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Heiress. Episode 39

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????My Heiress????

[???? Melting His Cold Heart❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 39????
Riele’s pov ????????

I asked the securities in the hospital to help me take zayne to the car , they carried him and I quickly drove htim home …

He walked straight to his room , as I was left worried of what’s wrong with him they all went out together , “but wait what’s wrong with him that prompts him to the hospital?”

I thought ..

“Huh!?? Could it be he’s HIV positive ?????”

I thought ..

“My lady !! My lady!!”

My attendant rushed towards me breathing heavily …

“What wrong!!”
I shouted ..

“Minister ruby his here!, Angrily!!”

She said ,

“Are you for real?!!”

I asked surprisingly,

“Yes my lady!”

She said ..

I quickly ran out of my room to the guest parlour , I met him sitting angrily ,and this time without his favorite fried Chicken lap …

He must be so annoyed after I texted him my pregnancy test ..


I called coarsely ,

As he stood up and Walked towards the window backing …

“What was that you texted me?”

He asked loudly and angrily ..

“Dad it wasn’t my fault!!, It’s just nature that led me to this I couldn’t resist get movement”

I said with a sad face and bowed …

“Shut it!!! , Do you know who you are to my generation?, I’m 100% sure Zayne isn’t responsible for the pregnancy !!”

He said angrily!!

“You’re right dad ”

I said sadly,

“Who’s responsible for the pregnancy?”

My dad said as I stood and speechless????,

“I’m speaking with you riele!!”

He shouted like he’s gonna possess me ..

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“Last two months ,I couldn’t resist what I was feeling , and dressed half naked to zayne’s room , I tried to seduce him ,but he resisted me and chased me out ,his hot body left me horny the whole night , zayne employees are all male , and I found a handsome muscular employee who was half naked at the night probably about to bath at the compound ????, and I could resist his hotness , I finally seduced him and we made love ,he’s responsible for the pregnancy dad ”

I explained ,

“Gosh !!!, A mere peasant??, I’m just gonna kill him , he ruined my plan!!”

My dad shouted and banged the table …

“Dad I think you should be happy , the heavens are behind us , you know if the Heiress didn’t give birth to a child she would be replaced by a concubine , an here I am with a baby in my belly, the whole minister of the group would be so happy that they would hasten my corronation as well as Zayne’s dad !!”

I said ,

“Hmmm??,that sounds smart ,but how would you do such thing when he know he didn’t impregnate you?”

My dad said …

“I’ll create an evidence that would mark we slept together !”

I said ,

“Ohhh! Yeah my daughter is very smart !, I couldn’t have thought of this !now you have to get to work”

My dad said as his nerve loosen a bit ..

Brent’s pov????
I purposely kissed Chloe to turn zayne back to her , I already known she’s ivy ,and zayne haven’t known , that’s ivy and this my Chloe, ivy is dead and I want chloe by my side now!

I thought to my self ..

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“Why would you do such thing??! , Why did you took advantage of me ??,you told me the other time you don’t mean what should this be referred to?, Why don’t you want a broken heart be healed ”

She shouted angrily ..

“Look here!! Chloe”

I shouted as I grabbed her by her hands,

“The zayne you’re falling head over hill for , couldn’t even protect you 7 years ago !!”

I said as I noticed he was surprised ,

“Yes!!, I know you are ivy , if your identity is found you would be killed no matter what , your dad sacrificed himself for you just to live , do you think if you became the Heiress you life would be spared ?, Why Don’t you just allow us two run away from the foes together and live happily ?”

I said ..

“No no!!, I won’t allow that , Zayne was the man I loved ,he’s alive now only waiting for me !!, How can a man waited for a alleged dead girl and wouldn’t have continued his life , and luckily fate led me to him ,and I finally know who I am, I will not change my fate , is better I die with his love than betray his feelings????”

She said crying bitterly

“Why can’t you just be mine ?”

Is it because I ain’t the heir?

“I’m not a person like that , neither I’m I after the heiress position ,even if we should leave the wealth , famousness, and property behind I just want to be by zayne’s side always ????,

I released her hands slowly as tears dropped from my face spontaneously …

“My Lord I’m sorry ,I’ll never forget your genue feelings”

_*This space contained strong language , explicit,and sex⚠️????*_
Riele’s pov ????????

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I walked downstairs and found zayne driving non-stop he was badly drunk that he didn’t know what he was doing ..

“Yes this is the time to execute my plans”

I walked towards him and kissed him on his lips as I quickly took a selfie of our self kissing his eyes was closed that he doesn’t know what he is doing …

I led him to my bedroom ..

He was so heavy that I surported him,, he finally laid on my bed madly drunk and I placed my phone camera on the edge of my shelf as we made a romantic moved we kissed as he kept saying you’re sexy chloe , he kept moaning Chloe’s name ,I don’t mind what he’s saying I kept on kissing him ..

I unbuttoned his shirts , as I kissed him from his neck down to his sexy abs..

I removed my top as my breast Dangled towards him ..

I stripped my self and moved romantically on top of him ,

I crawled toward his waist and unhooked his belt he moaned loudly as his cock was fully erected , I removed his trousers ,and his dick print was shown hugely in his boxers ..

I touched it romantically , I removed his cock out , and gave him the blowjob of his life , he didn’t cum fast I sucked till I get tired he still didn’t cum..

My pussy was already wet that I squirted …

I was so surprised , I have never squirted ever since I’m having sex with a man , and now he haven’t even inserted his cock in my pussy I squirted already ..

I stood up as I tried to insert his cock in my pussy…….


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