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Heiress. Episode 19

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????My Heiress????

[????Oh! The heir is cruel ❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 19????

Chloe’s pov ????

Two attendants brought ,dishes prepared on a very long tray ,as well as Ella followed them inside , they placed it on the tray stood besides my bed ..

“Drop the food then and go !!”

Ella ordered the attendants ,

“Yess!!young miss”

They said as they bowed slightly,

This is non difference to Royal live ,though they are the most respected family in the whole country ..

“Chloe , you can enjoy your food ,I hope you love it”

She said ,

“What !!, You prepared this for a lowly me ?”

I asked with a surprised look,

“Yes I did, why do you refers yourself as a lowly??, Your’er my turoress,do you Know that ??, Then you’re not lowly anymore ”

She replied with a comfort look ,

“You’re gracious young miss”

I appreciated ,

“Nevermind ,eat your dish , and you’re gonna do something for me after eating , will you ??”

She asked ,

“I’ll do whatever you want young miss”

I said ,

“I’ve always told you not to refers me as young miss foolishness”

She nerded,


I exclaimed,

“Yes i consider it as foolishness , if you call me young miss again , that means you’re referring me as a foolish person ”

She twisted with a treathening speech ,

“Ohh yes mis.., Ella ”

I starmmered,

“Now eat your food ”

She said as I stared at the dishes , they were 8 mug plates covered and placed on a tray ,

“OMG , how will I possibly Finished 8 plates ”

I thought , as I opened them all..

There was all scrambled eggs, boiled Vegetables, a full fried chicken, a very tempting stew soup,boiled white rice , boiled noodles, water melons , and complete salad, my stomach growled as my check smiles unknownly,as my head hurts and memories in black and white keep flashing in my head …
Memories of a little girl that was served lots of foods on a table and her stomach growled , and the food was tempting her as she eats rushly until she ate to stupor and vomited , while all her attendant laughed at her ,and walked to clean her mouth and they all laughed with the little girl”

“What’s wrong !!”

Ella said , as I opened my eyes,

“I’m sorry , I was just blessing the food ”

I lied ,

“Really ??”- Ella,

“Yes !! ”
I replied…

Whose memory could that be , since I’m a SEER ,lete just ignore it might be what will happen to me if I eats fast , I just have the eat slowly ,so I won’t be a laughing stock like the little girl , I’m glad to be a SEER”

Riele’s pov ????????

20 minutes later , the maid carried the plates back , I still didn’t get any news ..
What the poison is one eaten , one death , why hasn’t she died , she should have been vomiting blood by now ..

I was so curious…

I walked closed to the room step to hear any news ..

” Hey Miss poke noser !!”

I heard a familiar tiny voice at my back was Ella,

“Ohh Ella, how’s your study , I’m sorry for I haven’t have time with you”

I said ..

“Why asking like you care ”

She said rudely ,

“What !?”

I exclaimed,

“Why are you shouting , and what was that you sprinkled on chloe’s dish ?”

She said ,as I was so traumatized , sweat starts to pour all over my face profusely , and cold start to catch me at the same time ,

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“Don’t you hear me ”

She shouted ,

She actually saw me when I was putting in the poison,she could sue me,and then I am done with , why I’m I so careless??,

“I heard she got the nice voice in the class , and you’re absolutely her rival , so you actually went ahead to put a substance that could hurt her throat ?, So she could sing coarsely , and you will make people loves you , what a jealousy fellow , actually you failed I discarded the food”

Ella said , I was so excited she misunderstood the poison for a voice damager , she’s still a young kid that can’t think I’ve added a poison , cause she might have never heard of people died of food poison”
I thought to myself,

“I’m so sorry , I actually added a drug to make her recover quickly ”

I lied ,
“Really ??,

She asked ,

“Yes, thanks for your generosity”

She bowed lighly and went as her attendants and maid followed her behind..

I don’t think that issolent wench could die so easier , I’m gonna get the heiress position at any cost and take her down , ill stop for some whiles..

“Ooohh!!! Heiress riele!!!”

I heard a bariton voice coming from my front , after I’ve watched ella went , I was surprised when I saw zayne dad ,

“Minister Ronald!!”

I said , and gave him a slight hug..

” This place might be too boring for you ,I’m I right?”

Ronald said ,

“I’m truly bored sir ”

I complained ,

“That’s so , why haven’t they assigned you your attendants since ?, at Least they should keep your company?”

He said ,

“I don’t have any sir , I used to be humiliated every seconds of the day ,by the lowly statuses you’ve employed in your home sir”

I said with a manipulative saddened face , with already pretentious teary face,

“What!!? who dares do that ?”

He screamed with a angry look….

“It’s a lowly girl ,which was favoured by everyone in this house , everyone hated me so much because of her ,she had made many false plot against me , many attempts to poison me , she also labelled me a thief that the whole people in the house call me a thief , the worst of it is that , she seduced Heir – ship zayne , that he will never talk to me because of that manipulative girl ”

I lied the whole earth to his head,


He shouted like a very angry lion ready to devour a baby…

“Bring the girl to me right now !!!”

He ordered his attendants as they rushed upstairs to seek Chloe…..

???? Chloe’s pov ????

I finished eating , then I entered the bathtub , I took my bath and freshen up , I opened my bag I puts small make-over , and Ella entered , wow you’ve bathed , she said as she walked close me ..

“Come let me make you beautiful ,as she ordered her maid attendant to bring her makeover box , a 10 years old girl using make over at her age ,she doesn’t use it in a reckless way though I thought , they came in and she painted my face with many quality makeovers , and she rubbed my hair with oily petal, and she packed ny hair and inserted different hairpin and hair ribbons..

I looked through the glass I was so beautiful thank the morning sunshine …

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“Wooww!!, You looks so beautiful …
Ella exclaimed with admirations

“Awnnn, she’s cute , she’s pretty , she’s seductive..

“Yes she’s ”
Ella’s attendant maids were admiring my look,as Ella confirmed there admirations…

“Come I have to take you somewhere ”

Ella said as she led me to God knows where …

“Until she opened a door with a single key , sneakily, what’s she trying to do ??, She looks each sides and she drew me inside ….

I was so wowed to see a very beautiful musical room as this , as well as Ella she was admiring it too, why would she ??, This is a part of there house haven’t she been here before , I thought..

“Why did you admire here so much ?, Haven’t you been here?”

I asked curiously,

“Yes!!, I have never , this is zayne musical room which I was told she stays in with his late girlfriend”

She said ,

“Really!?, It’s dangerous ,we have to leave here ,you haven’t ever been been here before , then how dares me enter this room??, We have to leave before zayne caught us”

I warned ,

“Do not worry yourself ,I stole the key in his room , since I’ve yearned to look in this room since I was born , I have only known ,he used to sing here”

Ella said ,as I wasn’t listening to her anymore , I already got engrossed with the room beauty, there was a little girl’s picture hunged on the wall , until I sight a picture ,and my head hurts again as memory keep flashing my head in a black and white scene , as I saw a boy playing songs on the keyboard , while the girl sings along ..


Ella shouted as I opened my eyes quickly ..

“Actually , I love the sound of Zayne’s keyboard , I just learnt the organ for all Barbie’s song,Which one can you sing? ”

She asked,,,

????Zayne’s pov????

“Can we sing “I NEED TO KNOW? ”
I entered my musical room as I answered Ella’s questions there jaws both dropped..,
I have been listening to Chloe and Ella’s conversation in my musical room steps some whiles ago ..

I couldn’t do anything actually , she must have been bothered never have she ever entered nor seen my musical room..

I’ll make her feel special with Chloe since they tresspassed ..

“We’re so sorry we will be going now ”

They quickly stood up and about to go , as Ella hide her face at Chloe back while Chloe bowed down and apologised while she carried ella about to run out, have I became a monster already??

” DON’T YOU HEAR ME , let’s sing I NEED TO KNOW..

i said ..


Ella asked with a very surprised face ..
As she quickly sat on the keyboard stood and ready to play for us..

“I’ll take prince Antonio’s part ,while you take Ro’s part , understood?”

I asked ,

“Yeahs My Lord ”

She answered and bowed with a smile..

As Ella played the intro organ ,and Chloe stood in front of the mic ,as well as I did…

????I NEED TO KNOW????

Chloe’s part (as Ro)

Where is the land come from?????

Who lives where I was born?????

Why do my memories start with a

What if I have a family????

Somewhere beyond the sea?????

Could there be someone there
missing me?????????????

Tell me ????????????????
why l’m not sleeping ????

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My heart is leaping ????

inside me????????????

Could this be one of those times
When your feelings decide?????????????

[Chorus, Chloe (as Ro)]
I need to know these answers????

I need to find my way????

Seize my tomorrow????

Learn my yesterday????

I need to take these chances
Let all my???????? feelings show

Can’t tell what’s waiting
Still I need to go
I need to know????️????️..

Chloe part 2, [as Ro]
Why does he look through circles?????????️????

Why does he hide his feet?????????????

Why do I feel so shy when we

Is this the tree he sleeps in?????????️????

What can he see from there?????????????
Could there be new horizons to

[Pre-Chorus, Ro]
All these questions keep turning
Churning and burning ????️????????????????????

inside me
What are these feelings I feel????????

He’s here by my side?????????
[Chorus, chloe as Ro]
I need to know these answers????????️
I need to find my way????️????

Seize my tomorrow????

Learn my yesterday????????

need to take these chances
Let all my???????????? feelings show
Can’t tell what’s waiting????????????

Still I need to go
I need to know????????????….

“She sang excellently ,like a celebrity artist with her nice voice ,as Ella played the organ for me to sing my part”.

Zayne part (as prince Antonio)

Isn’t she just amazing?????????????

Daring and bold and sure????????????

Different from girls that I’ve met
Do you think she might like me? I ????️????????
How do l look tonight?????️????????

I just want everything to be right????️????
[Pre-Chorus, Zayne (as prince antonio)]
All these questions keep turning
Churning and????????????

burning inside me????️????????

What are these feelings I feel

She’s here by my side?????????????

( I sang as we sang the chorus together)

????Chorus, zayne and chloe]

I need to know these answers????️????

I need to find my way????️????????

Seize my tomorrow????️????????

Learn my yesterday????????????

I need to take these chancees
Let all my????️???????? feelings show
Can’t tel what’s waiting????????????
Still I need to go
I need to know????????????

“Wow!!!clap clap clap!!, You’ll sang it exactly like prince Antonio and Ro,I need to excuse my self ”

Ella commended us after we sang amazingly and she left ,for God knows sake..

“You have the coolest voice I’ve ever heard ”

Chloe commended me for the first time ,

“Really!!, So you could commend me after what I’ve done for you ”

I said ,

“I do not hold grudges, so let get over it”

She said , she’s really got a heart Like ivy,

“Can you please be my friend ?”

She boasted and knelt down as she bows,

Until I heard a knock ..

“Who’s there ”

I asked ..

“Minister Ronald’s had ordered to see Chloe right away ”

Riele’s pov ????????

Soon Chloe was brought in front of minister Ronald’s..

“Are you the wench ?”

He asked angrily,

“What ?! ..si..”

Chloe stammered not having idea of what he said .

“You wench !!!!!”

He shouted,

“How dares you try to seduce my son?, You lowly wench of bitches , you lowly thing ,how dare you!!!, Lock her inside the rice chest ,until she surfforcates to death!!”

He ordered the bodyguards..

“I’m innocent sir ,pls sir forgive me !!”

She pleaded and pleaded but all was none of use ,as they carried her away ..
She’ll surely die this istance ..I will have my way in so easily……


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