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Magical Twin. Episode 16

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???? Magical Twins????
We are magical ????
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a Minister’s some)????????

Written by Mimmy Adelegan Ilerioluwa

Episode Sixteen
Min’s POV
What do you mean mum fainted! I yelled at her personal assistant over the phone

????I’m sorry sir. She apologized
????She is in the state hospital. She added and I ended the call
I took my jacket and rushed downstairs

Beak! I yelled but got no answer
He went out with Evie. Eloise replied

Follow me. I said and gave her.my.phone
Text him mum is in the hospital. I said and ran outside

My securities opened the door and we entered

Min is everything okay? She asked
No, my mum is in the hospital. I replied and belted myself
I should call dad. I thought and brought out my second phone. I dialed his number but he didn’t pick it
He’ll call back when he sees my call. I muttered

Drive faster.

We walked into the hospital gracefully, everyone wowed. I walked to her ward, she was hospitalized already

Sir…her assistant tried to talk but I interrupted her with a slap

Min. Eloise said and drew me back
What have you done to her?! I yelled
Sir,, I know nothing..she fainted all of a sudden. She defended herself

Don’t you try to talk back at me! I shrieked

It’s okay Minho. Eloise said
Where’s the Doctor? I asked after I calmed down
He is in his office. She replied
Get him for me. I said to mum’s assistant

Few minutes later
Sir..he said you should see him. She said

Gosh! I muttered angrily and let go of myself from Eloise, she fell
I will apologise later. I thought and walked out of the Ward

Evie’s POV
I and Beak ran into the hospital
He asked for his mum’s ward and he was directed to the right place
We got in and met Mrs Madison hospitalized already
Are you okay? I asked Eloise and helped her up

Yes. She replied
Where’s Min? Beak asked the lady standing by the door
He went to see the Doctor. She replied

I’ll be back. He said and left remaining I and Eloise

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Who fell you? I asked
Should I say Min? He was frustrated….somehow. she said with a shrug
She and Min came here together, I felt a bite of jealousy in me

Evie! You have to get that off your mind. She is your sister and she loves you! Someone screamed into my head
I snapped and looked around but found no one.
It’s true! I have to stop

Are you okay? She asked
Yes. I replied and pulled her into a hug, you are still my sister

Hey, what’s that? She asked surprised still in the hug
Can we be like this for some time? I demanded

Hmmmm okay. She replied and reciprocated to he hug

Little sister. She teased

Don’t call me that. I replied and pinched her
I will never be jealous of you, I hate you Madia, I almost fell for it. I soliloquized

Are you saying something?

Hello. A cold voice said and we unlocked from the hug

Oh, Mrs Madison is awake

Go and call them. Eloise said to me

Okay. I replied and walked out of the ward


Mrs Madison’s POV
I wiped my tears as soon as I saw them coming

Mum, are you okay? My babies asked at once, the body guards stepped aside.

I’m fine. I replied

No you are not, you don’t feel okay, tell us. What happened to you? Min asked
I can’t tell them now, it will definitely break their hearts. I thought

It was a normal stress. I replied and faked a smile

They took in a deep breath, Min drew a chair and sat beside me
You’ve been stressing yourself? I think it’s time you sack your personal assistant. He said

No, she’s fine. I replied

Min, I tried calling dad but he didn’t pick it. Beak said
He is probably with that bitch Adrian. I said within myself

The Doctor said you will be discharged in the afternoon, tomorrow actually. Min said

Okay darlings. I replied and smiled at them
Hello ma’am. The twins said

Beautiful ones, how are you? I asked from my side
We are fine. They replied

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I am not fine. I said inwardly

Min’s POV
Evie and Beak got out of the car first and they went inside.

Eloise stepped out, she was about entering then I called her

Yes. She replied and came back to me

I’m sorry I pushed you away at the hospital. I said and she laughed

It’s all right. She replied and smiled

That cute smile

I came out of the car and we walked in together

You really love your mum. She said

So much. I added

I don’t understand why she’s acting as If told her nothing. I don’t think I will be able to wait till 2 days
She should at least show some feelings

Bye. She said and went to her room

I smiled and watched her until she was out of sight

I turned and saw Beak staring at me

Next day

I stepped down the stairs ready to go and see mum then my phone beeped

A message
I checked it and it reads

You are dead today.

What? I screamed that it alerted the rest

Are you all right? Evie asked
Nope, check this message

You are dead today?
Who sent it. Eloise asked

It’s a private number. She replied and turns to me

I’ll advise you don’t go out today. Evie said

But mum?
Dude, stay at home! Mum would understand. Beak said

Okay. I answered reluctantly

So am I staying alone? I asked

Stay with Eloise. He replied and winked at her
I should stay. Evie chipped in
No, she should. I replied and they left

I sat on the chair staring at the angel before me

I can’t believe someone sent that to me! I said trying to start a conversation but she was too carried away with her phone

I am talking to somebody??!! I said

What’s up dumbo. She said and kicked me.
We’ve been together for some hours and she acted like I said nothing to her, she didn’t even say anything to me

I have an idea. I stood up and then fell on the ground crying, at first she didn’t hear me
I cried more louder.

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Hey! What’s wrong?! She said

Nobody…nobody loves me. I said and she stood up and squatted before me

Nobody loves you? She asked and scoffed

Yeah, I’m lonely, I just want to die. I said

Oh you want to die? She asked

Yes, I want to die! I replied still crying

I’m coming. She said and left

I think it’s working but to my surprise, she came out with a knife


That should help. She replied and threw it beisde me.
What? She said and resumed operating her phone

Eloise? Why are you doing this?! I asked

You said you wanted to die, didn’t you? She replied

No! I stood up and drew to my computer room

Hey, let go of my hand! She said and freed it from mine
I locked the door

Why did you do that? She asked

Stop pretending Eloise. I said


Eloise’s POV
I don’t understand what you are talking about. I said

What do mean? I told you when we went on a date, I confessed to you, I told you I love you and…

What? I asked cutting him off
You are joking, you didn’t mention a word like that. I said

Eloise, enough of the pretence, just say it back to me. He said and I laughed

Min…. suddenly he came closer and pinned my hands to he wall, my phone fell
What are you doing? Stop! I don’t want to hurt you. I warned him

Eloise. He said and moved his nose closer

Are you in your right senses? Stop right now! I don’t want to hurt you!

Hurt me if you want to, but i have to do this. He said and crashed his lips on mine

Oh my gosh! I wanted to push him away but he was using his whole strength, I would hurt him if I push him away with my magical strength

I can’t do this
Just stop! I yelled and pushed him away, he hit his head on the wall. I cleaned my lips and walked out of his computer room