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Magical Twin. Episode 19

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????Magical Twins????
We are magical☀
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a minister’s son)

Written by Mimmy (Adelegan Ilerioluwa)
????Episode Nineteen????
Eloise’s POV
The man looks exactly like Beak, just that he is older and has a beard
Very huge, he looked in our direction and we turned immediately

Who is he? Is he Beak? I asked myself

Evie, every thing seems confusing, is he Beak? I asked

I don’t know either, I think we should go this way. She suggested and took my hands

Suddenly, we disappeared and appeared at an abandoned area

How did we get to this place? I asked
I don’t know either. She replied

Eloise. She called

I think its another day already. She said
She brought out the magical Map
We should go to a party which is going to happen in fifty minutes time, it says the carrot is planted in that house. She said

Thank God its a party. I will at least eat something. I said happily
We have to start going now, the place is really far. She said

We saw different type of being on our way, weird ones, friendly ones and wicked one

I saw one who stapped an old woman and he brought out her heart
Everyone around ran away
He is going to kill you! Run! They shouted

Evie grabbed my hands but I freed it immediately

Let’s fight him, who is he? I said

He is dangerous, he is a villain magician, let’s go. She said and dragged me along with her

I couldn’t take my mind off that man that looks exactly like Beak
Is he Beak?
Finally, we were far from the dangerous man

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Evie, is it possible we see someone we know here? I asked

Yes but we must not tell them we are back in time or we might get stuck for ever. She said

Do you still recognize dad’s face? I asked

No, but I know that of mum. She replied

Why are you asking?
Just wondering who that man could be.

The one that looks like Beak? She asked and I nodded
I have been thinking about it as well, I’m confused

Beak doesn’t have magics, right? He couldn’t have traveled back in time. She said

The party
Evie’s POV
We entered a shredded compound, its really old. Everyone was partying and dancing,

We have to look for the carrot. I said but got no reply

Eloise? I called and turned but couldn’t find her
I looked right and then I saw her eating

Geez! Eloise, concentrate! I said and dragged her away

We have to be careful, that food might have been poisoned

Yeah, she said and held her stomach

Are you okay?
Just kidding. She said and I slapped her head

Everyone sit please. The microphone boomed

Let’s sit and make sure everyone’s attention is on the MC. She said
We walked over to a table and sat down

Two set of couples came in, the first one was MR KIM AND MRS MADISON???? I and Eloise was surprised

We hid our faces and after they were gone, we raised it up, the second couple doesn’t look familiar

Let’s go and get the carrot. I said and brought out the map


I was tired of everything, the twins are back in time and only heaven knows when they will be
back. Its all my fault

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I walked to their room, they were still in the same position
No changes
I’m sorry if I caused you guys a lot of problem, I shouldn’t have seen you. I muttered

I should apologize to Beak, we need to be together so we can battle Mrs eagle together

I walked out of the twins room and went to his room

I felt reluctant as I was about to open the door

Just do it. I said to myself

I opened his door and the next thing I did was gasp

What happened to you? I asked and walked to him

He was groaning painfully, there were bruises all over his body
Who did this to you? I asked but got no reply, he continued to groan in pains

I rushed out of his room and went to call mum

What? She asked

Beak is not okay? I said

What?! She ran after me to his room

My darling. Are you okay, what happened to you? Talk to me. She whimpered but he said nothing

Get the car. She said and I rushed to my room, I took the key to the only car left with us and ran back to Beak’s room

I gave it to her and I carried him outside on my shoulders

I called on of my maids to open the door, they are still with us because I hired them myself.

I took him inside , I and mum entered and we took off

He was admitted
Is he okay? Mum asked

He will be fine. I assured. A Doctor came out of his ward

See me in my office ma’am. He said with a slight bow

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I and my mum stood up and followed him

He’s condition is very critical, we need a lot of money .

How much Doctor? Mum asked

Five Trillion won. He said.

My mum sighed and looked at me


Back in Time
Eloise POV
We entered the jerky house
Oh my! I feel like vomiting. I said

Just endure. Evie replied

Evie, we’ve been searching for over two hours, are you really sure it is here? I asked

Yes, I am sure.

What are you doing here? a voice said

Oh!!! We were scared

We are….here…for…something…… Else….please….leave…..us….alone… I said

He chuckled maniacingly
I know you have magics, and you are here for your salvation against the consequences of people getting to know you have magics. He said

Our eyes widened

He knows!!

We are going to get stucked forever! We both said and he laughed again

I and my friend wrote the Magical book ourselves. He paused

I can…..help you. He said and smiled

What if its a trap? I thought

Guys, I believe you know you are the reason why I don’t post every day

Its because you don’t unlock the episode, you guys don’t even share it again and its discouraging

What makes me happy are the likes, comments and mostly, the shares

I thought my demands were high and I decided to reduce the likes to 700 ,but still, you didn’t unlock it

Its unfair
I don’t know why some people take pleasure in making an author sad

I know some people will ghost after reading this episode
Put yourselves in my shoes then you will know how it feels