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Heiress. Episode 27

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????My Heiress????

[???? Melting His Cold Heart❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 27 ????

???? Unknown’s pov????

The Creeds ,shot him with darts , and he lost conciousness as , they quickly blindfolded him , they carried him as we checked surroundings to prevent any eyes..

“Take him now ”

I instructed , as they carried him and we all ran to our building …

We reached there and he was carried inside to my boss dark toture room ,,

“Is this the boy?”

My boss asked as he sat on his chair ,

“Yes my Lord ”

I replied ,

“Wake him !!”

He ordered , as they poured heavy bowl of cold water..

“Ohh !!”

He shouted , after he was startled with the cold water..

“Noo , where I’m I ??, Where is this ?? , Why I’m in this dark place ”

He was so afraid that he started shivering,

“Chill!!, We were paid to assassinate you , so take your death gently dear ”

My boss said and laughed historically ,

“Before we proceed the massacre , we would like to Know what your true intentions was ,and why you stay in that foredt all alone everyday ”

I asked ,

“Before you behead me? , Why don’t you just kill me instead of asking me stupid questions??”

He said rudely ,

“What!!, You wench , watch your mouth !!”

I shouted ,as my boss looked at him surprisingly , he’s in the brink of death yet he’s running his mouth ?, What wench !!..

“Hmm ,, so you’re a wench you looked , hang him till he die ”

My boss ordered ,


They all replied ,

As they held his hands at his back , I was so traumatized , as well as my boss and everyone, when he twisted his hands back and smashed the two creeds down in an unimaginable way , at the moment four creeds drew there sword ,as he fasten his fist , “what his he gonna face swordmen ? ,

The swordmen , positioned themselves as they were trained , and he stood like a karate as bumped into one creed who’s about slashing him like a bride who twisted into his groom chest during a ball dance and ,he punched him in his nose ,and weaken all his delicate parts and he lost conciousness , during this process another swordman wants to slash him at the back as he gave him accidental crape and he fell with his back head and slept off,

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He took the two swords from the swordmen he brought down already ,and faced the two remaining swordmen , I could read fear in there faces ,as it seems they couldn’t compete his outstanding , I was shocked when he flew and kicked the both swordmen’s head with his leg and they fell .

My boss was very angry and he stood up and banged the table ,

“What !!, Who are you ? ”

He asked , as he pointed his gun towards him..

As other creeds stood watching and admiring his unbeatable skill,

“Restrain your self my Lord , I don’t have any intention on harming you”

He said ,

“What??, You wench , do you think I’m afraid of you?, I’ll order them to kill you right now !”

My boss shouted !!,

“I’ve been dreaming of becoming an assassin all my life ,and I think heaven have granted my wish ”

He said , as I was more than stunned ,

“What ..what .. did you just say ?”

My boss asked unbelievably ,

“Yes ,I’ve yearned to be an assassin , but I’ve never get the chance , I don’t see any assassins creeds to join , and now my wish have been granted , that’s the reason have been practicing swordmanship , karate ,and all this stuffs in a lone area ”

He said ,

“So do you think you can join our creed that easily ?”

My boss asked smirkingly..

Brent’s pov❣️

Ivy !, I told you I would take revenge on who so ever killed you , just guard me I will, find evidence of who killed you , and bring your death to justice .,

“Do you think you could become ,one of us so easily ”

The boss said with a smirk ,

“I think you would need me as to my unbeatable skill , I’ll accomplish all mission ill be given without mistakes ”

I said bordly ,

I could see he looks so speechless , as he stood up and walked out of the toture room , and two creeds came to handcuffed me, I obliged cause I know he would consider me as one of them very soon , then I can take proper revenger all who killed my sister …

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????At School????

???? Zayne’s pov????

“I think when the president see her in our midst , he won’t bother to proposed such to you again”

Sebastian said ,as he kept trying to convince me to sign Chloe to my music label ,

“Do you think that will be possible at all? What do you think the media rounds ,and fan will be saying ?”

I asked angrily at Seb , at the very first type I’m annoyed with him,

“I don’t care what media says , I don’t care what critism they make ,I’m very sure they would like her ,as she’s having the most beautiful voice you’ve ever heard which I’m pretty sure they would like her voice as well”

Sebastian said ,

She’s having a nice voice as he said though.

I was speechless for Sebastian’s desperation..

Chloe’s pov ????

The class was busy as everyone was busy with there businesses ,some discussing ,..

Zayne was listening to music with his headphone ,until Charly waved at the class window .

I smiled , and I stood up to meet her ,

“Where are you going ?”

I was stunned when Zayne asked me such question with a Stern face , I thought he was busy with his phone how did he know i was leaving the class ?, my heart skipped as he asked the question ,and I felt he cared for me , but I must be crazy????,

“Actually .., I wanted to meet my friend ”

I said as I looked up to my funniest surprise I couldn’t see Charly , it was like she disappeared , such funny girl , she must have been scared of zayne ..

“Take this file from my table ”

Zayne said with an expressionless look as usual which makes looks hot , but would be cuter if he smiled , he changed very fast , he had a good time with me when I entered his musical room with ella ,but what could be inside the paper he said I should check ..

I took it and opened it ,I was so stunned that I wanted to shout..

“Do not cause a chaos!! ”

He ordered sternly ,

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I couldn’t believe he just signed me in his record label ,

“The medias will be here , 30 mins here , you should be prepared as the make – over artist are out there ,after you’re finally signed ,you can follow them they should perform whatever on your face , your first performance will be held in the minister’s daughter birthday tonight” ..

He said .

I was so overjoyous that I felt tears dropping out my face already, my long awaited dream have come true i’ll become a musician now,

I thought as I cried joyously ..

You’re gracious my Lord !!”
I appreciated and bowed with tear filled my face ..

The medias came and I was accommodated to the class auditorium as I was announced as the new artist , who just got signed to zayne record label,the medias and press were plenty in our class , I felt like I was a rich celebrity ,they ‘were struggling to make me answer there questions ,as different questions was thrown to me by different press with different mics , I was already assigned with bouncers ????, who prevented the crowded press from injuring me,.

As different cameras and videos ,were flashing at me , and I waved at them all after I have been signed already..

“How have you managed to convince Zayne to sign you?”

“Are you zayne girlfriend?”

“Does Zayne have any feelings for you?”

“What will be your first song with zayne title?”

“What song are you gonna be singing in the president’s daughter birthday tonight ?!!!”

Many questions were thrown at me by the press with recorder, microphone and more..


I answered without answering any of the questions , because I Ain’t familiar with a celebrity media rounds ”

Riele’s pov ????????

What??, the stupid wench had just been signed to zayne record label, my whole body was so boiling hot , I was so jealous like never before …

“Attendant chei!”

I called my new assigned attendant with utmost anger,

“Yes my lady !”

She answered ,

“You’re gonna get me a voice destroyer pill now , since she’s gonna perform tonight , I will destroy her voice ,and disgrace her ,and makes her sing like a frog !!, She’s gonna disgrace herself ,get it for me now!!”

I ordered!!..

“Yes my lady !!”


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