he was on his way to drink the poisonous substance that will stiff all his intstine in a moment..

“Zayne !!, What are you trying to do?”

I asked , as he fell down and burtstef into heartly cries , he also looks cute as he cries..

“Just give me a false hope , that my ivy is alive ”

He said crying bitterly..

I was so jealous that I could kill a day old innocent baby at the moment ..

” Was she the reason you’re gonna commit suicide ?”

I asked , as I formed fake tears ,

“She’s everything I’ve got , I made her like that , and now a girl is also trying to build a space in my heart
It’s just better to die and make atonement for my sins against ivy ????????”

He said crying..

“Ivy everyday , I’m I not a lady like her ?, I’m I not beautiful , she died , you weren’t the cause , then you should moved on”

I said faking tears ..

“Do you say I should moved on? , Do you know how she’s to me ?, I willgl give you the heiress position , and you can find a suitable husband I can be one for you , that’s my appreciation for you’ve saved my life ”

He said and left…

“The heiress position that my dad really wanted , and I wants him ,how will I take this ??????…


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