January 17, 2022

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Magical Twin. Episode 24

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???????? Magical Twins ????????
We are magical ????
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a Minister’s son)☺️????

Hilex’s Library
Written by Mimmy Love ????????

Most of you said the last episode was confusing
Don’t worry, you will understand very soon
(Adelegan Ilerioluwa)
☺️ Episode Twenty four????
Helen’s POV ????

I drove into my compound. I have asked him the address to his house but he said nothing. I heard his father disowned them saying they are not his family

What a father! Well, it might be true

Who knows if they are really bastards

I opened the door and took him inside

You will go to your house first thing tomorrow morning. I said as I took him to the guest room
I laid him on the bed and took off his shoes

Goodnight. I said

I paced up and down the house, I haven’t seen my son
Ma’am, we want to see you please. The chief maid said

What?! I asked angrily

Well…. We haven’t been receiving our salary for the past three weeks, when should we expect them.ma? She asked

Gosh! Get lost. I said and they left

Ha!!!!!!!!!! I screamed and scattered everything I saw around

My life is a mess! I just have to look for Cassavella’s twins and apologize to them.

I know Beak isn’t my son but….we took him because he has a lot of things to do to the documents we collected when he turns ten. We wanted to kill him after executing our plan but I pleaded with my husband and he stopped

I don’t even know what to do now
I have to fix everything. I have to look for the Cassavella’s twins

????????????????????????????Next morning
Minho’s POV
I felt pains in my head as I opened my eyes.
Ouch! Headache!
I sat up and looked around, this place is not my house or my room

How did I get here? I asked myself and stood up then a beautiful lady came in wearing a short and some hoodie

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Hi. She said
You are awake. She said again

How did I get here? I asked
She walked over to the glass behind me

You got drank yesterday and got into some gangs who beat you up, I couldn’t have left you alone. She said

I think I remember when I went to the bar

Thanks. I said and wanted to leave her room
I made breakfast. She said

Would you mind? She asked

Ermm…..no, I’m okay. I replied and smiled at her

Okay then, I will drop you at home. She said

C’mon, I will do it. She insisted

Okay. I replied and she left

I really want to know the reason why you got drunk like that yesterday? She asked as we got u to her car

I smiled

It’s personal…
Personal? She asked incredulously and scoffed

I am a Lawyer and I know an individual facing a lot of challenges when I see one. She said

Its …

It’s your dad right? She asked

What? Who told you that? I asked and she scoffed

The news is all over the Internet, he disowned you and your mum, and your mum even called I’m a murderer..

What? A murderer? I asked and she was shocked

You don’t know about it? She asked

I know he disowned I and my brother including my mother but a murderer???

Yes, let’s go. She said and ignited her car, I told her the address to my house

I couldn’t take my mind off what she said.my.mum called dad

A murderer? Now I know the reason why he said this

” I don’t care whatever your mum told you but tell her to remember we did it together”

Something is fishy!

Call me when you need my help. She said and gave me her complimentary car

Okay. I replied as she drove out of the mansion

I’ve forgotten my car by the roadside

I walked into the house only to see mum about to drink poison

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What? Mum! I shouted and collected it from her immediately

Where are the maids! How could they allow you to do this?!


I have a confession to make. She said

I know what you want to tell me already, just calm down. I said, she started crying

No….I just have to tell you….

That you called dad a murderer? Don’t worry…

I am also a murderer. She said and I was shocked.


Author’s POV????????????
Don’t be confused, remember when Evie went to ease herself in the toilet? And when she said she changed the course of the story?

She has been teleported to the Magical Villians arena and now someone else is staying as Evie with Eloise

So, The real Evie came in form of the man who took out the woman’s heart in the 80s with the help of the man called his father’s friend. She collected the carrot from Eloise before she could give to the fake Evie.

That was the reason why the fake Evie was angry and she disappeared

So, another set of Magical Villians appeared as Evie again and they want the carrot

The real Evie also appeared trying to make her sister understand she is the real Evie

Now, the third Evie is the real Evie

I hope you are no more confused?

Eloise’s POV ????????
Eloise! I am the real Evie, don’t believe her. The first Evie me said

No, I am! The second Evie said

Oh God!

One was very far from me!
Eloise! Sister! She shouted

I’m really confused, I stepped to a corner, I closed my eyes trying to stay calm but I couldn’t

I opened my eyes and they were fighting already

Two of the Evies powers are different from mine

Wait! I and my sister has the same power but the third one isn’t using her power

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The first and the second Evie’s power were different from me. The third one was not using her powers. She took one of the Evie’s

Stop! That’s my sister you are hurting! I said

She is not! She yelled at me.

She threw the Evie on the floor and she turned to water immediately

Okay that was weird, she is not my sister

The second one came to me

I am your sister, believe me…

The third one took a big stick and hit it on her head

Wow! Evie would never do such a thing. The second Evie fell on the ground, she groaned in pains

We’ve conquered, let’s go. The third Evie said and took my hands

No! Let go of me! My sister would never hit or harm someone like that! I said

Let’s go! She said, believe me.

I am the third Evie and I am the real Evie.

Let’s go before this demon wakes up. I said and took her hand

No! Leave me alone! My sister is not a monster and would never hit someone like that

We don’t even have the same powers. She said

Eloise! I am Evie, let’s go. I said

Leave me alone. She said and started walking to the fake Evie on the floor

No, Eloise, don’t!

Present world
Minho’s POV ????

Mum, what do you mean? You and dad killed your friends just for wealth? And Beak isn’t even my brother??

I’m sorry, we were greedy. She said crying

How do you even find their kids, it has been years. I said

I don’t know…

A car drove in and dad stepped out

Did you call dad? I asked

No. She replied and cleaned her tears

Dad came in looking really worried

What do you want? I asked

Madison, Eagle’s is at work, she has the whole properties. He said