January 19, 2022

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Heiress. Episode 37

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????My Heiress????

[???? Melting His Cold Heart❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 37????

Riele’s pov ????????

I was eagerly expecting , the news from my dad of Chloe final deaths…with a chilled wine , in my hands ,I stood on the stairs with my hands on the stairs handle listening to a cool music with my BT as it beats hurls heavilying through my ear…

“She dares tried me?, She should have slept in pieces by now!!”

I said to myself referring to Chloe ..

Until I heard the horn of zayne’s arrival ,they all left an hour ago,which I knew well when they heard Chloe’s death , I have to go and show a fake concern so Zayne would think I’m having a good heart …

I quickly ran towards the car ..

And zayne came out ..

“Ohh aigo ????????????????????,I don’t know this can happen to an innocent girl like Chloe ,how could she die so easily?, She should have been more careful who would she have offended ”

I lamented with a fake tears,, and I noticed zayne was so confused ,

“Zayne , don’t be annoyed how I treated her I didn’t know this is how it would end , why would she die like that ?, Don’t worry about Chloe Zayne she’ll be resting in pieces ,ohh I mean peace ????????,by now , I’m the one for you My Heir-ship !!”

I said with fake tears again ..

Oh my gawd !!????
What the fuck!??
Are you fucking kidding me gurl?”

Zayne laughed histerically,and I also heard some laughter inside the car I don’t know who were laughing because the car window was darked coloured as I was so confused and dumbed …

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“No tell me this Is a kind of joke or new trend?, Like haha , are you crazy?? This sounds stupid girlll!!”

Zayne said ,until Chloe ,Seb and Felix came out of the car …

I was so traumatized ,that my leg starts to shivers and couldn’t balance , I was so ashamed that I felt I was a fool ..

As I quickly ran inside and couldn’t withstand the shame …

Chloe’s pov ????
“Her dad’s tryna kill me , for no reasons ?”
I said louder,

“Riele might have reported you , I’m still having unsolved beef with minister Ruby I will definitely revenge my ivy unjustly death with her dad ”

Zayne said as I quickly knew he was aware who I’m am, and why is he going to revenge my father’s death on him was he the one who tried to kill us ? ..

“Brrrrrrrrrrn!!,brrrrrrrrrrn!!, brrrrrrrrrrn ????”

My phone rang loudly as I checked the screen it was sis Rosa..

I picked..

☎️Chloe you’ll have to revise to MABENA private hospital right now ,we had an accident and lord Brent was just rushed into there right now .

☎️What?!!! Are you serious.

☎️ Yes ! Chloe tell his heir – ship,

☎️ I will right now

I said and cut the call ..

“Lord Brent had an accident we have no time to waste let’s get to mabena hospital , he was just rushed there now”

I said ,as we all entered the car and the driver drove us to mabena hospital we all rushed inside and we met the receptionist nurse ,

“How may we help?”

The nurse said ,

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“I’m Ronald Zayne the younger brother of Ronald Brent ”

Zayne said..

“Ohhhhhh!!!, Awwwn I’m a big fan zayne!!, I love you ”

The receptionist shouted ,

“Are you mad ? ,Fix to the way to my brother’s ward ,why the fucking fuse?”

He lamblasted the incompetent receptionist who chose to hype a fave while on delicate receptionist work,

“Ewwww!!!????,I’m so sorry my Lord !”

She apologized ,

“Sorry for yourself and next time you focus on your work instead ,you can hype your fav anywhere but not at work ,I’m a client here not a fave got that !!”

Zayne scolded .

“Yes my Lord, the ward is no.123 only 2 people can go in now ”

She said ,

“That should be zayne and Chloe ”

Seb said ,

And we collected the pass in , as we both promptly marched to get elevator …

It took us to the floor ,and Ella ,Nicki and sis Rosa are about to come down ,,

As sis Rosa directed us to the ward ..

Zayne’s pov ????
We entered his ward he was laid on his sick-bed ,
“Are you okay brother ?”

I asked as I placed my palm on his forehead ..
Why he was still asleep ..

And Chloe held Brent’s hands with her gentle beautiful hands..

I felt jealousy but I have to calm down because it is a minor things I have to live it, but not that I’m dating her why I’m I so concerned ?”
I thought to myself …

And I noticed brent’s stomach grumbled , he might be hungry as I quickly walked out to get him something to eat ..

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9 mins later ..

I walked back to the word as I was traumatized to find the most traumatizing and unexpected things I saw , as Chloe’s lip was locked on brent’s I fell down on my knees after the food fell already and my heart stings like it’s being slashed with a verocious sword ….


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