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Heiress. Episode 20

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????My Heiress????

[???? Melting His Cold Heart❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 20????

Chloe’s pov ????

“What caused this outrage ?,
How dare you try to manipulate the heir to my prestige?,you lowly daughter of bitches .. you’re trying to soar in a high position right ?, You even went as far and attempted on my Heiress life?”

Minister Ronald which I presumed to be zayne’s father blasted me with questions i have no idea of , that he was so mad and could devour a full human , I was so scared that my heart beats like a jazz, while riele is by his side with a pretentious innocent face..

“I Know noth…”

I tried to explain ,

“Shut up!!”

But he cuts me off,

“Do you still dare talk ,such Impertinency!!”

He said ..

“You could easily tell that she’s a manipulative witch, she puts on beautiful make-overs , that one will take time to fine out,and would mistook it for her beauty”

Riele took advantage of the makeover Ella did for me , to prove her complaint..

“A lowly babysitter??, How dares she puts on make- over , you’re actually seducing my son and teaching my daughter in a bad way?”

He said , I wanted to say Ella gave me but I wouldn’t want to put the innocent girl in trouble , so I kept my mute where I knelt and bowed,crying profusely…

“Lock her inside the rice chest right now !! until she surfforcates to death now!!!!!!”

He shouted ,as he ordered the guards,

“What?!,a rice chest , that’s a box in form of a palaquin , that doesn’t have a window , one wouldn’t even breath properly and the maximum day one could use there before he /she gives up and die is 3 days and without food or drink…

“I’m innocent sir !!, pls forgive me !!, forgive me sir!!,I’m sorry sir !!”.
I pleaded at my loudest voice while tear filled all over my face, but he walked away as the guards carried me out …

“Help , help!!, I shouted ,but they were dragging me like a rug, tear filled my face that i was seeing memories that’s strange to me…

The dragged me to a dark house ,and threw me inside the rice chest and lock me inside , it was dark here ,it looks like a coffin it’s hard to breath in here I knocked ,no response ,as I saw the memory of the same little girl I’ve been seeing in my memory, …

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A little girl was laid in a coffin as she knocks in the coffin there was no response, it was so dark inside , she knocks aggressively ,”help! , Help !!”. She said with a coarse tone , she was really running out of breath this time ,help!” She shouted and she gave up at the instant”

As the memory ends ,, and I fainted …

????30 minutes later ????

I woke up , and I met myself in total darkness..

“What’s wrong ??, Did I sit to sleep all this while??”

I said as I tried to stretch as a barricade stopped me I touched around me ,as these barricades stopped me again as I recalled I was arrested inside a rice chest,

“Why can life be this cruel?,no wonder my dad and mom told my sister to make us leave in hidings , I’m I going to die here ??, There wasn’t Ella when there when her dad ordered the guards to lock me inside the chest , neither was Sebastian and Felix , who will save me now , will I die in this chest??”I thought as I crues profusely….

????Author Chrisney ????

Riele had manipulated Zayne’s father and told him not to act like he ever purnished any worker, that zayne and his co will wants to save her as Zayne’s still blindfolded with Chloe’s spell , so does it , as he warned his guards never to talk of what he did , unfortunately , Sebastian , Felix , Ella and Zayne wasn’t aware of what happened to Chloe.. WHAT A CRUEL HUMAN RIELE IS ????.

Zayne’s pov ????

“Can I be her friend ? ”

This words of her keep ringing in my ears , she actually wanted me to be her friend ??, Why will she say that, after all what I’ve made her went through ,

“How will I even be her friend , after all my vows ??,and also it will go viral on social media that I’ve broken all the vows I made with ivy for a common girl I can’t do such outrage ”

I thought to myself , as I tried to take it off my mind ,but it kept trembling my heart..

I yearn to just stare at her ,maybe it will ease how my heart beats ..

I walked out of my room ,to the sitting room ,to see my dad ,he’d arrived from his travels , he always comes to our quarter to greets us before he went to his own quarter , my dad’s quarter is actually ,some distance away from ours ,same as my mom , and my dad’s concubine , who’s Brent mother …

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We all Ronald’s children lives in the first building in his mansion…

I stared at downstairs ,from where I stood on the upstair.


Come over and join us .
My dad said as he waved at me from downstairs..

I could sight Sebastian and Felix sat on the chair as well as Riele having refreshments downstairs but I couldn’t find Chloe , I heard he ordered to see Chloe , how did he know Chloe so quickly…

I thought ,as I jogged downstairs..

“Where’s Chloe ?”

I asked referring to everyone ..

“What? !!, You didn’t even greet me I’m welcome from the travel ”

My dad asked in a scrict tone ..

“Dad, you’ve always travels everywhere ,it doesn’t mean anything to me , weather you’re in our country or you’re abroad , it’s same as you’re at home ”

I said ,

“And so what ??, You asked for a lowly girl on me ??”

My dad asked,

“Where’s Chloe brother ?”

Ella said as she jogged down the stairs ,

“What !!, This girl has really manipulated you’ll , my little Ella that comes to greet me whenever I’m back from travels also ignored my present for that manipulative girl?”

My dad said angrily,

“Sir , how can you say she’s manipulative?, I’ve already told you how of great help she’s been to Ella and Zayne , don’t you think zayne should have casted her out all this while , but he didn’t ??, Isn’t that the girl have brought great change to zayne ,and you’ve even shown appreciation to her , why do you still refers her as a manipulation My Lord ?”

Riele said accommodatly..

Has something gone through her dad ,she really sided with Chloe?,

“Ohh ,that…??”

My dad said, as he looks speechless to what Riele said..

So riele already told my dad about chloe , and dad appreciated her as well , seems she’s showing remorse on what she did the innocent girl, but she went too extra , did she know she’s melting my cold heart?? ..

I thought..

“That’s generous of you miss riele , I can now consider you as a nice person ”
Ella said as she ran to her and sat on he laps…

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“Same here !!”

Sebastian and felix chorused..

“But where’s she now??”

I asked ..

“She already went back home ,as she said her mom is calling her , that she’s quite late , minister Ronald also gave her some tonics to give her mother as well out of his generosity”

Riele said.


I asked..

“Yes ” she replied..

When did my dad Starts to show generosity to lowlifes??, I thought..

He might have repented…

I thought as I walked back up stairs ,

She’s heartless ,as just when I want to see her face she went back home , I wish her to be the first person I will see tommorow …

Riele’s pov ????

Yasss!!!, I just brainwashed a whole family…

I thought to myself ..

“How are preparing your corronation and marriage with my son ?”.

Ronald said ,

“Going smoothly sir , I just have to cut off any obstacles sir , as I just eliminated one sir ”

I said twistedly , as Sebastian and Felix face turned somehow already ..

“Really??, Obstacles ? , Which obstacles could that be ?”

Ronald asked ,

“Nevermind sir, it’s just a spoken word , as you’ve helped with one ”

I said as I made it more confusing to Sebastian and Felix…

“Good ..,I will take my leave now , take good care of your selves ”

He said as she stood up and about to go to his quarter ,and his body guards , attendants and maid followed him behind….

I think I’ve gained Ella’s trust finally as she’s sat on my lap …

Rosa’s pov ????

It was getting too dark already , that I haven’t even seen the spotlight of Chloe , I messaged countless times she didn’t reply , I called she didn’t pick , I was getting to uneasy that I stood outside worrying I will see her coming but she didn’t …

“Why are you so stressed out , you Know miss is an independent lady , she might wants to spend the night there ”

Nicki said behind me..

As she dressed , already in her way to hotel where she works ,as she’s in a night duty”

“Are you going to work , without us going out to search for her ??’

I said …

“Do not worry she’s not a kid ”

Nicki said ,as she board a cab and went to her work …

And I entered , putting hope on what she said …

She might pass the night in her work place…


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