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Heiress. Episode 21

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????My Heiress????

[????Melting His Cold Heart ❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 21????

Next day ✳️✴️

Chloe’s pov ????

I’ve already exhausted alot of energy ????, how can life be so cruel to me ?, How can life throw me into this darkness?, I’ve done nothing wrong ???? ,My mom died my dad died ,even though I couldn’t remember my past life , but they are my parents they’ve guarded me all through there lives , my dad have given us instructions to live in hidings ,we did oblige ,but how can we ??, And still live , how can we live in hidings without food ,essential needs and plan for the future ? I volunteered to work in other to shelter our lowliest and boring life ,I’ve lived a lowly peasant ever since ,but still life is cruel to me in this state? , DAD!!????, MOM!!, even though I don’t know what you looks like , even though I disobeyed your order, please rescue me from death , I can’t breath, My head hurts ???????? please help me mom and dad????????????”

I thought ,as I cried bitterly , after been spent 14 hours inside a rice chest , sis Rosa would be so worried , and Nicki too????????…

????Mrs Louis’s pov????
“Help me dad!”. Help me mom!!”, I can’t breath ,my head hurts I heard this words as it rings in my ear , it’s my Ivy ohh my ivy, you can’t breath ??,where are you ?, I’m gonna save you now , I know you’re not dead , I know you are somewhere in this earth , my ivy !!, I will come to save you ????????, I cried bitterly after I dreamt of chloe in a darkness crying for help ,..as Kingsley rushed into my room ..

“Mom what’s wrong ??, Do you have a terrific dream again?”

Kingsley asked holding my arm looking to worried.

“I saw my ivy , she’s crying for help , she sat inside the dark room crying for help ????????,stand up let’s go and save her , let’s go and save my daughter ”

I screamed bitterly as tears goshes from my face ,

“Mom calm down , ivy ,my sister is dead 7 years ago ,how can you hear her voice ?”

Kingsley said ,as I pushed him to the floor , I looked so bitter and empty without her..

“They stole my treasure ,my happiness , my joy ,how can you say she’s dead ??, I definitely hear her voice ,I heard it , let go and save my daughteeeerrrrr!???”

I mourned bitterly and bit the bed sheet with tears filled my face ,as Kingsley stood up from the floor where I pushed him ..

“Mom !!, I’m here for you , I told you I will always do whatever you want ivy is dead , I promise I will revenge pls calm down “- Kingsley..

“I’ve seen my ivy , she’s right outside the gate waiting for me ”

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I said as I stood up …

???? Kingsley’s pov????

My mom was heart broken after she must have dreamt of ivy ..

She was so mad that she even flunged my hands away and ran out saying she saw ivy …

“Sir !!,sir!!, Ma’ am is at it again !!,
Our house servant said as he rushed in an informed me ”

I quickly ran seeing my mom feeding a begger daughter , saying she’s her ivy ..

“You must have suffered ivy , you said I should help you right I have helped you , didn’t I ?????????”

She said and cried along as she lapped the begger girl and feed her …

“Mom she’s not ivy , ivy is dead please calm down , I said as I calmed her down ,,

You can go !!,

I said to the begger ,

As she rushes the food my mom was feeding her , thinking ill beat her , as I stuck my hand into my pocket and gave her 100 $ and ordered a attendant to pack food for her , they’d all known my mother’s Condition that they ‘ll all stay outside our house waiting for my mom to carry one as feed her thinking she’s her daughter , my mom is driven crazy with illusions ..

Zayne’s pov ????
It’s early in the morning , the day was bright ,and it seems like I was having something special to do, I have never slept well since 7 years ago , but why have I slept without any worries , what could the reason be?”
I thought as i stood up from my bed , I walked to the bathroom took my bath,dressed up for school ,, I walked out of my room to the dining to have my breakfast , I could see riele , Brent ,Ella and Felix already on the dining , and Sebastian he actually passed the night in our home …

“Good morning guys !!, You couldn’t even text me the breakfast is ready, do you want to eat your food ”

I gave out my boring lame tease , but it seems to doesn’t make anyone laugh,,

“Your jokes are lame zayne , you teased us with an expressionless face how do you think we would laugh”

Ella said sarcastically ,

“That’s true , you’ve never smiled since 7 years ago, your face isn’t having any trace of smile ”

Felix commended,

“Really that ..”

I was speechless at what they said ,

“You don’t say he doesn’t smile, he smiles inside that you can only know when you’re very close to him ”

Sebastian defended me ,

“He looks hot , and manly without smiling , he’s cute with how his face looks ”

Riele said ,

As everyone continued there meal , I tried to smile , but I couldn’t ..

“Why do you make such scary face ??”

Ella’s said as her reaction to how I tried to smile ,

“I’ve I made a scary face?, It’s easy for everyone to smile ,why is mine that different ”

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I said ..

“Hahahahha , they all bursted into laughter”

“Why do you wish to smile so suddenly ??”

Felix said curiously ..

“Curiosity killed the cat , so don’t be too curious”

I said sarcastically ,

And everyone bursted into a laughter ..

“Now I think I’ve made everyone laughed”

I said proudly..

“That’s when you give SARCASM speech that makes people laugh and will never smile , it’s just so funny ,and different from TEASING,when you tease someone the person laugh and same type smile , but sarcasm will only make you laugh”

Ella objected ..

“Do not worry , I will make you all laugh and smile at the same time one day ”

I said .

And everyone except Brent bursted into laughter,

“Spooky face ”

Sebastian said sarcastically and they’ll all bursted into laughter again ,

It was such a momentous morning that one won’t want to miss, if it happens only annually, still Brent didn’t have a grasp of it , he still haven’t thrown off the resentment he have for me away , he must be going through alot ..
I thought..

We all entered the car and ready to go..

“We have to wait for chloe!”

I and Brent chorused coincidentally ,

As I stared at him and he did same with a deadly look…

‘Did I just asked to wait for chloe?..

At Chloe’s house ????️

Rosa’s pov ????

I barely sleep last night , as I woke up this minutes after dozing of for 12 minutes in the whole night..

I quickly took my bath, I dressed up , I picked my phone ,trying to call Chloe …

It rings rings ,

She didn’t pick ..

She passed the night in her work place?,I called her phone it rang and she didn’t pick …

What going on ..

I thought as I bumped into Nicki …

“Sis !!, Sis!!, I didn’t see miss chloe this morning ”

Nicki said , very worried ..

“We have to check her in her work place ”

I said ..

“Do you remember that’s minister Ronald’s place , what if you meet minister ruby there ?, Since he’s now inlaw to minister Ronald p ”

Nicki asked worriedly…

“Do not worry, I will still eventually meet him , if I meet him now it’s fate , so our most priority now is to make sure Chloe is save !!”

I said as I quickly took my small hangbag , Nicki collected it in other to hold it for me ,as she follows me behind ..

We walked out of the house, heading to minister Ronald’s house …

We took a cab , and he drove us to there mansion ,as we allighted at the gate , we knocked the gate ,but there was a button there instead as we pressed it , then the gate keeper opened up , “how may I help you ?”

He asked ,

“I’m chloe’s sister , she didn’t come home yesterday ,so I came to ask about her ”

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I said ..

“Let her in already ”

I heard a manly voice , who’s already waiting for someone..

“She’s isn’t Chloe my Heir-ship , she’s her sister here to ask of her”

The gate keeper said to the heir , what did he mean by that ,*she’s is not Chloe , it’s her sister “??..

I was worried were they waiting for chloe , when I thought she’s with them ..

“Let them in ,

The heir said ..

“My heir- ship ”

I said and bowed giving him my greetings as they all came out of the expensive car

“I’m Rosa , chloe’s sister , and I came to make enquiry why she didn’t come home yesterday night? ,I tried her phone number in numberless time she didn’t pick up ”

I said ,..

“Then what’s that supposed be our business ?”

A clumsy girl of chloe’s age asked ,I guessed she’s the heir’s fiance ..

“Stop riele !!”

The heir corrected her ..

“Do you mean Chloe didn’t come home yesterday ??”

He asked ..

“Yes my Lord , we thought she wants to pass the night here , yesterday night”

I said ..

“That can’t be ,she went home yesterday night”

He said ,

“She didn’t come home ,as we waited till 12:00 am for her ,but she didn’t show up ”

Nicki added ,

“Really !!”

Another guy asked ..


“But my Heir-ship, Chloe didn’t pass through this gate yesterday at all, I even thought she’s gonna pass the night here ”

The gate keeper testified ..

“No she really went home , after I and father gave her gifts”

The girl said again…

“That can’t be , she really went home , I hope nothing happened to her !!”

The little girl I presumed to be the girl Chloe used to tutor said worriedly as she ran inside…

“She must have been stucked some where ,search everywhere for her now ”

The formal presumptive heir ordered all the guard, as they all dispersed to search for her …

“No !! This can’t be nothing must Happened to my chloe ????”

I said as I fell on the floor..

Riele’s pov ????????
Chloe Guardians already came for her …

That can’t be , she must’nt excape this time , I must kill her now , i thought…
As I quickly ran to miniater Ronald’s quarter …

As the guards allowed me to enter..

“Sir !!!”

I shouted worriedly..

What’s the chaos??”

He asked ,

“Zayne and Brent already dispatched the guards to search for the girl you trapped inside the rice chest”

I said ..

“What !!, How can that be??”

“Go and bring the chest with the girl inside ,and burn her while she’s inside ,in my quarter right now !!”

He ordered his guards..

She will definitely die now haha haah..

I laughed inside….

T ????….

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