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Magical Twin. Episode 17

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???? Magical Twins ????
We are magical ????
(We were paid to protect him;he’s a Minister’s son)

@Hilex’s Library
Written by Mimmy
Adelegan Ilerioluwa

Beware of mistakes

Previously on MAGICAL TWINS
You can hurt me if you want to but I have to do this. He said and crashed his lips on mine

He used his whole strength
I can’t do this
Just stop! I shouted and pushed him away, he hit his head on the wall

I cleaned my mouth and walked out of his computer room

☺️Episode Seventeen????

Eloise’s POV
His words keeps on repeating in my head, Gosh!

Hurt me if you want to but I have to do this”

How dare him! I need to call Evie and my phone! It fell I have to go and get it.

I stood up and walked downstairs back to his computer room. He was on the floor groaning in pains and his head was bleeding

Oh my!
Are you okay? I asked and went to him
Sorry I didn’t mean to but you caused it, I’ll get the first aid. I said and stood up about to leave, he drew me back and I fell on his chest

I don’t want to hurt you the second time. I said

You still don’t believe me. He said
Just get away. I said and struggled to let go of myself then the door opened revealing Evie

Oh… She muttered and closed the door
See what you caused, are you happy?
I pushed him away and ran outside, she wasn’t there
I took the stairs and ran to our room

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Evie’s POV
Evie, listen… It’s not what you think…. She said and I chuckled

I wanted to tell you something and it was about what happened earlier. I said

No, I know you are mad

Calm down. I said and she let out a sigh
I should be apologizing. I said

I don’t understand. She replied

You remember when we switched and I went on a date with him?

He confessed. I said

What? He did and you didn’t tell me! She said

I’m sorry. I said

So, what did you tell him? She asked

I told him I will… You will actually reply him after two days. My instincts told me he was going to do something most especially when it’s only the two of you alone and that’s why I came home without Beak. I should have told you earlier… I am sorry. I guess I was jealous. I concluded

You are sorry?
Yes, don’t be mad at me please.
No! You could have said ‘NO’ to his request. She said
I.. I judged it will the my feelings but it’s obvious he doesn’t like me and…. I just have to forget him. I said

I don’t even know what to do.. or say but he might still like you…
No, I don’t think so and besides, I.. I am getting over him gradually. He is… Mean. I said and she laughed
What were you doing together? She askes
Well.. let’s talk about something else. She said

Oh… Okay.

Are you sure you are okay with him like that although I hate him, he disgusts me. She said

What matters now is you, I’m sorry. I said and hugged her

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Mrs Madison’s Mansion
Beak’s POV
I accompanied mum into her house, I held her when she almost stumbled

Sorry. I had said
I’ll make sure I get through to dad and tell him what happened to you. I said

No, I’ll be fine. She said and entered her room
I opened the door and also entered

She looks dejected, more than usual

Mum, do you want to tell me something? I asked

Definitely nothing. She replied immediately
How is your brother? She asked
You asked me earlier. I said
Oh… I.. I hope you guys have settled?

I don’t know but he hasn’t gotten into my nerve this week. I said
Son, you have to take it easy. She said

Maybe I will. I replied

You still don’t want to tell me the girl’s name?

Not now. I replied

I walked out of her room and sat on the couch
I scrolled down my phone calls and dialed dad’s name

He declined it, I dialed it again and it was switched off

I scrolled down to his second number and called it, thank God he picked it

????Why are you disturbing me? He said
????Sorry dad but mum is sick. I said he he scoffed
????Do you mean my ex wife? He asked
????I don’t…
????She didn’t tell you want happened?
???? Don’t call me your dad! I don’t even know you. He shrieked
????But…he ended the call

I think I need to see him physically. I said and stood up only to bump into a maid carry a tray with a cup.of coffee in it

It spilled and poured on my Italian shoes

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I’m…I’m sorry sir. She said and bowed repeatedly

It’s okay…
I will cleaned it. She said and bent down, sue cleaned it with her clothes

It’s all right. I said and she stood on her feet

Sorry sir. She muttered and I chuckled

What’s your name?
Your name? I asked

Oh..ermm…..Jin-a. she replied

Okay. I said and walked out of the house

Minho’s POV
I walked into my bathroom and washed my face, I went to the hospital already

She has been avoiding me, I mean Eloise
I don’t think it’s a crime to love and if she doesn’t like me, she should say it

I walked out of the bathroom, my phone beeped

A message from a hidden number
It reads
I will never rest until you die!