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Magical Twin. Episode 26

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???????? Magical Twins ????????
We are magical ????
(We were paid to protect him;he’s a Minister’s son)☺️????

Written by Mimmy Love ????????

☺️ Episode Twenty Six????
Why would you forget the carrot!! I imagined how she would shout at me

☺️ Evie’s POV☺️

I opened my eyes, oh my goodness, we are back! I was happy. I looked at my side and saw Eloise still sleeping
Wake up! I yelled into her ear.

I want to sleep for some time. She grumbled as she sat upright

She yawned

Thank God we are back. I said
But I didn’t collect the carrot from the man..

What?! She shouted

I’m sorry..
What?!You know how many weeks it took us to get that carrot! What sort of careless is this?!

I’m sorry..

Sorry won’t do anything! Now we are going to die! She said angrily

Can we go back in time again? She asked

No, it impossible, we were only given a chance and we have used it. I replied as more tears streamed down my cheeks

See what you caused, see! She yelled
I’m sorry..

See! She said and threw the carrot on the bed

I was shocked! You collected it from the man!

Yes cos I don’t want to die. she said

I slapped her.

Yes, you slapped me twice when we were looking for this carrot and you made me cry????

Let’s go and prepare this now, Min and Beak will be happy to see us. I said

And we must get our properties back from his parents! She replied sharply

So, since we know their parents killed our parents, do you still love Beak? She asked

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She was quiet for a while
I hate him now! She replied and walked out of the room

Unfortunately, we found no one at home except the maids packing their things

One of them was shocked to see us

Oh my! Where have you been? She asked and hugged us
We unlocked from the hug

Actually, we traveled. Eloise replied

Oh…I hope you bought something for me? She asked

Yeah, we bought you a slap. I replied and she laughed

Stop joking..

Get out of here! Everybody! Eloise ordered and the rushed out

We have to prepare this thing now. Eloise said
What about Beak, Min, where are they?

I don’t care! Eloise shouted

I sighed, in situations like this, all she wants is revenge

I care about my brother and it’s better you cool down now. I replied as I brought out the remaining ingredients
We poured them into a small pot and, we sliced the carrot and brought out a small object from it

Geez! I can’t believe this little thing made us go through all that. Eloise said and I chuckled
I threw it into the pot and it exploded

We stepped back. After some minutes, it stopped
I stiered it and it finished cooking

We took a spoon and shoved it into our mouth

Good! Now it’s time for the revenge. She said

Calm down.

Where is everybody? She asked a maid when we got out of the kitchen

Actually, Sir Beak is sick and….

Beak is sick?! Eloise shouted

Calm down. I said
He is sick and he has been rushed to the hospital, Mrs Eagle is now in charge of Mr Kim’s property and we haven’t been paid our salaries for weeks. She said and I sighed

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Eloise? I called

She has gone upstairs. The maid replied

Minho’s POV ????

Are you saying Cassavella? I asked
Yes. He replied dejectedly

Mum, it’s the twins working for me! They are my securities. I said

There are a lot of Cassavella. She replied
I know what I am talking about, it’s them. I said and my phone rang

I didn’t check the caller before I picked it

Hey! Where the fuck are you?! She yelled over the phone

What? Are you opportuned to call when you are back in time?

Shut your damn fucking mouth! Your parents are damn idiots! She yelled

Hey! Stop talking about my parents like that! I yelled and then mum snatched my phone from me

She ended the call

Gosh! Dad, mum, see where your greed has caused you? How do we even face them. I said

We just have to do it. He said

We?? No it about what you can do now, cos I’m out. I said

Don’t call me your son!

His phone started beeping

Oh no! Eagle took all the trillions in my account! He said

What? I and mum retorted

How did she has an access to your account..

I don’t know, she took over my companies. He said

I should call Hellen, I can’t believe I am helping you. I muttured as I dialed her number

Helen’s POV
Thanks so much. I said the my partner as he walked out of my chember.

My phone rang, an unknown number

I picked

Hi, this is Minho Kim,I need your help. He said

There is a lady trying to take over the Cassavella’s properties…

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Cassavella??? I asked surprised
Yeah and…I couldn’t hear what he was saying, bad network. I ended the call

Cassavella! I think I have heard of that name
Cassavella! I took my suit and walked out of my chember
I ignited the car and drove out of the building


Eloise’s POV ????
What did he say? Evie asked
I ended the call because he was yelling back at me

What? Is he stupid? She asked

I think he is. I replied

We will just wait for him till they come back with our brother. She said
Gosh! I can’t take this anymore, I feel like punching Kim wherever he is. I said within myself

A young lady came in

Hello. She said

Who are you? She asked

What a damn question, I should, we should be asking you that. Evie said

I am Min’s fiancee, I mean engaged. She replied and our eyes darted

I scoffed

So, who told you_you have the temerity to walk in here anyhow, anytime any day you want?! I half yelled

I can come here because it’s my fiancee’s house.
She said

Now I get it. I muttured
A car zoomed in, few seconds later, min came running inside

He was shocked to see us

You are…..back. he said

As you can see. We replied and crossed our arms

Where is Beak? Evie asked

He is here. Kim said

You monster! I yelled and punched Kim

Eloise, calm down.Evie said

Okay I will. I replied and then I turned to Kim again

You monster! I punched him