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Heiress. Episode 33

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????My Heiress????

[???? Melting His Cold Heart❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 33 ????

Previously on Rosa’s pov ????????

????Flash Back ????

7 years ago ????

Bella’s Pov contd????

” I don’t think it is possible gulf , i want to back off , I don’t want to be an assassin again, the reason I want the money was to save my mom , now I no longer want there money , what are they treathening our lives for ?”

I asked with a squeezed face while gulf stood with fears written on his face …

“Annabella!!, You just gonna do it for a day after then you won’t do again and I promised I will back off again, trust me please ”

Gulf said pleaded,

“I don’t think you still gets my point what I meant was that I can’t kill an human being like me , I’m having concience , if it’s kidnapping I will propably do and never do again , but assassination!!!!!!, I’m out !”

I said sternly ,

“Then we will meet the boss at least ”

Gulf concluded ,

I agreed as we walked out of the hospital …

“I was afraid this time ,the last time I went there wasn’t any girl admist them that it appears I’m the only girl ”

We passed through the line forest and made sure there wasn’t any eye watching ,as we walked into the building….

The creeds were on training, we walked past them and to the boss office , he was sitting on his chair with his with his fat body busy pressing a system probably hacking people’s account …

“Good day sir ”

I greeted as I sat on the visitor chair at his front ..

“Annabella right ?”

He asked ,

“Yes sir ,

“We have approved your request to be part of the assassin Creeds we got three missions tommorow , first mission is kidnapping, second mission is the massacre of a whole family , third mission is to kill a minister without leaving assassination evidence”

He said while still busy with his laptop system, I was so scared when he mentioned all this evil deeds ,

“massacre of a whole family ??”

I thought ,

“I’ll be handling you the simplest while gulf and three creeds will accommodate you , the kidnapping mission is that hardest the victim to be kidnapped is a full grown-up , and the assassination of the minister is going to happen during press conference and without leaving evidence of who killed him , so you doesn’t have any experience of any of this neither are you smart enough to kill a minister in a press conference without leaving evidence of assassination ,,, I hereby appoint you to accompany gulf and the other three creeds , gulf will teaches you everything you need to know so learn so I can entrust you for any mission ”

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He said unmomentarily ,

“Sir , I would like to resign ”

I blurted out,.

“I knew already, you’re not more interested when gulf told you ”

He said knowing already..

“But you would do this first job before we can guarantee your resignature , or else you would be killed with your mom”

He said devishly ,

“Take this is the deatail of the target ,kill the whole family not leaving any of them ”

“I’m I really going to kill an human being ??, I’m in between two options , to kill this family to save my life and gulf’s ”

I thought as I stared at the details he handed to me , I was traumatized when I saw minister Louis picture and the members of the family ,
“What !!!!!, Are you really going to kill him and his family ??”

I lamented !!

“Really ?!, Do you know him ?”

He asked ,

I wanted to say “yes” until I quickly thought if I say “yes” she will definitely collect the job from me and kill me as well ,this is my chance to repay his kindness…

“I do not know him sir”

I said forming an innocent face ,

“Then what”s the concern of you’re for?”

He asked with curiosity written on his face ..

“I was just
Sorry and merciful”

I said..


He laughed devishly and histerically…

“An assassin shouldn’t show mercy kill your target and clear your mind do you understand ?”

He asked ,

“Yes boss”

I replied ..

“The mission should be accomplished tommorow”

He said as we stood up take our leave ..

“What I’m I going to do now ??,how can human being be so cruel a very cool an nice man like him??, Who wants to kill him this desperately??”

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I thought inside me as gulf stopped a cab and we both entered while I was still thinking what to do…

“I’m in between two cross road which is compulsory to pass the two roads at see time how will I pass through this roads?”

I thought ,

“Then I must creat my own road which will end at same spot of the two roads ”

I thought to myself,,,

“Why do you looks so pale ?”

Gulf asked ,

“Do not worry about me ”

I said with my hand on my head ,

“Don’t worry I won’t allow you see the dead bodies I will make you stay outside while I kill them all”

Gulf said to lessen my suppose scare ,

“Gulf !! help me????????”

I begged as I grabbed his hands ,

“What Happen bella ?, Hope nothing’s wrong ?”

He asked with a squeezed face.

“I really need your help ????”

I said crying already ,

“What? tell me bae , .

“The person we were asked to kill was the person who paid for my mom’s surgery ????”

I said crying profusely,

“What!!, You mean this is the person who paid your mom’s bill?”

He asked surprisingly pointing at the details and the picture of minister Louis ..

“Yes !!”
I replied ,

“How can you be the one to kill him ?”

Gulf said ,

“Yes ???? I need to help them ”

I said with a teary face ,

“You need to take risk in life , if someone have two things in life they will be unstable until you get rid of one to make the other stable , you have to kill them no matter what !”

He said and face his front with a scrict look ,

I felt so downed ..

We reached home while gulf allighted ,

“Take me to ring estate now!!”

I stayed still inside the car after gulf had allighted to go inside ,then I asked the driver to drove me to minister Louis home ,

⏰8 mins later ⌚

The driver drove me there , using the address given on the detail boss gave me …

I pressed the button on the gate

“How can I help young girl ?”

The gate keeper opened the door with a welcoming smile,

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“I would like to meet the minister sir ”

I said ,

“Sorry I haven’t seen this face before hope nothing is the problem and did he give you appointment with him ?”

He asked as thou his job,

“Yes I’m having appointment with him anytime”

I said as I handed him his CV card he gave me the day we met ,

“Ohh this is card , you can go in ”

The gate keeper said as I walked in to the mansion ..

“The compound was cool and refreshing as well”

I walked to the sitting room , and luckily he was reading a news paper , in the sitting room ,

“Good day sir ”

I greeted as I called his attention ,

” Ohh !!! What’s that your Name ?”

He asked ,

“Annabella !!”

I said as he smiled ..

“What brought you here at this time of the day ?”

He asked surprised,

“Sir you would have to leave the country any moment now !”

I said as I explained all what Happened to him in detail and also what prompted me to meet the creeds …

“I Know already, I know Ruby will try to make attempt to my life ,

He said already had a suspect …

“I’ll sacrifice my life for my daughter, you will save my daughter ????, it’s a big shame to leave the country , my family prestige will be ruined and I would he deposed as well as my title and it would stop passing to generation that’s the plan of Ruby , my daughter would definitely become the heiress because there’s nothing compared to true love “..

He Said,

“Bella ????????!!! ”

Minister said loudly and grabbed my hands while crying already ,

“You have to save my daughter ”

He said ,

“But how if you do no travel ?”

I asked pitifully ,

“Can’t you call the cops ?”

I asked ,

“If I call the cops , you would be arrested, and Ruby’s deeds won’t stop there he would try to kill my daughter again , I’m just gonna make a plan that would expose him permanently , if it takes it my life I won’t allow any of my relatives to be hurt ”

He said as tears drop from the corner of my eye .


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