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Heiress. Episode 35

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????My Heiress????

[???? Melting His Cold Heart❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 35????

Previously on Rosa’s pov ????

We dug the grave speedily after the watcher man rested back ..

The time was already exhausted ,she must propably be fighting for breath now”

“Fast!!, Fast!!”

I kept shouting ,and not thinking about the watcher man again after i’ve injected him ….

He dug speedingly…

After he finally dugged, we both dragged her out of the coffin she was sweat already ,after she’s fought for breath and fortunately her body was warm which signifies she’s still alive…

Flashbacks ended ☁️…


Chloe’s pov ????

I was locked up in the a dark room I don’t know , by the kidnapper as the place was scenting of solemnly burning fragrance ,and a deem of light still flashes to my blindfolded eyes , which means , there was a candlelight placed on a table which lighten the whole darkroom in 6% way …

“Hmm hmm”

I heard a cough ,and my blindfold was removed, here in my front was a man with an owlish???? rounded face l ,he’s holding the lap of a fried seasoned chicken and chewing it like it’s gonna last 10 years in his hand (eating slowly like the world wizard boss ) , and he got men who works for him …

I was frightened seeing only men around , I don’t know who this man was ,he must have propably mistaken for someone else …

“Sir ,I think this must be a mistake , you must have mistaken me for someone else , I don’t have problem with you sir tell your men to have me realeased, they must have taken me by mista…..”,,,”shut the shit up!!”

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He shouted and threw the chicken lap at my face , it hits me so much that my nose starts to bleed …

“How dares you talk in my confinement ??”

He shouted and squuezzed his face which makes him looks more like an owl????..

“I’m sorry my Lord!!”

I quickly apologized ,as he lessen his temper and took another fried chicken from the servant who was holding the tray filled with dozen chicken laps???? and covered with a bronze big cover …

” What is it you want from my daughter’s fiance ?”

He said as I quickly knew he was talking about riele,I was speechless ..

“So you’re now speechless ?, You lowly wench , you’ve committed a great sin and also crossed your boundaries to Ruby’s family do you know that?”

He said angrily and sternly…

“Chop of her two breasts now !! So she could look scary to zayne ”

He commanded crudely..

Ruby’s pov ????
I commanded them to chop off her two breasts…

“Sir won’t you have a taste of her ,you should at least useless her ”

One of my guard said …

“My Lord !!, You have an appointment with a lady ”

One of my attendant said from outside ..

“Leave her now !, I’m gonna come back and have my sweetest time with her , what a joy of sleeping with a young virgin teen ????”

I said and walked out to meet the unknown visitor….

I walked to my sitting room as my body guards followed behind …

I was surprised to see the same familiar lady I saw in minister Ronald’s house , she was looking very serious like a person who came for a very serious job …

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“Who are you and what do you want ?”

I asked directly ?!!..

“I am Annabella!!”

The lady said ,and my heart skipped and almost popped out of it’s cage ….

“7 years ago ????

Flash back ????

Ruby’s pov

I was sitting in my sitting room enjoying my fried lap of a chicken ????, until my attendant entered and annouced the assassins I gave the mission to kill minister louis and his daughter arrived…

“Ohhh!!! Welcome dear , so you are the ones who carried out the job smoothly without any problem?”

I asked ..

“Yes my Lord”

they chorused and bowed , and there was also a girl amongst them …

“Hey young girl , I heard you took the task scrictly and avoided the creeds any mistakes of living any evidence behind ?”

I asked ,

“Yes my Lord !”

She said and bowed ..
“What’s your name ?”

I asked ,

“I’m Annabella my Lord ”

She said ,

“That’s a nice name ”

I said ..

“Haven’t they settled you ?”

I asked surprised to see them again …

“You have to sign this note as any evidence that you gave us an assassination mission ”

They said ,.
“Ohhh!! That??, Everyone must sign a note after giving assassin mission for any betrayal ”

I said as I collected the note , I could see there signature there as well as there stamp , as signed on the note ,and also used my stamp as well …

The note was two in case is any of us tries to betray other ..

I handed the note to them ..

Flashbacks Ended ????

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Reality ????️

“I hope you know who I am now ”

She said …

“Yes I very much Know who you are ,at least you should show your respect ”

I said angrily ,

“I’m sorry my Lord !”

She said and bowed slightly ,

“Where have you been all this while and why are you here ?”

I asked ,

“I’m here because of the lady in your custody and I wasn’t in this country 7 years ago ”

She said compilatorily,

” A girl in my custody ? ,How do you know that ?”,

I asked ,

“I heard she caused trouble with your family I have to come for forgiveness ”

She said and bowed …

“Forgiveness ??”

I asked angrily !!!.

“You should at least show mercy my Lord ”

She said ..

“Are you mad??!!”

I shouted angrily ,

“You Impertinent wench, you thought you would have a position to trying to use your sister seduce Zayne so you can be part of the noble bloodline , trying to use a common note to treathen me??”

I said angrily ,

“The note could end your entire generation my Lord , kindly release my sister unharmed ”

She said ,

“Hahahaha, do you think I can’t kill you right now ”

I said laughing like a wizard ,

“Off course you can , the notes are on all social media clipboards , just one order it would be posted online everywhere ”

She treathened,

“Are you for real , the note should’nt be with you but the industry?”

I said ,

“Release my sister sire!!!!”

She said angrily and banged the table in me …..


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