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Magical Twin. Season 2 Episode 2

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SEASON 2????????
(Their revenge…..????????

Written by Mimmy ????
Episode two ????????
Helen’s POV
I moved up and down thinking of what to do, this is not right. He ought to be taught a lesson

What’s the way out lawyer. The pretty little girl called Jin-a asked

I sighed and opened the door to Beak’s room. He was asleep… Poor boy. I closed the door and went back to the girl

First, who are you? I asked and crossed my arms
I should ask her, who knows if she has an hidden aim

I told you I was Mrs Madison’s faithful maid before she suddenly disappeared and Sir Beak was nice to me. She replied
He was nice to you. Does that mean you have known him for a very long time?

Not really. She answered

I looked at her suspiciously

I think the girl is innocent and don’t you think we should take Beak away before Kim finds out?My partner said

That’s true but what if he wakes up? I asked

No, his sleeping pills works for twenty four hours. Jin-a said
How did you know about that?

I see you are not ready to believe me but please can we save sir Beak first? He means so much to me. She said
I scoffed and opened the door to his room

Get the car. I said to my partner and he left immediately

I faced Jin-a
We need to make a plan, those idiots are downstairs catching fun and the only way to distract them is….
The lights suddenly went off
What’s happening? I muttered and drew Jin-a to my side

What happened to the lights? I’m scared. She said
Don’t panic. I said and tiptoed downstairs. I think the power supply was interrupted and most of the fools were asleep. This is perfect.
I tiptoed back to where I left the girl

We should take Beak now. I whispered and brought out my phone, I turned on the light
A message came into my phone from Carlos, my partner
The vehicle is ready, be out in twenty seconds, I was the one who turned the lights off.

I turned my flashlight on and we entered his room together

Geez! I took one of his hands and so did she, we carried him out of his room
We passed through the living room

Pigs. I thought as we finally got outside. We took him inside and took off

Jamie’s POV(the prince)
I stood outside the palace and waited earnestly for the royals. At sometime, I’d stretch my neck to see if they are coming.

I saw Nana approaching me, she is my best friend, I don’t know if I am her bestie though but we are fighting because she refused to tell me who I am to her

Jamie! She shouted and ran to hug me but I stopped her with my hands

We are still fighting. I replied and she laughed
Okay, I will tell you on one condition. She said

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What condition? I asked
I came here earlier today and I saw two dead bodies in your room, did you kill them? Where exactly did you get your powers from? I need some. She said

I didn’t kill them, I saw them by the roadside and I felt it would be impolite not to help them and talking about my powers, it’s a secret. I replied

That’s what you keep saying everytime. If it is a secret, why not tell me. She said and I scoffed

Who are you? Are you my mother? Even my mother knows nothing about it, she doesn’t know the source.. I said and laughed

So, I am a nobody?
Yep,nobody to know my secret. I replied without looking at her Face. I heard her crying
Bye bye. She said and ran away crying

Is she okay? Maybe a fly got into her eyes. I smirked

Jamie son! One of the high royals called my name from afar
Yes! They are here, finally! I ran to him and help him with his things while his disciples followed him. We entered the palace and my dad explained everything to hin, I explained it in details

Take me to your room . He said
Let’s go. I said and took his hands running and jumping to my room.

Here they are. I said

Jamie! These aren’t just beings where did you get them from?! He half yelled

I told you I saw them by the roadside, I didn’t kill them. I replied
I never said you did. He replied and stood in front of Evie and Eloise

He bowed four times before their corpses and later on came to me

What’s that for? I asked
Excuse us now. He said but I refused
Why? I want to see everything. I said

Jamie, please my prince. He said and bowed slightly.

Okay. I replied and stepped out with my hands crossed at my back

I wish I could see everything but I ain’t got powers to that level

Author’s Point of view
The priest began his magical recitations and sort of. He had started sweating already

Valididyla? He requested and his disciples gave him
He took a handful and sprinkled it on the twins, this time they have been covered with clothes
It was getting really tough for him, he coughed and continued

A great wind began to blow, the doors opened and the windows. The silly fan rolled, smokes came out of nowhere
The priest continued his prayers seriously. The smokes increased more and more

The whole situation died down at once. The priest dropped the valididyla

What happened master? He sighed and shook his head negatively

He walked out of the room and saw that the prince was asleep


Next morning
Kim’s POV
I yawned and stretched my legs and hands. Everywhere looks messy. I stood on my feet and jumped twice

Where is Griffin? I asked myself
Griffin? I searched for
Where could he be? His family were also not available and my phone is missing.

I saw a letter in the table
—let’s meet here—He said in the letter

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Madison rushed in
Kim, you should he ashamed of yourself, you are nothing but a cow, dog, pig, idiot… You are nothing but an animal! I thought we later on agreed not to kill them. She said and held me by my collar

Let go of me. I said
No, I won’t leave you alone! I will make sure you go to jail today….

I pushed her away
Be careful Madison, I can kill you. I said and made to walk upstairs but then, she hit a huge table on my head

I fell down and blacked out

Madison’s POV
He fell on the floor lying straight like a snake

I won’t let you kill beak, it’s impossible.
I pushed his body to one side of the house and ran upstairs to beak’ room but couldn’t find him

Where is he?!
I ran to Min’s room but couldn’t find him as well
Where is my son?!
I turned and bumped into Kim again

He held me by my neck
Stay out of my way. He said in a whisper and released his hand, I coughed

He opened the door to beak’s room
Where is Beak? He asked and I panicked

Answer me now. He said and brought out a small knife

I don’t know! I shouted
I should be asking me you that question! Where is Min? Where is my son?! I shouted and he deep the knife into my abdomen

I groaned painfully as blood gushed out of my mouth
I told you to be careful. He said and left

I held my abdomen and struggled to get out of the house. The pains increased

This is the end of me, I give up…… I muttered and blacked out
Jamie’s POV
I opened my eyes slowly and sat upright. I slept off???
Damn! I shouldn’t have, it takes hours for me to wake up whenever I sleep. I stood up and went to the palace

The priest had gone, does that mean it’s another day already?
Oh no.. What about Evie and Eloise
I walked to my father’s chamber, I knocked and waited for his response

Come in. He said and I opened the door

My prince. He said

Where is the priest? i asked and he sighed

Son, he tried his best but couldn’t bring them back. He said and my eyes turned to red. I hate it when they tell me anything I want is “impossible ”

Where is he? I asked
Calm down first. He said

Okay. My eyes changed to the normal color
Why will he say he couldn’t wake them, it means he didn’t say something before he started the whole thing. I said

What should we do now? He asked

Call him again, I have a question for him. I said and sat on his bed

Okay. He replied

Min’s POV
I bought a ticket and entered the train. Staying in a Seoul is insane without Evie and Eloise most especially Eloise
I sat beside a lady wearing shade glasses. How is my mum doing?

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Her phone fell
I picked it up and gave it to her.
Thanks. She said and I smiled
She removed her glasses
Your face looks familiar. She said

Sorry but i don’t know you. I replied
Yeah, your face looks like a friend of my life twin brother … That of the former minister’s son. She said

Maybe it’s a mistake, my name is Robert Kardashian. I lied

Oh, I’m sorry. She said
My name is Jane. She said and winked at me
Handsome. She muttered

It would be better I change my name and start a new life, I don’t want to have anything to do with Kim anymore
My name is Robert
She brought out a gum and started chewing, she offered me one which I collected and chewed

I already rented a house with the help of my friend at Jeun-yok.

The train took off
Mind if we take a selfie ? She asked
No problem. I replied and she took two

Jane’s POV(the girl sitting next to Min,Beck)
O M G! He is so handsome. I stared at the picture we took, he is a complete replica of the minister’s son.. I have always crushed on the minister’s since childhood, he was once my twin brother’s friend but we parted ways due to one reason or the other

I stared at the picture again, this is really cute. I used it as my dp immediately

Few hours later ……
We got to our destination and we alighted out of the train
Bye. I said and waved at him while he leaves. I wish I could see him again, too bad I didn’t have his contact. I boarded a cab and told the cab man where I was going
20 won. He said
Okay. I replied


Min’s POV
I tightened my bag to my waist as I got out of the jerky taxi. I walked to a land phone operator

Welcome. She said and winked at me
Damn! Wink wink wink, is this their mode of communication? A lot of ladies have done that countless times in the vehicle but I ignored them all
I collected the phone and punched in my friend’s number

—This is Min. I said
–i am at McDonald mall
-okay. I ended the call and paid her
My name is Veronica. She said

Thanks but I didn’t ask.
I walked away………


I used the lift and got to his apartment. I checked the room number one after the other and when I got to his, I pressed the door bell

I stepped back and waited for him. The door opened revealing him, all grown up. Its been years we set our eyes in each other

Kane! I called with ecstasy and hugged him
I have missed you so much dude. He said as we disentangled from the hug

He ushered me in and I sat down
What about Beak, Minister….

I need water please. I cut him off

The door suddenly open.
Kane I’m home. The tinny voice said

Haven’t I told you to always show some respect. He said and when I finally saw her face



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