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Magical Twin. Season 2 Episode 6

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????????SEASON TWO ????????
(Their revenge) ????????????
Written by mimmy

Previously on Return Of the magical twins

took the book and flipped to the first page…
I started reading, she came out with a glass of water
I dropped the book and collected the water from her..
Oh..I am so tired. Beak’s issue is critical and tiring…
Freddy’s POV
You know what bro,just forget about her…who knows if she has eloped with a guy. My little sis said
That’s true but Evie isn’t that type of being….
Forget about her. I can arrange some ladies for you. She said jokingly
What do you know?! We are traveling tomorrow, better start packing. I said and up from the couch
Okay, I was on my way to see Xavier so I decided to branch at Freddy’s house today. I said
So…any big deal? She asked
Wait… She stopped me
Don’t you think he is a threat to us? She asked

He could be an obstacle, he might want to stop us from claiming Kim’s properties…fully. She said
I don’t think he is, even the guy we thought would be is nowhere to be found. I replied

I think we should kill him…that will make everything clear. She said and I gasped
Your sister’s son????

What took you so long? We’ve been waiting. Eloise sid
I’m sorry. I replied
Now…tell us the reason why we can’t use our powers publicly. Eloise said
Okay….its because your uncle knows each time you use your powers. I replied
Okay….now listen……try to remember the last time you saw him, he collected your powers with some kind of…
Yeah! The magicundjhan. Evei replied
So, each time you use your powers…there is an organ that blinks red….which means you are alive. He is going to know you are alive, he will find you and kill you. He said

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What if he has given our powers to his kids? Eloise asked


But we can’t stay here doing nothing. I said
Will you find us a job then? Eloise asked
Be my guards….protect me and I will protect you. He said

Episode Six

Four weeks after…
Eloise’s POV
I really don’t like the idea of us staying here. All my body wants is revenge most especially on Kim and Min and Uncle!
But.. This little boy seems powerful.

“We can’t stay here forever .” Evie said one night as we were about to sleep
“I’m sick and tired of this village, I just want to go to Seoul.” She added
I don’t know what to do~ it seems the little boy knows what he was saying. I replied

Yeah, most time he had told us we would fall and we did…

“I think we should leave, we have used a month here and nothing happened. All we do is follow Jamie around like his tail. ”
He has no tail… I said within myself

“okay, I also agree, maybe we should leave.” I said
“We will wake up tomorrow morning and run away.” I added
“but”… Evie said but we got interrupted by the door but nobody came in
What’s that? I asked Evie and got up. I walked to the door and opened it ajar then something suddenly gripped my neck
“Evie! ” I called out
What? She asked
It left my neck, I coughed
Are you okay? She asked me and gave me water
I think an invisible spirit held my neck…
I’ll go get Jamie. She said and ran outside

Evie’s POV
I walked downstairs to Jamie’s room, I knocked and entered without waiting for his reply
Did you guys plan to leave? He shocked me
You… You know our thoughts? I stammered
Yeah… He replied and scoffed
I am only doing my own but I see you are not grateful but… You are free to leave if you want to then face the consequences! The little boy said
Wow! Just this little kid. I thought
And I am not a little boy. He said to me
He just read my mind… Gosh!
Okay, I’m so sorry about that. I came here because of another issue, a spirit passed our room, did you send it? I asked

What? A spirit? I will never do that. He said and got up from his bed. He closed his eyes and opened it then he scoffed
Don’t worry, everything is fine. He replied
Are you sure?
Yes. He replied
And… I’m sorry….
About what?
About we trying to leave.. Just that.. Our mind thirst for revenge and…. Its not easy to do away with it. I said
It’s okay. He said and yawned
Wow! He wants to sleep, he doesn’t sleep like we do, just once in a while and it lasts long

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Okay, goodnight. I said and went out of his room
It is better we abort the plan..
I wonder what type of being he is.
Two days later
Jamie’s POV
I walked round the palace then I overheard dad and mum talking about sending me to California
Or is it my imagination?
Well, I’d love to travel out of this village. I smiled and jogged to nana’s house
I got to her window
Nana. I called and knocked on her window
She opened it and I went inside. She doesn’t feel happy

What’s wrong? I asked
My dad wants me to live with my uncle. She said
Oh… So.. You will be living there for ever? I asked sadly
I don’t know. She replied slowly
I don’t know. She replied
So… My bestie is gonna leave me? I asked
I don’t know. She replied again
Wait.. Bestie? She asked
Yeah. Try to convince him. I said
I have tried but he wouldn’t listen, I’m fed up already.
I really don’t want her to go. She is a very good friend. I said to myself
Let’s play with the new toy I bought. She said and went to her drawee
Oh, I love toys. I said happily
She brought it out and set it on the flor
I will be the protagonist, so… I will leave you and run away while you will want to collect the treasure from me. I said and she laughed
I will be the…. Landlady. She said and we both bursted into laughter

After I played with her for some hours, I left her house and went back to the palace
I’m confused..
She wants to leave..
She wants to leave me??
Hey Jamie boy. Where are you coming from? Eloise asked
I’m confused. I replied
Why? And you don’t seem happy. She said and squatted to my level
Is everything alright? She asked
No. I replied
Can I ask you a question?
How would you feel if your sister leaves you? I asked
Of course, I won’t feel happy, I can’t do without her. She replied
So… Does that mean I can’t do without Nana? Cos I don’t feel happy? I asked myself
Where’s mum? I asked
She is in the palace.
Okay. Thanks. I replied and went inside

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Jane and Kane’s villa
Minho’s POV
It’s has been a month I’ve been living and working with Jane and Kane. They are Reilly awesome. They trained me to be an expert
And I’m a sharp shooter now if you don’t know
They gave me a nickname ‘DDSHOOT’
One second you are dead!
And Eloise.. I’ll tell the truth
I’ve completely forgotten about her. I think I’m in love with Jane cos she’s fun
I love her but… I haven’t confessed
I think I will do it very soon.


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