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Heiress. Episode 26

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????My Heiress????

[???? Melting His Cold Heart❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 26 ????

???? Zayne’s pov????

I think I’ve over reacted ,I’ve caused Brent to be more resentful , and toxic , why have I done this !”

Jealousy , how can I be jealous?, She’s not ivy, she has caused disasters ,if my ivy is here by my side I wouldn’t have been like this , I wouldn’t be jealous of a mere babysitter , she asked me not to hurt myself and live on ,ivy your death had caused great scar in my heart pls come back to me , it’s been 7 years now , I haven’t seen your spotlight , does that mean you won’t come back?”

I thought bitterly inside me ,as mind still feels ivy is still on earth which is of course not, I think it’s time to find the truth about her death and purnish all offenders , so her soul could rest in peace and fufill her request ,which says I should live on “..

I thought ,as I noticed there was argument on the dinning table , for reasons Chloe joined the table ,riele was questioning Chloe for trying to join the table , Brent gave his order and she couldn’t utter a word , I just stood up and left for the car , as I noticed Chloe was staring at me ..

Why could she be looking at me ? , Fo no folk reason , she owns her eyes let her look what ever she wants ..

????Chloe’s pov ????
I was surprised when riele returned ella pre – rude word , this isn’t riele I used to know she’s always wanted Ella’s favour which everyone’s certain about , she’s owns her reason that none of my business ..

Zayne paind no attention or expression to what was going on on the table ..

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He looks so cute, with a Jade blue eye , dark brow, sexy pink lips , and perfect hairstyle as, he has one ear piercing which He puts a golden earrings he looks damn cute as usual, and muscular every girl’s dream , I don’t know how I fell for his to this much , I should just come off this weird thoughts how will I possibly love a heir , I should stop all this weird thinkings,if I can just be his friend and see him everyday that’s enough for me..

We finished the meal and we headed out to join the car..

????Unknown’s pov????

I’ve always passed this lonely road , a pre – forest with tall tophical trees , it’s rear to see any human passed there, that’s because it’s dangerous wild animals strived there ,lions ,tiger, anaconda and more wild life , I used to be cautious of anyone , because I’m an assassin , I’ve killed many people in exchange of money, I’m having a boss and we are 25 assassins under him , 5 females and 20 males ,wealthy and rice men, business men , politicians, ministers comes to give my boss works to assassinate the ministers of there mates and many other people ..

There’s a particular guy ,

who I used to see practice swordmanship always in this forest which I used to pass in other to go to our assassins creeds , I’ve been always cautious of this guy that it always takes time to pass by without him noticing , he very talented and skilled in swordmanship and arrow shooting ,…

I’ve thought he’s an assassin too , that my boss ordered me to watch him out I did but he wasn’t an assassin, he always comes to practice , and goes to school , furthermore he’s a late minister’s son , I’ve studied him well ..

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I passed by with extra cautious as usual , and I successfully passed by without him noticing I passed ,

I walked briskly to the sacred secret building built in the deep forest which tall trees was guarded , the building could only be noticed only with a air- plane ,but it won’t be easy as well , because we were smart enough to makes soil bed on the rooftop , and planted weeds on it which makes the building looks like a large tree , which anyone on a plane would think it’s a tree as same as all trees in the forest …

I could hear the assassins training already..

And I entered , I could see my boss , talking with a creed, I walked to him..

“Ohh you’re here , you must have been late because of the guy right?”

He asked ,

“Yes master”

I replied ,

“I have this feelings he’s a spy for the cop, he must have searched the whole forest for our camp”

Another creed said ..

“I don’t he’s a spy , I don’t even think he notice we’re having a camp here ”

I said ,

” Then what have he being doing lonely in that forest , doesn’t he looks suspicious ?, What if any of our clients wants to pass that route to give us work ?”

My boss asked ,

“You’re right ,if we ignore his presence ,it’s possible for him to find out , and being the cops ”

I said ,

“That’s certain !”

A creed said ,

“We most silence him no matter what, send two creeds to assassinate him where he is ”
My boss commanded ,

“Yes sir ” they replied and about to leave ,

“Stop !!, I ordered , as they all looked at me with a suprised look,

“Why did you stop him ”

My boss asked..

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“I think we might cause bigger trouble for our selves”

I said ,

They all echoed,

“If the police finds out it’s an assassination , police have been ambitious about assassins nowadays ,if we assassinate him there ,the police we seatcu extraly this forest to get our camp ,and eventually we would be arrested ”

I said ,

“Huh! That’s brilliant idea though , then what will be do to get him off there ?”

My boss asked ,

“We most take him , blindfold him, and bring him to our camp , we should’nt let any of his belongings ,like his bag bow and arrow, his sword jogging suit ,and all his stuff to our camp ,then we can do anything we want with him”

I explained ,

“You’re indeed smart !, Carry out the order as he said ”

My boss ordered…

Kingsley’s pov ????

I’ve always been walking on a lone way whenever I’m going to school, I walk past where’s silent like a grave , that a spaceship could land on earth without anyone knowing , I’ve always practiced assassins skills , I had all was yearn to be part of assassins Creed , I’ve looked for all assassins creed to join but ive never seen one …

I couldn’t attend the school ,as I went to the forest where and walked to the deep part where short grasses could only be seen , I dropped my back ..

“Ohh my God , I forgot my sword !!”

I lamented as I walked closed the tree,I climbed up and cut a stick which was in height as a sword..

I practiced vervently , until I was shot with a dart 5 times in different parts my body it hurts so much that I would collapse any moment ..

“Seize him ,and blindfold him ”

The men said ,and I lost conciousness….


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