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Magical Twin. Episode 27

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???????? Magical Twins ????????
We are magical ✨
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a minister’s )☺️????
Written by Mimmy Love ????

???? Episode Twenty Seven☺️
Eloise’s POV
Come Eloise stop! Evie said and drew me back from him
Let me just deal with him, he is a monster! See what he did to our brother?! I said

Stop please and calm down. She said, I swallowed my anger and looked at the lady standing beside Minho

She was looking at me like she knows me

I looked at Minho, betrayal.

Kim and his wife went on their knees
We are sorry. They said

You know what will make me happy? I asked

No, tell us we will do it. They replied

If the two of you can die. Evie came in
They gasped

Oh, you don’t want to die? And you killed someone very close to us, not even that! You also took our brother and made him your.son. See how he has grown hairs all over his body. Huh?! Evie Said

‘m sorry but someone has already taken over, Eagle. He said

Eagle what?! I walked to the kitchen and came out with a knife
I shook them and they died

Eloise! Evie snapped me out of my thoughts
Take him inside. I said referring to Beak. I stood up and went upstairs

Evie’s POV ????
I opened the door and went inside our room. She was crying

Eloise, you don’t have to cry, it’s in the past already. We have to look for a solution. I said and she raised her head. She sniffed as I sat beside her
Now, tell me why you are crying? Is it because Minho has a fiancee? Or because Eagle has what belongs to us or because Beak isn’t okay? I asked

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None of the above. She replied still crying

Then why are crying…

I am hungry! I…..am…..hungry….. She said

Ah geez! Come on, let’s be serious. I said
Okay. She cleaned her eyes
I’m confused, I don’t know what to do now…how do we save Beak. She asked

Well, just what I was thinking. Remember the clip we ought to watch when we were back in time? I asked

Yeah, that man told us we can only watch it in the present world and it’s still available in our old house. She replied

Let’s get it. I said

Why? She asked

Cos, everything we will do concerning Beak’s issue has been stated in there. I replied

Okay, can we go now? She asked

Actually, let’s make it tomorrow morning. I replied and my phone rang
Freddy. I smiled and really don’t know why I am smiling

I picked it before it could end

????Evie… You are back. He said and I could sense he was happy
????Yeah, I didn’t….
????Minho told me you travelled, I’ve missed you so much
???? Awnnnnn. I blushed

????So, can we see each other now? He asked

????Ahhhh, I’m not really…..Yes! Eloise shouted

????Okay dear, I will text you the address. I..Love

????Bye. I said and ended the call

Why did you? Eloise asked
Why did you tell him yes? I answered with a question
Well, I was just curious to see you guys dating. She said

Like you have started dating? I asked her

Just get dressed and go meet him . She said and opened the drawer
I took the scissors on the table and cut her hair

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Why?! She shouted

I told you I would when we get back. I replied and disposed them

Eloise, do you still like Min? I asked again

No. She replied sharply

Eloise listen, I don’t want you to transfer your aggression on his parents on him. You need to settle things..

But he has a fiancee already. The door opened and he came in
Oh see who is here? The future husband

Minho’s POV ????
What are you talking about? I asked and Eloise scoffed
Stop the pretence, you should be ashamed of yourself. The murderer’s son. She replied.

Evie walked out of the room

I closed the door
Eloise, I know why you are doing this but trust me. I didn’t know my dad did such a thing. I tried to defend myself

How would you feel if I kill your parents? She asked


Just tell me how you would feel…
Eloise listen…
How would you feel if someone you love betrays you just because she was gone for some weeks.

No, I just want to know! She yelled

Okay fine, I will tell you how I’ll feel.
Of course I will feel dejected but I didn’t betray you and besides….you didn’t give me an answer. I said
Oh… that’s why you proposed to your girlfriend?

What girlfriend are you talking about? I don’t have a girlfriend and if I’ll wish to…that would be you. I half yelled

Oh I see… The same blood runs in your vein,, just like your dad. I’m not a fool..

I didn’t say you are…
So what’s with the girl downstairs? She asked

She is my lawyer. I replied

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Oh really, a lawyer?
Yes..and that’s who she is. So stop accusing me….

I am not accusing you cos she said it herself. She told us she is your….

I walked closer and interrupted me with a kiss