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Magical Twin. Season 2 Episode 3

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Their revenge????????
Written by Mimmy Love????????
Episode Three
Minho’s POV
Kane, is this your friend? She asked wearing a suprised look
“Yes,do you guys know each other? Kane asked
“We met in the train and he told me is name was Robert. So you are Min?! She said happily

“Yeah, sorry I lied”. I saie
“Its okay. She said smiling
You are handsome. She added
Feel at home,i’m going to my quarters. She said and turned to each
See me kane. She added and left
I never knew she was your sister. I said as I collected the drink he offered me
She is. He replied

I will be right back.
Jane’s Quarters????????
Jane’s POV
I dropped my bag, what a hectic day! Hectic and interesting! I giggled
It has been years I set my eyes on him and he really looks more handsome. Awnnnn❤❤, I hope he is single. I wonder why he lied to me and I hope he gets used to the job I and my brother do.

The door opened revealing my stubborn brother. He came inside
I thought i changed my password. I said
“I am smarter than you think”. He said and walked to the kitchen,he opened the fridge and brought out a drink

“Why did you call me?” He asked as he was about to open the juice box but I collected it from him.before he could.
“You have yours in your room.” I said and kept it back in the fridge
“Stingy girl”. He said and pinched me

“Why did you call me”? He asked again
“About your friend….”
“And you crush” He interrupted me and I smiled
“Let’s be more serious, your friend…does he know the type of job we do?” I asked

“No”. He replied
“We have to find a way to dispose him then..” I said
“Dispose him? You can’t just kill him.” He said
“You really don’t know him anymore….”
“So you want us to kill my friend, your crush?”
“Look, I don’t care. I don’t wanna go to jail and if Gale and Monster finds out, they would suggest the same. I told you not to accommodate him before now and I didn’t know he was Robert” I pointed out
“But he doesn’t know the type of Job we do now”

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“What if he later knows about it?” Its better we get rid of him before he finds out”. I said

“Your crush….”
“I don’t care kane. This is a serious situation now, he remains on earth, then we will be under threats”.
“Jane calm down…” He said and I guessed down

Let’s go to my apartment…..
Minho’s POV
He has a nice house, I dropped my bag on something which sounded like a metal. I took the bag and then I found a pistol

“This is perfect! What’s he doing with his gun? Maybe he can lend me for sometime. I have to kill my father”. I soliloquized


Kane’s POV
We got to my apartment only to see him holding my gun

Shit. Jane muttered
“Dude, would you please lend me this?” He asked and I and Jane looked at ourselves. This is really surprising
“Answer me, lend me”. He said again
“Mine, its not for kids”. I said and collectrd it from him
“What do you mean? I nees it to kill my dad.” He said and my face dawned

“You want to kill the minister?! Why?” Jane asked

“You won’t understand, just lend me…he is….”
He stopped talked and took a deep breath. I could sense he was angry
“Dude calm down and tell us”. I said
“Alright.” He said and began to explain to us. He was even crying
Its okay. Jane said and patted him
He really deserves to die. I said within myself
Jane sat beside him

“We are hired assassins and we will kill him first thing tomorrow morning.” She said and he looked at my face
“We won’t hurt you.” I said
“Yeah I know but…can I join you guys immediately?! I just want to do something….
“Don’t worry.” I interrupted him
I really feel his pain, what a heartless father

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We gat you bro. Jane said and hugged him
“I thought you said we should kill him?” I teased
“I didn’t say that and now, he is ready to do the job”. She said and gave me a fuck you sign



Hellen’s chamber
Hellen’s POV
“I am trying my best but his condition is getting More worse everyday”. The seventh Doctor complained
“Is he even eating?” I asked
No, I can’t handle this anymore, I quit! He said and left angrily

That’s the seventh Doctor complaining and I am getting tired already. My fiance broke up with me yesterday because I haven’t been paying him attentions for the past few weeks. I’m still trying to get over the heartbreak

“I am sick and tired of him.” I said
“Let me see him even if its once.” Jin-a said and I scoffed

“Different set of Doctors have tried their best to make him communicate, some got bitten by him and you want to see him? Its dangerous.” I said
“I know but please…just once.” She said

“Okay, go on.” I replied and went to my office. I sat on the couch and picked up my phone to Call Minne again but he didn’t pick it. I covered my face in my palms and wept
I love him so much but my career took my time . We ought to have been married to each other two weeks ago but I postponed it all because of my career

Minnie, please answer my call. I muttered


Jin-a’s POV
My heartbeat skipped as I opened his door and entered
Ha! I screamed seeing he has grown more more hairs
He growled for some minutes and then he stopped and sat down
I tried to move closer to him but he growled again which made me fidget
Calm down please. I said shivering

Will you eat? I asked and he nodded. I walked to the table where his food was kept, I took it and dropped it in his front. He rushed it but the more he eats, the more his hair grows and he is so irritating

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Sir Beak…..
Suddenly, he grabbed my hands…..
Let me go! I shouted
I screamed out for help…..till Miss Helen came in

Jin-a……. She said and a lady quickly injected him. He became calm and he slept off

I told you not to come here. Miss Helen said and left angrily while the Lady stayed back

I am Doctor Dona. She said and smiled


Freddy’s POV
Almost a week and I haven’t been able to get through to Evie. I called her twin sister but it was switched off
I went to their house but found no one except his dead mother in which I took to my heels immediately
I have called Min but his number was switched off

What’s happening, I am fed up!
Jamie’ s POV
I stayed outside again waiting for the royals. Something is not right…I haven’t seen Nana for the pass few hours and its very unusual.
I will see her in the evening

The royal finally appeared
Hello. I said and he smiled which means i should calm down
You didn’t wake them. I said

I’m sorry but it was impossible. He replied
Go in and try again. I said to him
Make sure you pray before you start anything. I said

Okay prince. He replied and left

Royalman’s POV
I sighed and entered the room again, they smell really horribly.
I said a some prayers like he commanded
I prepared my sacrifices and began the rivavial. Praying and spraying different kinds of riviving powder on them

An hour later…
They were refusing to wake up. I stopped and went outside

What’s their condition? The prince asked
Still the same, I am…..sorry. I said and bowed totally
Can I see them. He requested
Yes. I replied and took him to the room

What? We both screamed