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Magical Twin. Episode 18

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???? Magical Twins ????
We are magical ✨
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a Minister’s son)☺️????

Written by Mimmy

Episode eighteen
Eloise’s POV
We had our mouth opened and our eyes widened in shock and bemusement
I saw you! He said
You have magics. He added, his brother and mother came out of where they were hiding
You saw nothing, please stop saying it, you saw nothing. Evie said to him

No, I saw you, you have magics. He said again

Stop saying it..
Why? I saw you. You have magics. He said again

They have magics? Beak asked incredulously

We don’t have..

You have…
We are going to die! We shouted

Please, pretend you know nothing, we are going to die if someone sees us. I said and roughed my hair

It’s a lie, you guys have magics…

Just shut up! We yelled (????)

Home(our room)

I am so so freaking out, he saw us Eloise, he saw us. Evening panicked

I don’t even know what to do, no one to consult… He wouldn’t stop claiming he saw us. I said out of frustrations

Any solution?
There are no solutions. She replied

But you’ve been reading the magical book..

Eloise! I read the book A-Z, I found nothing like a solution when people know we have magics, the only thing I saw was… We are going to die after two days. I don’t want to die Eloise, I don’t want to. She said almost crying

There ought to be a solution! I protested

The door opened revealing Min
I’m sorry, now I will pretend but I know you have magics….

Just shut your mouth you idiot! You shouldn’t have seen us! I yelled at him

It was not my fault!
Then whose fault! I asked

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I felt like punching him but Evie stopped me

Now we are gonna die. I said crying
I don’t understand you. Min said
Why are you going to die. He asked and i gave him an angry look.
Do you want me to kill you. I yelled(????)

Sorry sorry. He said and stepped back

I looked left and saw the magical book, I took it and flung it towards to wall

Don’t do that. Evie said and picked it up. She opened it

What? She screamed

What’s the problem? I asked and walked to her
The first page of the book is gone!
I hissed, what’s my business, what we need is a solution (????) I said

Yes and it is replaced with another one, it has the solution. She said and placed it on the bed, she made a spell and a light came out of the book

Wow! Min said
After some minutes, the lights went back. She took the book and showed it to me


It reads

Secret brownie
The ingredients? I asked and the book flipped to a lot of pages, it stopped and we saw a small note, it’s so little that we had to use our magical eyes to read what was written on it. Every ingredients was familar except one

*Bovonia carrot???
I have never heard of something like that. I said

Me either. She replied

What are you guys talking about? Min asked
Do you know anything like Bovonia Carrot? We asked

He scoffed, that’s easy, I will get it for you. He said and left.

Thank goodness
I think i have read through something called Bovonia Carrot. Evie said and flipped through the pages of he book

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See. She said and read it out

Bovonia Carrot; a huge and scares recipe used for breaking a huge spell, to get….

See guys! Min interrupted us and showed us an ordinary carrot

See guys. He said again

Seriously? You want me to blow you? I asked

Eloise, this is the picture.

Wow! Very huge and yellowish in colour. I Said

People travel back in time to get it. She read it out

So, are you saying we have to travel back in time? I asked and she nodded

How many years?
I don’t know
What?! I and min screamed

Yes and these are what will take us back in time, we have to cook it to take us back in time. She said

So, we are going back…
Yeah… And we better start cooking now. She replied

But… It’s just two days, we will die in two days, how do you expect us to get there…

No, our days starts to count after we get the carrot. She answered

Let’s go to the storeyer market, that is only where will can get few of the ingredients. I said and we both stood up and walked out of our room

Few hours later

We walked into the house after we bought all we wanted, I asked for the Bovania carrot but most of them said they don’t sell it anymore and that it is dangerous

I wonder why?
You idiot! We heard Beak yell

Oh no, He and min are fighting again.
You shouldn’t have seen them! Idiot! He punched him harder

Their mother tried to separate them but they wouldn’t stop fighting

I sent a shrill clouds in between them and they stopped

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What happened to you?

He is a monster! Beak yelled

No, you are the monster! Min yelled back

You shouldn’t have seen them, now they are going to die! You jerk! You son of a bitch! Beak yelled

Son of a bitch?? Mrs Madison asked

Not you mum. He said, I couldn’t help but laugh

So, I am the bitch? She asked

Mum, it was just a slip of the tongue. He defended himself (????)

We were done with the food. We carried it and went to our room
Are you sure you are going to do this? Min asked

You want us to die? If we don’t do it, we will die! Understood?

Okay…so, how many days for you to get the carrot? Beak asked and Evie scoffed

Days? It could take months to get the carrot, it’s dangerous. She said

Oh yes, that’s true. He muttered and I think I was the only one that heard him

Does he know about it?

Let’s do this Eloise. She said and we took a spoonful of Elisyen into our mouth

We laid on the bed and closed our eyes

I slept off and so did she

Suddenly, I jumped into a place, everywhere looks great but old, some people were dancing. Like a party was going on

Where is Evie? I asked myself them I saw her beside me

Are you okay? I asked and she nodded

Someone bumped into us

Don’t you have eyes? She asked and cat walked away
I turned left and saw another man dancing

Excuse me sir. Evie said politely

Yes? He asked

What year is this?
Are you two okay? This is 1980girl


Fourty years ago????