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Magical Twin. Episode 29

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???? Magical Twins ????????
We are magical ✨
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a minster’s son)☺️????
Written by Mimmy

Season one semi_ Finale

Unedited, Beware of grammatical errors
☺️ Episode Twenty Nine????
Kim’s POV
You people are heatless, how could you plan to do such a thing. You have kids…

It’s a child. I corrected

Min, we just have to do it. Mum said

What sort of animals are you?! Why are you this wicked. Well, I am not interested and remember they have magics and I won’t even hesitate in telling them about this. He shouted and left angrily

What are we going to do? He is going to tell them. Madison said and I smirked

I think I have their uncle’s number

I will call him. Then we bribe him. I said and she scoffed

You think that’s gonna work? She asked

Yes, I want to protect my name! I can go to jail. I said and brought out my phone

Kim, I think we should stop this, we can’t kill them, they have magics and they will certainly win the battle..
But only someone who has. Magics can overthrown them….

That’s why I am trying to bribe their uncle. We both know he has magics. I replied

Kim! Listen to yourself, their uncle, their uncle! You can’t bring him ..

Oh shut up Madison! I snapped
Yeah, this wouldn’t have happened if only you showed my son bodyguard’s picture. I said

But you were busy flirting with eagle and now she has the whole property. She replied irately

I will get it back from her and that’s why I need your help and min’s help. I replied

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Okay, okay! Go on! Do it. She said and walked away

I need to call Griffin.

Eloise’s POV ????
My magical sense told me something was going on downstairs. I’ve been in the toilet for a while now doing nothing. I stood up and walked out of the toilet, I went downstairs and saw Mrs Madison walking away

Kim was about to make a call.

I can’t take a decision now without Evie but we need a lawyer and about Eagle, I will definitely deal with her and that rat she calls a daughter

The young lady who claimed to be Min’s fiancee came inside

You are Cassavella. She said

Yes. I replied boldly

She wowed and ran to give me a hug

Excuse me?? I pulled her away

OMG! I can’t believe the Cassavella’s are still in existence. I saw it in the history book, I doubted and when I checked I saw your name as the daughters of the great magician. You were tagged missing though. She said

We are in the history??

Magical book of history. She said

Oh my goodness. I shouted and collected the book from her
I flipped through the pages, we we’re tagged missing and uncle was a villians???
That’s not possible.
So, is your uncle dead? She asked

Wait what??

Yeah, he took you guys away, how did you defeat him? She asked

Excuse me?? My uncle is not a villians. I defended
And… We defeated nobody. I added


I explained everything to her
Wow! The history must have misinterpreted somethings about your uncle. She said

That’s wrong, I will sue the author had it been he was still alive. She said

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Oh… He is dead? I asked

Yeah, this books first edition was year 2006 and this is 2020

Some years ago.
She brought out her phone and googled something
See, here is his picture..
What? I screamed that it alerted min

Is everything alright? He asked

Ye… Yes.
It’s the man who helped us…… No, I can’t believe this… I’m confused! Is he saying the truth or…. Is he lying? Uncle. Is not a villian

Babe?? Min called
I’m okay. I replied

I have to go now. She said
I’m sorry for saying I was.his fiancee, I thought you were the eagle he talked about. She said

No problem. I replied and she left

Can I please be alone for.some seconds. I requested
Okay. He said and left

We really have to go and get the clip first thing tomorrow morning
And see Uncle!

Evie’s POV
Freddy, I have to go home now. Eloise mist have been worried. I said

But.. don’t leave, it’s really nice having you around. He said
And… having me as your girlfriend? I added

Yes. He replied smiling

I stood up
I have to go now. I said

Okay, if you insist. He said and hugged me tightly then he kissed me
Bye. I said and walked out of his house hurriedly

I smiled, well…I like him
I got home and Eloise told me everything

I don’t believe that man. He might be lying. I said
We can’t confirm that not until when we see Uncle. We have to go to our old house, get the clip, watch it then we move to uncle’s house

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Eloise’s POV
Good night. She said and slept off
I think I should see min. I stood up and walked out of my.room.to his room
He was wearing just his short.

Hi. I said and entered
Hi. He replied as he wore his pajamas . I sat on his bed, he came closer and sat beside me

I really missed you when you travelled, I missed your troubles. He said and I chuckled

I missed your so much. I said
He raised my chin and stared deeply into my eyes

I stood up

Gosh! Your eyes are burning mine. I said and he crashed his lips on mine

I circled my leg round his waist…
He laid me on his bed

I removed my clothes and he took his off and…….