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Magical Twin. Season 2 Episode 7

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(their revenge) ????????
Written by Mimmy ????
Episode seven
Min’s POV con’td
I walked into the house with my cigarettes in between my fingers
Sup. I said to Kane and sat beside him
“we have a new job from a village chief.” He said
Evie’s POV
I walked sullenly to the backyard as I had a recollection of what happened to me in the past.
Tears streamed down my face, uncle really did that to us.
He destroyed my life. I’m worthless right now. Something suddenly hit me in my chest
That’s a sign. I cleaned my tears them and looked around
What’s that? Is the prince okay? I asked myself
Jamie! I called and began to searched for him.
I checked everywhere but still couldn’t find him, I saw a royal guard walking in the hallway
Excuse me. I said
Have you…. Have you seen the prince? I asked
Yes, he is with the king and queen. He replied and bowed before leaving
What then was the sign for? I have to tell Eloise this.

I walked to my room and opened the door
She was cleaning her sud
What’s up? She asked
I think something is happening cos I saw a sign. I said to her
Oh, what’s the sign all about? She asked again
I just told you it’s about Jamie. I said to her
You didn’t tell…
Suddenly, we heard noises coming from the living room
What’s that? Eloise asked and we both went out of the room downstairs to the living room. It was a chief and the king arguing

Wow! What effrontery !
Get out! The king shouted at him
No! I won’t leave until you give me what belongs to me. He said
I and Eloise held him and dragged him out, he’s so rude. Talking to the king like that

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Tell your king this is not the end! He is going to cry! He shouted as he walked away
We walked back to the palace
There were still little arguments going on

I saw the sign again, I think I have to find Jamie and talk to him
I went to his room and met him a little sober
Hey Jamie, are you okay?
No. He replied
Dad wants to send me to California. He said and I scoffed
That’s a goodnight news, at least you will get out of this village. I said
I know but I don’t want to leave my friend. He said
But you told me she said she would also travel out of this village..

She told me her parents changed their minds yesterday, so she is staying. He replied
So…. You don’t want to leave?
Yes. He replied and I sighed
I can see they are Good friends
I even forgot my main purpose of coming here
You know what?
You said Nana convinced her parents right? So.. You can do the same to your dad and maybe he would change his mind . I said and patted him
I think so. He replied and hugged me
Thanks, you are one in a million.

Dona ‘s POV
It has been a month I’ve been taking care of Beak but his condition still remains the same. No difference from the past and these days he speaks some kind of language which sounds like.. ‘naggingans’
He keeps on saying it everyday, everytime he sees me. I closed for the day and packed my bag, I injected him and went out of the room. I got outside and entered my car
Helen has been trying her best, she is trying her best to defeat eagle, countless times, she has narrowly escaped death and assassination. I must say she is a good lawyer.
I drove out of the compound thinking of a better way to take care of Beak, even with the weird hairs on him, he still looks very cute.
I don’t think his issue can be cured medically, I’m getting fed up already.

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I got home and met my sister reading her wierd book called “Magic ”
I just dislike the book each time I set my eyes on it

Welcome sis. How is he? She asked about Beak
Not fine. I told her the truth and took off my shoes angrily
Wow! She suddenly exclaimed
Yo sister, you gotta read this book. She said smiling
I’m nothing interested and stop talking to me in a British accent . I replied without looking at her
You have to read….
I told you I am nothing interested! I yelled cutting her off
I’m sorry. She said softly and continued reading
A phone rang
Whose phone is that? I asked
It’s mine. She said and picked it
“Hey Nicole.” She greeted her and after some minutes, she ended the call.
Sis. Nicole is coming. She said
Okay. Whatever.. Don’t care. All I have in my mind now is to find a solution to beak’s problem
I was scrolling down my phone when her friend came in. I greeted her
They talk too much about the book
It’s actually interesting but my sister hates the book. My younger sister said
Awnnn…. Have you gotten to the ‘Naggingans’. Nicole said
No… Almost there. My sister replied
Gosh! That area is freaking me out. She began to explain how an individual behaves if he or she is possessed with the naggingans
Beak does the same.

Wait, naggingans! I shouted
They looked shocked
Talk to me. Is it Naggingans? I asked

Yeah…. Yeah. Any problem? My sister asked

A lot, give me the book. I requested and snatched it from her. I flipped to the chapter hurriedly

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Minho’s POV
So, what’s the job about? I asked jane
Assassination. She replied cold heartedly
Okay. So… What’s the plan, what about the data? Kane asked
It’s a boy. A ten years old boy and the pay is nice. He said and I smiled

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