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Heiress. Episode 32

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????My Heiress????

[???? Melting His Cold Heart❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 32 ????

???? Ruby’s pov ????
I walked majestically with , with a lap of fried???? chicken in my hands while I eats it gently , as two of my servants holding the tray which the chickens were on , and the other servant holding the tray my chilled wine and glass cup was on ,, while three of my body guards followed me as well , after I’ve received a message from Gulf who has completed the assignment I have him …

I have to attend to the merchant whom I had some issues with …

“We’re going to the merchant first !!”

I announced ,

“Yes !! My Lord ”

They all replied as they followed me behind ..

We entered my toture room..

“on the light ”

I ordered as I sat on the chair opposite the merchant who was already beaten black and blue ..

“My lord please save me , I’m sorry I will pay the tax as soon as possible !!”

He begged like a filthy animal ,

I’ve organized groups of poor men just like Louis did to help young men ,but mine was different i gave this young men money to start businesses , they would produce the money I gave them for the business ,and also 70 % of the gain and they should be left with 30%, of there gain …

All other merchants had managed to bring there’s..

“Why haven’t you brought 70% of your gains?”

I asked sternly ,

“My Lord!!”

He called as he knelt down and bowed his heads before me crying profusely ..

“Tell me!!!!?!”

I shouted angrily and threw the born of the chicken I was eating on his head …

“My daughter was sick , so I need some little money , since the 30% gain you released for us could only feed us for 2 days only , It wouldn’t be okay to pay my daughter’s hospital bill , so I had to use from the 70% gain I suppose to give you ,and used it for my daughter’s hospital bills ..

“Really!!??, You dared do such ?, You dare use it for your daughter’s bill?”

I asked deviously ,

“My Lord I will refund as soon a I can please save my life !!”

He said crying for mercy..

“Cut off his right hand now! And remove his front teeth”

I ordered ,

“Please my Lord !!”

My Lord!!”

Please don’t cut my hand you can removed my whole teeth ,at least spare my hand ..

He be profusely , I ignored him ,and thought of a way to deal with the manipulative girl…

I walked away from the room , why the were cutting his hand and removing his teeth as well , that’s the least of what I can do , I used to removed someone’s liver in front of them when they offended me , and no one would question or interrogate me , That’s what’s called power , I’m gonna gain more power too when I became the father of Star Group’s HEIRESS …

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❤️Rosa’s pov❤️
It was getting late again , and Chloe hasn’t showed up ..

“hasn’t she showed up?” yet”

Nicki asked after she has dressd up and ready to go to her night shift where she worked as a waitress in an hotel ..

“I hope nothing wrong happened to her again?”

Nicki said .

“She’s such a pitiful girl , she has gone through a lot”

I said with a pitiful look..

“I’m tired of telling my lady lies all this while , I wants to tell her everything , why don’t you allow me ?”

Nicki said crying already ,

“You must never ulter such to her , I wants to serve her at least ,I want to repay all what her dad did for me ..

????Flash back????
☯️7 years ago☯️

Bella’s pov????(rosa)

I was breathing heavily as I walked to the hospital with biterness written all over my face , with a flask in my hands..

Which contains the food for my mom , she’s having ultra – fibroids , she bleeds alot that the doctor asked me to bring a sum of $1m for her surgery which could save her from the teribble dieases …

It was so much of a huge money , ???????? , I won’t be able to get it even If I sell my whole life ,my mom as been the most precious mother to me ,i can’t afford to loose her my dad died ,three years ago , taking care of only me wasn’t easy , I am a fragile innocent 18 years old girl , my mom always Cherish me so much ,I must do anything to save her ????????………

I walked briskly to the hospital , as the doctor walked out of the wards ..

As I tried to dodge him ,,


He called ,

“Doctor goodday sir ”

I said ,

“Your mom is in a critical condition , we have to perform the surgical operation on her as soon as possible ,and we won’t start any operation until you deposit any amounts ”

The doctor said ..

“Doctor where do you expect me to see such bill ????????, I’m just a child who’s been fed by my mom , we feed from hand to mouth doctor, please do anything you can for my mom ????, don’t let her die ”

I begged him with tears already formed my face …

But he just turned his back and left , I squated on the floor and buried my face in between my laps and cried profusely ….

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“Hey Sister , you’re making noise , you’re not allowed to make noise in the hospital and and even squat there like that so leave there this instance!!”

A nurse shouted at me…

“You can go and fille de joie (prostitution) to treat your mother little sister and stop disturbing the hospital ”

The nurse said as they all laughed at me , while I still buried my face between my laps crying bitterly , until I felt a gentle touch at my back ..

I raised my head up , to see man propably a politician ,cause his appearance looks so expensive …

“How are you girl ”

He asked with a gentle smile ,

“I’m the most bitter person in the word my Lord , do not ruin your day with my unfortunately”

I said as I bowed and was about to walk away and he said ,

“I’ll pay your mother’s treatment ”

I heard this from him , that I thought I was dreaming ,and I closed my eye and open them ..

To see it was real ..

“Are you for real sir?”

I asked tears rolling down my cheeks already and the nurses jaws dropped which left there mouths open like a broken soakaway ,as experession to the incredible surprise ..

“Call the doctor!!”

He said as the nurse puts a call through to the doctor ..

And he talked to him I was so overwhelmed when the doctor prepared to start the operation …

“I’m so grateful my Lord , words can’t express how I felt right now , you’re an angel in human form , I thank you so much , I don’t know how I can repay your kindness , thanks so much my lord?!!!!!”

I appreciated uncountably to him with tears of joy in my face once again…

“Don’t be too appreciative , take my card and put call through me if you’re financially troubled anytime do not hesitate to call me , I also added extra 1m$ for the doctor he would give you soon ,make sure you take good care of your mom”

He said with a smile as he pated my back gently …

“Yes my Lord ,thank you so much ”

I appreciated as I watched him walked away ..

“Thanks so much sir !!”

I shouted and waved at him as I held on his card tightly ..

“Awnnn what a lucky girl !”

“He’s such a good man !”

“He might be her sugar daddy !”

The nurses started talking about the man ,,”ohh I forgot to ask his name”

I thought ,as I stared at the his card and his name was bodly written on it , “Louis dwayne”
Minister Dwayne?, Minister Louis?, He should be called by his surname minister Louis what a nice name he got as well ”

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I said to myself with a smile….

“Hey Annabella!!”
I heard my name and it was
Gulf ,

“Hey gulf !!”

I called back ,gulf is 19 years old boy ,he’s my boyfriend ,he always stay by me ,he provides whatever I want for me , even if he’s a noble born his parents was assassinated and there property was sold while he’s 8 years old , he lives miserably until he joined assassins just live and revenge for those who killed his parents …

“I just help you applied for the spot , and guess what you’re having a mission already , an you’re gonna be paid $100k ”

Gulf said ,

“Really ??”

I exclamed about to surprise him of what just happened ..

“Yes , at least if you deposit $100k, I will add mine too it would be $300k , because I’m your senior they’ll py me more , the doctor will at least proceed with the surgery” ..

Gulf said ,,

I laughed sarcastically ,

“I won’t join assassin creeds because of money boo”

I said smiling ,

“This is critical are you gonna allow your mom die?”

He said looking so worried ..

“You Know what ??, I can’t take another person’s life to save my mom”

I said smiling ,

“Bella!!, With the way you’re smiling it looks so different when you were deperate for the money that we even went to the assassins building to beg for a spot for you”

He said ,

“Yes that was then , but now I’m no more interested , I just saw a new Samaritan , he gave me $2M, $1m for mom’s treatment and operation drugs and all stuffs , and $1m for me to take care if I and my mom , I’m gonna start a business and we’ll be fine ,until you want to claim your dad’s property from your foes ”

I said as his expression changed and his jaw dropped you now see the reason I won’t join assassination ??”

“What ??, Are you for real ?”

Gulf asked ,
“Yes !!!”

“Congratulations !, Buy this will be risky ”

Gulf said again ,


I asked with a curious face..

“Since you’ve seen the route to the building , you will definitely sign an agreement that you wouldn’t tell anyone not the police ”

Gulf said ,

“Are you for real agreement as how?”

I asked,

“You must go for this assassination ,and ,and they’ll make you to sign that you were part of the assaination , before you leave admist the creeds , so if you betrayed the creed the cops would arrest you too for you’re part of the creed using the evidence of the agreement you signed , and if you don’t sign, they said I ,you and your mom will be killed ????”


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