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Heiress. Episode 34

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????My Heiress????

[???? Melting His Cold Heart❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 34????

Previously on Rosa’s pov ????

7 years ago ????

Next day????

I summoned courage with saving Mr Louis family in my mind , this is what I should do ,his family’s live rests on my hands now , he told me already the main targets of Ruby is to kill him and his daughter , his son and wife are mino r, if ruby didn’t get notified that him and his daughter is dead ,or I make them excaped and he found out my mom ,gulf and I would be dead as well as minister Louis and her daughter I made excaped because ruby won’t rest until he takes them down , so we just have to be wise and he even went to the extent of sacrificing his life for her daughter and family and me and my mom as well ????????..

“We’re ready ”

One of the creed said as I walked with an unfamiliar pistle which was given to me ..

The driver drove us to exact minister louis’s home , .

His house was located in a permanent estate which cops wouldn’t find easily , and our mission was kill everyone silently , which won’t alarm the cops easily ….

We opened the gate , minister Louis propably loosen the guard ..

And we drove inside ,..

As the creeds starts to shoot ruthlessly all the servants …

As they ran towards the minister and they dragged him , as I quickly carried the little girl who’s her daughter far from the place but she kept screaming to leave her dad alone , tears was dropping uncontrollably from her eyes while her dad was smiling at her instead , my eyes filled with tears instantly I quickly cleaned my face to avoid the other creeds notice otherwise they’ll report to the boss and I’ll be killed ….

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“The creed shot the minister, I couldn’t bear it as I buried under the future ,and remembering all he told me…

“We were sent by ruby little girl , this isn’t my true deeds”

I pouted out unknowingly after the girl had fellon the floor witnessing his father’s death she got an hypertension at the moment tears couldn’t drop from her face that blood starts to gush from her nose while her eye was turning red already …

“Father father!!!?, ????????”

She kept shouting as tears finally dropped from her eyes uncontrollably…..

“Can I at least send a letter”

She said ,

“You can , since you’re going to die moments now”

I replied just to brainwash the other creeds….

“Now get rid of any evidence of our identity , I and gulf will take care of the girl now since she’s the main target we have to take extra care ”

I said to make the assassins busy and not making them notice what I’m about to do and they walked away to Clean all evidence , she handed the letter to me , while she cries bitterly ..

“I covered her face , and removed the syringe which kills human for three days and the human will wake up after that day if the human isn’t given proper treatment finally he/she would die within 30 minutes….

I removed the syringe and injected her as she collapsed immediately ,

“You can’t do this bella no no !!”

Gulf said,

“I don’t have option we can’t kill her, I must save her and make her live with me ”

I said ,

“Now take care of her servant !!”

I said as I pointed at the little girl which’s her companion,where she was blindfolded …

And gulf paralyzed her immediately …

I pierced minister Louis daughter’s stomach slightly to make sure blood was coming out and I quickly treated the spot while I make blood stain the place , she’s in the matter of life and death now , now she lies on fate ,if fate brings her back …

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I laid her down gently after we finished our mission she laid down lifelessly and every single person in the house ….

We finished the mission and the other creeds have to check if they were truely dead to confirm to the boss …

2 days later????

I couldn’t eat for the past 2 days after the deadly mission was made that I hadto monitor where the body of minister Louis daughter would be buried …

The news of herdad and her death was all over the news,tv and billboards ,an I finally found where they were buried it remains 24 hours before the liquid syringe would be comsummed and she would die even if she woke up and still in the coffin for surfforcation …

It was 1: am already , I planned to take dig her grave and remove her out ,i’ve hired a man who would help with the digging I wanted to move her 22 hours ahead of when she would wake up then she won’t suffer of surfforcation and eventually dies ….

We went to the cementary , luckily her grave Haven’t been plastered…

“We hurried to the cemetery around 1: 33AM in the midnight ..

As gulf worked as a watch out …

“Mission failed !”

Gulf ran to us and said …


I exclaimed in surprise …

“Her mother and was laying on the grave crying helplessly , we can’t do anything now , except we hurt her only”

He said ,

“No no !!,that can’t happen we can not”

“We’re still having extra 22 hours we would take her out ”

Gulf said ..

“Do you mean by 12 midnight This evening ??, The watcher man would still be here and her time would run out and, and the time to even dig her grave it would take lot of time ”

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I said bitterly,

“Don’t worry bae”

He said as he hugged me slightly..

And we left

21 hours ago????

It was past 11:pm already we ran to her grave I’ve waited for gulf he seems to not show up …

I quickly hold paralyzer syringe in Hope of injecting anyone who’s there …

I and the person I hired went ..

I went to spy and found her mom still there she’s having 1 hr to remove her from the hole I waited 30 minutes more as I see she isn’t showing any movement of leaving there …

I stood up and starts to tiptoed forwardly …

“Mom!!, It’s cold outside already we have to leave here ”

The minister’s son said ,

He’s 80% from my age ,

“Son!, I can still feel the breath of my daughter !!????????, She’s still alive breathing inside the grave ”

The woman said , out of the bitterness of mother ,all mother would probably say that after suddenly snatched away her dearly baby from them …

” I’m serious !!!”

She said crying bitterly ..

“Mom we have to go ”

The boy said as he lifted her mom up as they finally went …

I was about to move forward with the man ..

“Who goes there!!!”

The watcher man shouted as he pointed his touch we quickly hide behind a high grave …

“I’m gonna poison all these stray cats , always disturbing sleeping souls ”

He said as he turned off his touch after he was convinced as a stray cat coincidentally showed up impersonating us ….

“It’s remaining 15 minutes after we waits for the watcher man to leave , but he dozed off instead …

The man started to dig as the time started to count down …

We were running late already..

“Cough cough!!”

The watcherman coughed which caught our attention …


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