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Heiress. Episode 22

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????My Heiress????

[???? Melting His Cold Heart❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 22????

???? Ella’s pov????

“Dispatch the guards ,and find her , she might have been trapped somewhere in this compound , since she didn’t pass through the gate yesterday , she would’nt even use the fence because there’re electricutors everywhere in other to catch tresspassers or Intruders, so search carefully and thoroughly”

Brent ordered ,

As I ran inside , I ran directly to zayne’s musical room , the key is in my pocket as I stucked my hands inside and brought it out , I unlocked the door , and it gave my way …

I saw her phone on the table ,

“What??, This is her phone ,that means she’s been stucked somewhere in this compound”

I lamented!!,

“Little Miss!!, Little Miss!!”

My attendant ran to me ,

“What wrong ?!”

I asked ,

“Miss riele is heading to minister Ronald’s chamber ”

She said ..

“Really ??, She must be dread , how could she head to father’s chamber and didn’t even make attempt to join the search for Chloe?”

I said loudly ,

“Follow her secretly,and tell me what she’s up to …, No … do not worry ”

I tried to tell my attendant to follow riele secretly and tell me anything suspicious ,,but I reconsider she has proven her self as an humanitarian yesterday ,it will be bad if she gets to Know we suspect her for Chloe’s disappearance”

Chloe’s pov????

I’m so exhausted and tired , I’m gonna die any moment soon , is this how I’m gonna live ?, A very sad life ..

I’ve fallen into victim of many purnishments , purnishments I didn’t commit sins for..

I’m feeling dizzy right now that I will give up any moment from now ..

“Zayne , I’m so sorry , I’ve loved you so much , but it’s a thing I can’t dare say to you,

I’ve tried to come close to you ever since your cold heart has melted to me , I’ve tried to come close to you but fate goes against it..

The moment I asked you to be my friend , I thought it’s the day I will get close to you , but fate stopped it from there ..

You must be as well worried about me , I know you would have heard I’ve been missing over 33 hours now , I’m sorry I never get the chance to melt your cold heat ,I’m sorry , I’m sorry for being a lowly peasant ..


I cried heavily ,as I heard the door of the store I was closed in opened from inside the rice chest I was locked in”

“We will have to search inside here ”

A manly voice said..

“You can search but we have to take that rice chest along with us ”

Another voice said ..

” Lord Brent has given us order to search everywhere , so we must search the box too”

The first voice said again,

“What? !!, Are you going to search The Minister’s property ??”

The second man shouted at the first man who intended to search the house ..

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“I’m sorry we will take our leave now since it’s the minister’s property ”

He replied..

What !! Brent must have ordered them to search for me , but why is minister Ronald’s guards blocking them?,

I thought confusedly…

“I’m here , I’m stucked here !!”

I tried to call there attention but my voice was to weak , my mouth is too heavy to lift…

“Take the box outside to minister Ronald’s quarter now ”

The guard ordered ..

“Yes sir!!”

They replied and lifted the box I’m in up..

“Go and prepare the gas and lighter to burn it ”

“Yes sir ”

What??, Minister really ordered them to burn me alive ??”

I was so shocked with the horrible intent I was so dizzy and i collapsed ..

Zayne’s pov????

I was so worried about Chloe , how could this happen to her ?? ,.
Where must she have been ?.

I walked Helter scatter don’t actually know where to go ..
Until I sight Brent with a very worried face , sweating profusely like his mother is gonna be executed anytime soon ..

“Zayne please you must help find this innocent girl , please !”

Sebastian rushed to me with a very teary face ,he feels so uneasy ,he cares about humanity alot , just like Ivory..


I called,

“I know you won’t want to do this , but I’m asking this against your wish for the last time , Zayne do this for me ”

He begger like I’m in hostage of the girl ..

“But how do you intend us find the girl ? ”

I asked …

Felix ‘s pov????

Immidiately I heard about chloe’s missing , she didn’t pass through the gate ,where must she have passed ..
“Felix what should we do , I can’t allow anything happen to her at this moment , you Know how desperate riele wants her life ?”

Sebastian said worriedly,
“I Know that , where do you think she must have been ??”

“We have to go to the security cameras quarter ”

Sebastian suggested ,

“Yess that’s a brilliant idea ”

I said ,as we walked quickly to the quarter ..

“Hello Mr”

We greeted the officers in charge of our house security cameras..

“How may I help you my Lord ?”

He asked..

“We need the footage of yesterday now , for some investigations ”

I said ..

“We are sorry ,Mister Felix we cannot give you the footage ,we could only gives it out to Minister Ronald , His heir – ship , and we barely give it out to the police officers only under the minister order…

“What!!??, How can you say such thing? , It’s just a footage what happened in our home yesterday”

Sebastian said ,

“Sebastian!! We’re running out of time , since you’re his Heir – ship favorite ,go and ask him the his favor to allow the official grant us the footage ,so we can know where Chloe is right now. .

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I said as Sebastian hurriedly , Walked out of the security cameras quarter why I stood there …

????️‍????Sebastian’s pov????

“So that’s what happened ?”

Zayne asked ,

“Yes ”
I replied ..

“In that case I’m ready to give my assistant”

Zayne said..

“Thank you zayne, I’m deeply touched ”
I appreciated ..

As I followed him behind on his way to the security cameras quarters..

As he entered and all the officials bowed ,

“My heir – ship”

They said as they greeted him with a bow..

“Can I see the footage right now !!!?”

Zayne shouted with a Stern look ,..

“Yes sir!!”

They answered they quickly loaded there system ..

Within 3 minutes they finished it Al.

“Here is it ,your Heir-ship ”

He said as he shifted the system to zayne ..

We played , and forwarded , until we saw chloe..

“Play it from where she’s coming down the stair with that attendant ”

Zayne said ,

“Yeah sir

“Rewind !!”

Zayne said as he paid ultimate attention to the footage video..

“Can you produce the volume of what they’re saying?”.

Zayne asked ,

As it was shown clearly minister Ronald was insulting Chloe, but there wasn’t sound of what they were saying..

“There wasn’t sound for it sir , it’s a footage ”

“Wait !!, Felix can you see the guards are dragging Chloe ?”

Zayne called to Felix after we saw how the guards dragged chloe..

“Minister Ronald must have ordered them to do that ”

I said ,

“So riele lied to us ,that my dad only gave Chloe a gift and she left”

Zayne said, disappointedly ..

“Chloe must be under minister Ronald’s hostage now ”
I said ..

“We must go and beg him , and also clear all misunderstanding , why he must have been angry with Chloe”

Felix said ..

???? Zayne’s pov????

We’ve succeeded knowing how Chloe got missing , we walked hurriedly to my dad’s house ..

Until I saw the guards pouring gas on a rice chest ,and was about to throw the fire on it..


I shouted ,

“What are you trying to do ?”

I asked ..

“The minister told us to burn the rice chest ,since it’s of no use to him ”

He said,


I asked ,

“Yes sir!”

“Then I will make use of it ”

I said , as the guards jaws all dropped ..

“What did you just say son?”

My dad said as he walked out of his chamber and riele followed him behind as well as his 4 body guards and 4 female attendants , and 4 servant maid ..

“I intend on burning the rice chest along with the wench inside !!”

My dad shouted angrily ,

“What ??!!!, Do you mean ,an human being is in the chest and you wants to burn it down while the person is alive ??”

I asked surprisedly ,with a dropped jaw and disappointed face..

“Yes that what I intend to do ,and I hope you won’t be on my way , burn it down !!”

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He said , and ordered the guard to burn the chest , and he tried to throw the fire !!”

“I said halt !!!”

I shouted with a trembling tone with teary face already .

“Are you so heartless ??, You wants to burn a human being while she’s alive ?, Why are you like this Father ”

I asked angrily,

“What?!!!, You’re shouting at me your father , because of this manipulative wench ??!!!”

Dad shouted..

“Do not call her a manipulative wench again ,father !!”

I heard a voice came in , as everything face back to see who it was , to see Brent..

“What ??!, You’ve all changed , how dare you Brent talk to me in that manner , what impertinency !!, Are you still aware of your stand in my house ??”

My dad shouted,

“Yes father , because I am your first born !!, I’m having every right to be in your house Father , how can you question my stand in your house ??”

Brent blasted back ..

“What !!!,

My dad exclamed in shock..

“You’ve never treated me like your son , you even stripped me of my title as the heir when your first wive gave birth”

He said as he referred to me ,


i was so angry for the public humiliation that shouted at me ..

“Arrest Brent right now ”

My dad ordered, breathing heavily with shock ..

“Halt!!, I just wish you die quickly father , so my brother can act like a man , again , you heartless father !!, trying to kill a common girl that doesn’t reach to your feet nail? ,they said a fool at forty is a fool forever ,but you are over forty ,what fool over forty you are?? , I’m ready to take any purnishment from you father juat take my life”.

Ella blasted Father with tears all over her face ,

“What!!!, You !!, You wench ,you stupid Impertinent girl arrest her, in her chamber for 5 months ,do not allow her to see the light of the day never the less will she step out of her chamber now!!””
My dad shouted as he ordered his guards and collapsed out of the shock of the unbelievable scenario.

“My Lord!!, My Lord!!” ,My Lord!!’

His attendants shoted to call him…

“Father!!, Father!!..

I walked to father unconscious body calling for him..

“Take the girl out of the rice chest and take her to my room now!!”

Brent ordered his attendants ..

” Yes my Lord ”

They replied..

“You !!, You!!, You wench , you dare insult me and father ??!!, You !! If anything happen to my dad you’re gonna take responsibilities ,and how you manipulated my sister to your side , you’re gonna pay”

I said angrily with tears rolling down my cheeks, as he walks away expressionless and his attendants carried Chloe’s unconscious body with him..

And father’s guard arrested Ella as ordered ..

Felix and Sebastian was speechless as they just bowed there head…


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