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Heiress. Episode 18

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????My Heiress????

[????Oh! The heir is cruel ❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 18????

???? Chloe’s pov ????
My whole body was so weaken , that it’s very difficult to open my eyes , all I knew was that I’m concious again and laying down on a bed ,, I tried to open my eyes but it was so heavy to carry ..

“Just to open my ,is this heavy , what if I try Walk?”

I thought to myself ,

“Let me try hard at least to know the evironment I am”

I said loudly,

“Do not worry yourself , you’re alright , you are safe ”

I heard a familiar ,that I don’t know when the eyes I was pampering opened unaware ,

“Oh my Lord , awhhh…”

I tried to stand up but my head hurts so much,

“Ohh , you’re just recovering , don’t try to harm yourself more ”

He comforted me ,

“You’re gracious my Lord ”

I commented,

“Nevermind , what I did was so minor , be more thankful to Sebastian and Felix they were the one who saved you from dieing , so what use of thanking me?”..

He said,,

“My Lord !!”

I called with an appreciative smile,,

“Don’t worry dear , I’m gonna order the caterers to bring your food ”

He said as he stood up and went out,,

“He’s suddenly changed ,right from the day I gave him first aid treatment, he’s a kind of scrict person ,that doesn’t crack unnecessary jokes”,

I thought ,and looked around the room , u was in it was beautiful , a large bed which I was laying on ,a huge television , a wardrobe and visitor couch, I was just so beautiful , I was admiring them when Ella rushed in..


I shouted as she rusher me ..

“What ??, Chloe why did you shout like that ?”

She asked ,

“Don’t you Know you startled me??”

I asked with a friendly face ,

“I’m sorry , I was just eager to hear from you ”

She said as she sat on the tray stood besides my bed ,

“What could that be.”

I asked furiously,

“Don’t pretend you do not know”

She teased with a sassy up-to ,sneaky face ,

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“I do not have the idea ”

I answered ,even thirsty to know what she meant..

“You ‘ve fell for him ”

She said with a sneaky smile,

“Ohh!!, What ?? , Who ?, That’s not true”

I replied confused as worried,

“Don’t tell me you don’t know Chloe. I’m happy though , he’s now free of thinking about that late girl I didn’t mature to know, she’s fallen for her , infact Zayne and Brent fell for her , but she hurts my brothers feelings , and went for zayne instead ”

She said ,

Why does she always call brent is brother ,and never refers zayne constantly like that ?,.I thought as she speaks , I don’t know i have stood up and sat on the bed like a meditating buddah statue already,,..

“Isn’t Young master Zayne your brother?”

I asked ,

“He is , why did you ask ?”

She asked curiously,

“Like you always call young master Brent your brother , while young master Zayne isn’t likely to you”

I said to her ,

“Hahaha!, I have always loved Brent than zayne , get that upstairs my in – Law !!!!, I’m gonna bring a dish right away ”

She said as she ran out ,

“Wait!!, I tried to stop her but she’s gone already …

Riele’s pov ????????

I was uneasy of what zayne said .

“I’ll bestow you the Heiress position you wanted as a token for saving my life and giving me false hope ,but please I can’t fulfill your second wish of me becoming your husband , find a good husband , and enjoy your wealth ”

These words of zayne keep ringing in my hears ,as I walked slowly , thinking of his words , and Brent worked out of a room which was meant to be extra room , and soon ,Ella rushed from her room to her way to that room , she greeted Brent. ,Brent carried her up and pecked her ..

As she ran into the extra room ,

And soon , Brent walked towards me , we staired at each other for some seconds , he stared at me with a deadly look , and I smirked at him , as he walked past me , and I tiptoed to the room , the eave-drop to what they were saying ,,as I placed my ear more the door ,.

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“I think the door is resistance to gossipers and eave-dropers ”

Felix said ,

I was startled when a familiar voice spoke at my back ,

“Hahahaha !!,

Looking back was Felix and Sebastian ..

“What are you doing there you pervert??”

Sebastian shouted ,

“How dare you talk to me in that manner ,you Impertinent wench !!”

I shouted bossily,

“I’m sorry my heiress , I was just thinking it’s to foolish and lowly ,to eave drop on people’s matter my heiress ”

Sebastian said mockingly as he bowed ,

“We deserved to die my heiress!!”

They chorused mockingly ..

“Sh*t!!, Heiress my foot”

Sebastian cursed with a laughter and they both walked away ,

I was so humiliated I can’t take this anymore !!, How dare they , I can’t wait anymore to finally become the Heiress then they will no length to there Impertinency..

“Stupid jerks !!”

I cursed, as I peeped again and Ella’s was about to come out ,..

I quickly walked some distance away and pretended I was coming on my own before she came out,

She walked out with a broad smile all over her face ,

“Who was she talking to??”

I said , as I quickly walked towards the door , I peeped through the door knot,,

To my greatest shock ,it was Chloe ,

“How could she have survived the well ??, Is she a mysterious being?”

I said to myself ,I was so scared she would expose me ??,

“I have to get rid of her quickly !!”

I said as I walked out of the place quickly …

???? Zayne’s pov????

I felt guilty ,for I haven’t visited the young girl , this is also unusual , what’s wrong with me??, ..

“Red instinct : do not go , you’re gonna offend ivy..

Yellow instinct : Go ,ivy will be more happy that you care for humanity , since she does .

“Red instinct : you care for humanity , yet you risked her life for a common allege position?, And yet you’re still having eye for her ?

Yellow: instinct , what if she’s ivy??..

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My instinct keep battling each other , as maybe I should go or not ,the last one I thought said what if she’s ivy , she’s not my ivy , I’ll do as the yellow instincts said ,I have to greet her since she’s human too.

I thought as I walked towards chloe’s room , I froze for some while ,at the entrance that my mind keep battling ..

Red instinct :you better come back , what an embarrassment

Yellow instincts :
Go in boy go ahead ..

I followed the last instict,as I summoned courage , as twisted the door knob ..

I entered the room she
was laying on the bed beautifully and innocently o the bed …

I touched a strand of her hair ,it feels nice In hands..

“You’be really changed me young girl , who are you precisely , are you ivy ? Tell me and stood keeping on suspence ” i said loudly with a coarse tone , trying to give myself a false hope ,

“I might have offended you ,but I’m deeply sorry, I just couldn’t help it ” I thought inside me ..

Her closed her still looks pretty ..

I’m gonna try everything possible to stay away from you..

I thought and stood up , in other not to disturb her sleep and I walked out…

Riele’s pov ????????

I walked to the kitchen , where the chef was dishing the food Brent ordered to be giving to Chloe ,

“Hey man , go get me a ice – cream in the freezer , and add some chocolates, strawberries , with biscuits ”

I ordered ,

“Yeas young mistress”

She bowed and left for what I sent her ..

I quickly worked to the food she dished already , I quickly sprinkled a poison, and I missed them all .

Soon she came back in , she served me ice cream and finished dishing the food , with a chilled juice, I walked out to prevent anyone saying I murdered with a poison …

I quickly walked to my room,

5 minutes later I walked out of my room ,went to her door again , I could see Brent and Ella’s by her side as she eats the food ..

“Yes my plan finally worked !!!”


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