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Magical Twin. Episode 21

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???????? Magical Twins ????????
We are magical ????
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a Minister’s son)

Written by Mimmy Love ????????

???? Episode Twenty one????
I stormed into Kim’s company with full force

Ma’am.. excuse me ma’am. His securities said as they tried to stop me. One of them tried to touch

Will you get your flirty hands off me. I shrieked
I walked into his main office
How can I help you ma’am. His secretary said

I want to see your boss. I replied
Sorry but you are part of those restricted from coming here. She said

You must be sick! I replied and stormed into Kim’s office. He was having a meeting

I don’t know what this meaning is all about but I want to see Kim. I said and they all left except a lady and it turns out to be Eagle

What do you want? She asked

I am not here for you, I am here for this monster and an idiotic father who ordered his securities to beat his very son all because of a bitch called Eagle. I said

Don’t you dare call me a bitch. She replied

You are a bitch, good for nothing fool. I said and she slapped me, I slapped her back immediately

Did you just slap me?

Yes I did and what’re you gonna do about it, sue me??

Madison! Kim yelled at me

What? I yelled back

Get out of my office before I call the securities on you. He said

Call them uhn? Call them and I will let the whole world know what we did secretly, I will let them know if this whole wealth really belongs to….

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Stop calling my name you betrayal! I snapped
You betrayed me! This wasn’t our discussion! Your son is at the hospital sick..

He is not my son!

Shut up! I shouted at him
His securities came into his office
Take her outside. He commanded
Hey! I yelled at one of them

Ma’am please.

Do you even know that this man called Kim is a murderer?! I said and their eyes widened

Madison,. What are you saying? Kim asked

We both know how this whole thing happened, you monster! I said
Hey! I yelled at his securities again

If you dare touch me, I will make sure you rot in jail! You birds of a feather! You flock together! I said and walked out of his office angrily

Kim’s POV
What just happened?! I yelled at my securities

We are sorry sir.
Sorry your butts! You idiots! I told you not to allow any of my ex family in here. I said

Sir, she was too strong..

For you to handle? I interrupted them

We are sorry..

You are all fired!


Fired!! I shouted and they left

Is everything okay? Eagle asked
No! I yelled

Mrs Madison’s POV
I buried my head in my palms, I shouldn’t have said that! I shouldn’t have!!

Gosh! Why did I???
I promised him, why did I do that?!

I raised my head and cleaned my eyes, I waved my hands to stop a cab and luckily, one stopped
I opened the door and.got inside

Back in time
Eloise’s POV

We saw Mr Kim and his wife exchanging greetings with our mother and the man beside him

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Uncle was also there.

Go and get the documents. The man that looks.like Beak said to him and he left

They were still talking for some minutes and I was getting tired

Let’s just go and get the carrot. I said

Unexpectedly, we saw Mr Kim and his wife fighting with my mum, the man beside him fought with them.with magics but Mr kim.succeeded.

Uncle came out and seeing what they did, he wanted to scream but the blew some powder St him

It’s magics. Evie whispered

So, they killed our mother?

They carried the little boy we we’re our little selves were playing with

They took the documents and left

We have to stop them. I said

No, we can’t! If we stop them we might change the course of the story, it has happened. She said

Hot tears ran down our cheeks…
Mr and Mrs Kim killed our mother. I muttured

Let’s just forget it and concentrate

Uncle sneezed and woke up
He is awake. Evie said

He went to the man beside our mother and shouted his name, he was crying

Griffin. The man called and gave him a paper and a video clip

Take care of my daughters and get my son from….that monster. The man said

What? He’s our father and what does he mean ‘my son’? I got more confused

Do not let the twins misuse their magics. He said to uncle

I won’t, just stay alive. Uncle said crying

Protect my daughters with your magics. Dad said and gave up

Now.i don’t understand something. I said to Evie who has been crying

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What? She asked

If uncle knows we have magics, then why are we still alive?????