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Magical Twin. Episode 17B

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???? Magical Twins ????
We are magical ????
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a Minister’s son)

@Hilex’s Library
Written by Mimmy (Adelegan Ilerioluwa)

Episode Seventeen ????
Min’s POV ????
I walked to the twins room and banged the door
I can’t take this anymore, who is after my life? My phone beeped again, it was a message from a hidden number

????I am inside your house

Eloise! I shouted and the door opened revealing the two of them

Are you okay? They asked

No, the unknown wouldn’t stop sending me a lot of messages

Damn! Who are they? Evie asked

I don’t know, I can’t sleep in my room. I said

Don’t worry, you will be fine. She replied, Eloise said nothing, she didn’t even look at my face

Go to your room, you will be fine. She finally said strictly

I stared at her for some minutes, all I want is you. I thought

Why are you still waiting.
Okay. I replied and went back to my room scared, I should call my. Mum

Evie’s POV
He’s so weird, just a message. I scoffed
Eloise maintained a straight face and said not

What is wrong with you? I asked
I’m okay

You don’t seem to be, you don’t understand your feelings for him? I asked

What feelings are you talking about? She answered with a question

Eloise, he loves you and…

Oh please, I am not ready to listen to your love epistle. He might be handsome but….

See, you just said he is handsome. I interrupted her.

Suddenly, our eyes turned red

Magical Danger or Evil she gn

I think we should see him now. She says d and left the room hurriedly

Min, are you okay? She asked and stormed into his room
Min, where are you? She asked, I smiled and joined her in searching for him. He came out of the bathroom

I’m okay. He said

Thank goodness you are fine

If he is then what was the sign all about?

I will check Beak. I said and excuses myself from his room

Eloise’s POV
I sat on the couch and he sat on his bed, we remained silent

Eloise. He called

What? I asked
I… I’m sorry I took your first kiss out of your wish. He said and my eyes beemed

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How did he know it was my first kiss..

I know a virgin lip and a disvirgined one. He said
You are really a good kisser. He added, I smiled and stood beside him, I took his eye and twitched it


You are the one who knows who a good kisser is, right? I asked

I’m sorry. He said and my eyes turned red, I looked away immediately
I let go of his ear
What happened to your eyes? He asked and stood up

Nothing just… A fly. I liked

A fly? In my room?
I nodded, thank God I was able to convince him.
He kept quiet for a while then he moved closer to the tip of my ear

I love you. He whispered, I faced him and he smiled
I was speechless
Suddenly, he gave me a peck on my lips and ran out of his room

Do you want to die?!!!!!!

Next morning

I yawned and stood up from my bed or his couch, I slept here
Where is Evie? I walked out of his room and met her in the living room chatting with Beak

Good morning. I greeted

Where is Min? I asked

I don’t know. She replied
I felt thirsty, I walked to the kitchen and brought out a bottle.
Unexpectedly, a hand wrapped me from behind, I was startled. The bottle I held dropped as I slapped off his hands

What do you think you are doing? I asked

Good morning..

Hey! I haven’t even answered you and you are doing this already, what if someone sees us. I said

Who cares? He said and picked up my bottle, I collected it

So, is it a ‘Yes’? He asked

Min, I need to think about it, okay?

But I gave you two days already. He said, I looked left and saw a roller l, I picked it and hit it on his head

Use your brain. I said

But… You like me right? You will be my girlfriend?

Hey! I yelled
I don’t like you, okay?! I yelled

We we’re silent
Okay. I didn’t expect you to say that but…. It’s okay. He replied and turned to leave

I’m sorry. I said and walked to him
That’s not the reply I wanted to give you but you need to give me more time. I said

Thanks. He said and hugged me tightly
We unlocked from the hug and then I saw Beak staring at us

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Beak. I muttured and he left


I got out of the kitchen and walked to him

Are you guys dating? He asked
No. I replied
So, what’s with the hug? He asked

Hug? It’s nothing. I replied

Eloise…his phone rang
He brought it out and picked it

What? He suddenly screamed
Min and Evie rushed out of the house and they commanded every securities to get into the car

What happened? I asked no one else in particular

Mrs Madison’s Mansion
Min’s POV
We got to mum place and met Mrs eagle harassing her, the whole compound are vacant with securities

What’s happening here?

Mum was crying…
She is Kim’s wife. She said

I said it

Stop crying mum. I said

What do you want? I asked Mrs eagle

I want her to leave what belongs to me. She replied

You have my dad already, what else do you want. I replied
This house belongs to me, it’s mine now. She replied

Are you insane? Have you gone nuts?! This house belongs to my mum…

Before. She added
Get yourselves out before I get the securities on you. I threatened and she chuckled

You mean, my securities? She asked and every security went to her side including the ones living with us except Eloise and Evie

Mum’s maid were inside panicking
Listen, if you don’t get your butt self out of here in 1 minute, I will order them to kill you..

You don’t want to dare! I yelled

Let’s go. Beak said

What? We have to deal with this lady! She is a bitch! I wonder if your daughter knows about this! You monster!

Let’s go. Beak said again

No way….

Min, let’s go. Mum said

Oh shit!
So dad willed as his properties to that woman, I knew she was up to something. Madia knows nothing about it, if she does, she would have told me. I said and my mother chuckled

Madia slapped me today. She said

Yes, she already came before her mother. She replied

But…why is dad acting like this, we are his son! I yelled

Madia is his daughter and the only property we are left with his the house you are leaving in. Mum said

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Oh God!
What about your hotel?
I sold it out for business before he asked for a divorce.

Mum! I and Beak shouted

I’m sorry I should have told you. She said

I scoffed and faced the other side of the car

We are gonna have those properties back. I said

How far are we from home? I asked Beak who was driving but he hissed

Eloise and Evie kept quiet through out
Suddenly, some cars crossed us and blocked our way

What’s happening? Mum asked, Eloise and Evie stepped out
Suddenly, they shouted

Everyone run out of the vehicle!

O M G! Bullets
I took my mum’s hand and ran out of the car, we followed Eloise and Evie

We should have taken the bullet proof vehicle

Do something! I yelled

Eloise’s POV
These guys are just too much and very fast with the bullets

We can’t just watch them, we have to do something. I said

Let’s fight them. She said, I took Beak and Mrs Madison to a corner, Min refused to go

Go, why are you here? I asked but then one of the man hit him and he became unconscious

I drew one closer and kicked him, unfortunately, a bullet hit one of my shoulders

I didn’t feel any pain, another one survived in my stomach
I was loosing strength

Eloise, are you okay? Evie asked and came to me, soon they shot her shoulder

We have to do something. She said

There’s nothing we can do..

We have magics!! She shouted into my ear

No one….must..see us using it….I spoke in her head

Min is dying…….she said back
If we kill them…..then they will not be able to tell anyone we have magics. She said

I looked at Min again and confirmed he was still unconscious

We both casted a spell of restoration in our names and we were okay, none of their bullets harmed us again

Then we casted a spell that destroys and pushed it with our whole strength
It was like a bomb was thrown to them

We did it. She said
We did it. We hugged each other tightly

Someone coughed, we unlocked from the hug

Did I see you use magics??? Min asked, we turned to him

Oh no! He saw us???