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Magical Twin. Season 2 Episode 4

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????????SEASON 2????????
Their revenge…..????????????????????
By Mimmy Love

Previously on return of the magical twins……????????????????????????
Royalman’s POV
I sighed and entered the room again, they smell really horribly.
I said a some prayers like he commanded
I prepared my sacrifices and began the rivavial. Praying and spraying different kinds of riviving powder on them
An hour later…
They were refusing to wake up. I stopped and went outside

What’s their condition? The prince asked
Still the same, I am…..sorry. I said and bowed totally
Can I see them. He requested
Yes. I replied and took him to the room
What? We both screamed


????????????????Episode Four????????????????
Jamie’s POV(the prince)
We were both biwildered and petrified at the same time.
“I thought you said they didn’t wake up”? I asked ssomehowangry

“Yes….but …I am surprised as well”. He replied as i entered
They were alive and was lookng at us but something was different about them, they have a mark on their forehead which means ‘x’
“Hi” one of them finally said and I am sure that must be Eloise

“Wait, Evie…we are alive…how?” She said again and got up from the bed

Eloise’s POV
At first, I was angry then I came back my right senses, it was real. I am alive!
How? I looked at myself, I thought I was dead and Evie…she was raped and killed and….our wcked uncle

I growled
“Calm down.” The little boy said
‘I know you are angry possibly because of what your wicked uncle did to you, Evie and Eloise “. He said
What? Who are you and how…who told you our names? And how come we are alive again, I mean hale and healthy at once?” I asked so many questions
That’s a question for another day. He replied and came in
I am Jamie, the prince of Buruea kingdom. He said and bowed slightly
I looked at Evie
So, how did we get here? She asked boldly
I helped you, someone dumped your body and I helped you, you should be thanking me for bringing you here. He said and sat down

He stood up again
I will be right back, I have to tell the king you are awake. He said and left us staring at him suprisingly
Evie’s POV
I sat on the table and crossed my legs
Uncle…..I muttered angrily while Eloise hissed

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I can still remember everything. I said
Same here but i don’t want to talk about it. Eloise replied
You still think about Min?I asked and she hissed again
I don’t want to talk about that monster. She replied slowly

Hey! I don’t want to hear anything that has to do with him, he is a monster and that clear. I can’t believe his father Influenced our uncle. She said
No he didn’t, uncle himself is a devil and I will kill him and his family with my bare hands. I said then the king and Jamie came in

They look really alike
Are they one or two? He asked
I am Evie
I am Eloise.. We said simultaneously

Thanks for saving us. We said at the same time again

Jamie son, just deal with this. He said and bowed slightly before us and left
I don’t understand why they are being, he is a king.
I know you are wondering why everyone respects you. Jamie said and my eyes widened

Who told you….you can read my mind? I asked and he scoffed

Yeah. He replied then smiled at us

Tell me more about yourself. He said

I don’t want to talk about my past. Eloise said
Same here. I added with my eyes teary.

I hate them! I don’t want to remember a thing! I shouted and threw the glass cup beside me away
I was angry, sad and emotionally affected
I just hate them, all I want to do now is see them and kill them! I yelled

Why? You think that’s the best revenge? The boy asked

Yeah. Eloise replied him
They deserve nothing but death! They killed us…

But you are alive….he interrupted
But we would have been dead if not for you?! His father killed us, his son raped her, his son decieved me! They deceived and killed us! So! What’s the best revenge, its death. She said

They even took our powers. I said and cleaned my tears. They deserve nothing but death Jamie, they have to die. Thank you for saving us but they have to die! I said

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We have to go now, they need to die! Who knows what’s happening to our brother right now. I said and grabbed my sister’s hand

Okay, you are free to go….but can I tell you a secret? He asked

We looked at ourselves

If you go back to Seoul , you will die.

Yeah…….. So its better you stay here and live your life, you guys will avenge starting from here……that’s the fact. He concluded and I scoffed

What are you? Eloise asked and he chuckled

I am Jamie, the prince of Buruea.

Minho’s POV
I dressed up and carried my bag
Are you ready? Kane asked.
Yeah, I can’t wait to see him in the pool of blood. I replied
Let’s go. Monster said and we walked out of the apartment, they have a private helicopter and its going to fly us down to Seoul. They have tracked my dad’s or rather the minister’s movement. He still stays in my house

Hi. Jane said to me smiling
I replied with a smile. She is really a nice person, she fun to be with and I think i like her

I said I like her not love her????
I know Eloise is dead but…she will be in my heart, she has a place there already

I smiled as I had a reference of our past lives, really funny and stubborn
I remembered how we would yell and shout at ourselves, I can’t believe she is gone.

Are you okay? You are crying. Jane said
Oh….I muttered and cleaned my eyes

You don’t have to cry, everything will be fine. She said and rubbed my back

The helicopter landed on the roof
We used our mask and got outside

I am ready for this.

Kim’s POV(minister)
I was clearing madison’s body when something huge suddenly landed on the roof.

What’s that? I aaked myself as i packed her to a room.
I made to walk downstairs then some set of gangsters or what should I call them? They came in with ammonitions
Who are you people? I asked and climbing down the stairs
One removed his mask and it happened to he Min

I laughed

Don’t you dare caLl me your son. He replied harshly then I laughed again
Are you joking….
Hey, I am here to kill you. He said but I couldn’t stop laughing
That’s impossible. I said and brought out my gun and pointed it at him but to my surprise, his friends laughed really hard and I wonder why
Suddenly, a girl slapped it off my hands
What…..don’t kill me please. I pleaded

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Remember everything we have shared together. Ibsaid

We shared nothing, stop lieing. He yelled back at me

Min, we gat no time to waste, just do it. One of his friends said
He faced me

Its a done deal dad, goodbye. He said

Please…..he shot me and I blacked out.

Minho’s POV
I felt uneasy after I killed him
I…I…I just killed someone for the first time in my life. I said within myself

Dude, let’s go. Jane said and dragged me along, but…what about mum and Beak?

I just killed someone….I hope I didn’t make a mistake by doing this.

Eloise’s POV
Okay, its fine if you don’t want us to go back there but……
I like you guys and that’s why I told you the truth. Do not go please, if you go…..and you get killed again , you might not come back to life. He said

I sighed
This is a bad situation. Even if we stay here with you, we will live as a normal humans, our powers are gone. I said and stretched my hands

Who told you~You are powerless? He asked
Our wicked uncle took them. Evie replied then he scoffed

Your powers are still intact ~

I am sure, try to use them~ He said
I and Evie looked at ourselves then I tried mine

O…..M……G! It worked Eloise! We hugged ourselves, she tried hers

It worked perfectly
But…..if he didn’t take them, what then did he do to us..

It has been restored but……
But what? We asked
You can’t use them in public now. He said
Why? We asked and he sighed

I have to see a friend now. He said and left

But why can’t we use them in public? I tried to ask but he was gone

Let him come back here.
Beware uncle, this is really the return of us!


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