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Heiress. Episode 31

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????My Heiress????

[???? Melting His Cold Heart❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 31 ????

Chloe’s pov????

I was still laid on the bed with tears all over my face, so my dad was assassinated ?, But how was I saved ?, Didn’t the assassin shot me? , I’ve been fooled by Nicki and Rosa all this while , how??, How can this be.

I’ve trusted them than myself they even lied to me ?????, They filled me with lies ever since the day I ressurected ?,so this is how my dad looked ?

I thought while remembering his face often and often how he looked in my memory , who dares kill my dad ?????..

Why would they have done such things ,like?, What have we done ??????..

I couldn’t wait anymore to ask Rosa ,

As I walked from the bed I

I rolled from my bed , as I tried to wear my coxy slippers , and zayne entered ..

“My Lord!”

I said as I tried to stand and bow ,

And he quickly held me , I felt his warm torch and my heart races too fast , so this zayne have been miserable all this while because of me??, He never liked any girl , so you’ve been thinking of me all this while I said inside my self as tears rolled down my cheeks …

“Chloe , I’m so sorry !!, I’m sorry for I’ve treated you like this all this while , I don’t want to loose anyone again ,I’m sorry”

He said holding my hands with tears filled his face as well ,

So he must have hear again , he must have known I’m ivy , I thought inside me and tears keeps dropping ..

“Please do not cry I’m all here for you now Chloe ”

He said with a sad affectionate face , which makes him more handsome like never before ,

I felt to grateful looking at zayne mere touching me ????.

“I’m sorry for trying to lead you this early ”

I apologized ,

“I’m you’re saved, and I’m fully here for you now , I’m forever guilty for my brutality ”

He said with tears ,

” I’m more grateful , you kept me in heart all this while , I’m so grateful ”

I said crying and appreciating as well ,

Zayne’s pov ????

I felt to guilty to face her , I’ve been guilty to her all this while , I have to apologize to her ..

She was so appreciative ,and polite , I’m so stupid for misunderstanding her , she a girl with a lovely heart..

“I felt to grateful you’ve even kept me in heart all this while ”

Chloe said ,

I was confusei hearing she said that .

I’m just been remorseful ,

I looked through her eye , as I couldn’t take my eyes off her , she looks so pretty that’s my eyes is watering due to air , Because I couldn’t afford to blink and loose her sight ,

She were having this momentous moment when the door was knocked .

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“Who’s there ?”

I asked ,

“I’m a worker sent by the minister , he wishes to see you ”

I heard the manservant from my dad’s quarter ,

Gosh ! How could they ruin this moment for me ,

I lamented to myself , as I stared at her, while she’s smiling politely ..

I tried to smile and I feared to make a horrible face that I used to make ..

“I understand ?, Should I teach you how to smile ”

Chloe said as she shifted to me little ,

“Actually !?…i can smil…”

I wanted to lie as while I was shy to show her I haven’t smiled for over 7 now but she makes me want to smile now , she’s a gem !! ….

I felt her soft smoth palm in my cheek ,I lifter my hands to touch it , I quickly returned it back I was fucking shy , that her hand sent electrics to my body and my heart beats like a speaker …

“Do like this ”

She said as she lifted her cheek and broad her teeth ,

“I tried to do as she ordered but my cheek pains that the wasn’t even any trace of smile in my face, which make it horrible for me “,

“Yes you’re getting it”

She said as I finally smiled .

“Hoooh!! You got it ”

He rejoiced and clapped ,

“I kept my cheeks like that ,with a broad smile , that I fear once I dropped the smile I won’t be able to form it again ,as I walked with a smiling face outside,,

“Look that !?”

“Awnnn he Looks so cute as he smiled ”

“Very handsome smiling heir..

The new appointed maid which was employed , because of Chloe , which was female,and I didn’t kick her out ,made my dad hired new maid girls…

As they admired my smile, and I frowned immediately ..

As they maintained there silence , gosh they made me lost the smile again ..

I said as I walked to my dad’s quarter with managedly formed smile…

Riele’s pov ????????
I was so engrossed with jealousy after I eavedroped and heard what Chloe and Zayne was discussing and it’s obvious , Zayne is already falling for Chloe already ,

“What will I do now?”

I even heard there laughter why can’t I ever have a spot in Zayne’s heart ..

First was Ivy , and this Chloe again when will riele ever gets a chance ?????????”

I have no other choice than to take her life , I’ve attempted to much but it seems I can’t handle her , she looks like a good who’s not easy to take down ..

I have no choice than to inform my dad about this issue it starting to become higher and higher everyday for me..

I could sense zayne was coming out and I quickly ran away from the doorstep , while some of the newmaid was passing through the passage ,and they saw zayne face seems he smiled which he has never did 7 years ago why can’t I also be the one who made him smile, Chloe is manipulative and and seductive , I also wants to be manipulative as her ????????…

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“My lady !!, Don’t cry ”

My attendants tried to console me after zayne walked away,and I pushed her away as she stumbled and compete to gain stand ..

“I’m sorry my lady ”

She quickly apologized ,

“Stand your lane and stop poke nosing”

I shouted at her while she bowed,,

“I was just trying to tell you what could solve all this problem without any mistake and without you even wasting your time to kill Chloe , that would make you gain his heir – ship heart finally ”

She said as she lowered her head…

“Tell me I said “?.

She walked closer to me and whispered to my ears.

I exclaimed after what I heard she said ….

As chloe Walked out of the guest room….

“Hey you wench !!”

I called ,

And she looked at me politely with an innocent look as she bows a little …

“How dare you manipulate my husband ?”

I asked angrily ,

“I never thought you had a husband my lady ”

She said sarcastically ,

“What!!! How dares you?”

I asked agrily while my fist is forming into a ball already ..

“How dares you manipulate Zayne ,he’s my husband”

I shouted with anger all written my face..

“He hasn’t proposed to you yet ,which signifies you’re neither his fiance”

“You wench !!”

My attendant cursed as she wants to drag her for her purnishment and I landed a hot slap on her face as she held the face ..

I was so angry that I couldn’t face the embarrassment again , and I turned to go my way …

I was so fucking traumatized , when I heard a very hot bomblasting slap from my back , which was Chloe , my eye went clockwisely like a running bicycle that I lost balance and I fell as my attendant dragged me …

“My lady !, My lady !!,. You wench how dares you slap her Heiress??, You will definitely pay with your life for this ”

My attendants keeps calling me and cursed Chloe while she held me in my tired state my face was so hot that all my egoistics and bossiness calmed down , and my cheek turned pure red looks like a pepper was pour on a fresh bruised flesh, I couldn’t ulter a statement as she walks away ….

“Yeah!!!, Chloe bravo!!!”

I could heard Sebastian and Felix who has been watching afar some whiles ago praised Chloe who already left for slapping me back I was so embarrassed and I ordered for my phone..

took my phone and dialed my dad’s number..

☎️ Hey daughter !!..

☎️Dad !!

☎️ Why’s is your voice the dull?

☎️Dad you can’t believe I was slapped by the girl I told you about today ????

☎️Are you for real?

☎️Yes dad , she’s now Fucking proud ,that she was even manipulating zayne , she wants Zayne for her self and even threatened to snatch the Heiress position from me ..

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☎️ Who dares do such thing while I’m alive !!

☎️She slapped me that I’m still paralyzed now.

☎️Why haven’t you kiled or purnished her ?

☎️I’ve tried many times but it seems she’s and immortal..

☎️ She excapes your wraths ?

☎️Yes dad ..

☎️Give me her live details now ..

☎️ She’ll be passing through rings street now , while she’ll be heading home ..

☎️I’ll get her now, just focus on your mission because there’s no one who can get that position again since it’s between you and ivy , I’ve taken her down and I expected you to have gained Zayne’s heart by now,so do not worry and focus on how to gain his heart..

☎️ Yes dad ????

???? Ruby’s pov????

Who dares beat a minister daughter? , And even dares to be my daughter ?.

I walked down my stairs with a cup of red wine in my hand as I sips it slowly ,

“Gulf ?”

I called m y person guard who’s trained as an assassin and also an assassin …

As I gave him the detail of the girl ,

“Bring her to me now !!”

I ordered ..

“Yes my Lord!!”

He answered as he called two more of my guards to go for her ..

????Gulf’s pov????

After the minister sent me to get the girl in an urgent one , I couldn’t call Kingsley to come perform his first task to train him at least how to kidnap for the first time ,but it’s urgent I have to get where the girl is at the given time before she excaped..

We entered the car ,the driver ignited the engine car and we drove off..

I’ve been working for minister Ruby 7 years ago and the most saddest assassination I’ve ever done was the one he ordered for the assassination of minister Louis ..

I betrayed him ,which was the first time I betrayed his order for seven years ,..

Chloe’s pov ????

I walked briskly down the Rings road after I’ve passed the estate,the next street was ring where everywhere is silent and uncompleted estate were still ongoing …

I kept thinking of the moment I and zayne had it was momentous indeed , I’m happy he knows who i’m now , I’ll plan to revenge who killed my dad now ,

I can’t believe Rosa and Nicki never tell me about my life , how can they be so cruel and threw me into total darkness??,

So All the memory I’ve have seen was mine ?

I thought as I walked through the road …

And a car drove recklessly towards me ,which packed alot of dust ,and it’s almost blinding as I coughed simultaneously , until a blindfold was used on me from behind and I was carried in a bridal stlye and roughly , I couldn’t see the person ..

“Who are you!!”

“Leave me alone !!”

I kept shouting but to avail ,as they carried met to the car and drove me off…..


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