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Heiress. Episode 43

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????My Heiress????

[???? Melting His Cold Heart❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 43????

Chloe’s pov ????
“Mom!, How can you say dead is living again, ivy have been buried 7 years ago for God’s sake this has always been your illusion ,and to the grape someone so dearly to dad might have placed it there ,you can even see before our arrival there are many flowers , fragrance from almost 17 peoples are here on his tomb and there are still people coming to pay there respect for dad ,you should remember how nice and generous my dad was ,pls put yourself together the dead can’t rise again !”

Kingsley comforted mom as she was about looking for me , I hid behind the stone at the sight of my mom , I can’t resist the urge to come out and hug her , as warm tears dropped slowly from my gentle face in the memory of seeing your 7 years ago lovely mom , who thought you’ve died ,and life would’nt make you feel her warm hug again at the opportunious moment..

“They finished paying there respect to dad,and they walked to my burial ground and placed flowers there as well my mom cried bitterly at yat moment ,at the hours that looks like days they finished as they headed towards there car …

I cried solemnly to my self seeing my mom who’s kept me in her heart after 7 years ago…

“Who’s there !”

I heard the burial guards shouted from my back,they were heading up from the mountain …

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Mrs Louis’s pov????‍????
I can strongly feel the presence of my daughter , I can’t forget her she means everything to me my only daughter…
I can still feel she’s roaming around the earth , she’s still roaming around the mean earth !, She’s still roaming around the wickedness of life ????..

We finished paying respect to my late husband and ivy …

And we headed to our car Kingsley led me to there car as I entered ,util I saw the guard beating a young teenage girl ,drive to that scene ,I said to the driver as he drove to the scene , as the guards was harrassing the teen ..

“Stop beating the innocent girl!”

I shouted,

“Ohh Mrs Louis , she’s suspected to be amongst the theives who comes here to still expensive jades from the wealthy late minister’s casket they’ll dug out the grave and steal corpse’s jades, she’s suspected to be there accompany as they’ll carry out there plan tonight ”
The guard said ,
As I stared at her
she should be around the age of ivy by now she bowed her head as I couldn’t really see her face …

I wanted to ask her to lift her head but it seems she doesn’t want to ..

“Release the innocent girl , I don’t think she has anything to do with corpes’s jades”

I said ,

“Yes madam ,we are not worthy to ignore your command ”

They bowed and released her immediatly…

As the driver moved the car , kingey wasn’t paying attention to what was going on he was just busy with his phone beside me in the car …

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“The young teen looks like ivy !”

I said loudly,

“Mom, what are you saying again ”

He removed his earpiece and replied as he wrap me to his broad body he has always comfort me like a husband , he’s such a good son I have I’ll never afford to loose him again …

Zayne’s pov ????
I walked towards my musical room really being a while I visited ivy , Because it has always be like she’s living with me already she has always look like Chloe to me ,maybe ivy in chloe’s form …

I thought as I walked slowly touching her picture which were hung in the wall from 8 years ago
Today’s her rememberance ..
I’ve bought beautiful fragrance ,and flowers her favorite fruit and all …

The driver drove me back home after I’ve paid my respect to late mr Louis and my lovely ivy …

As I there were numerous numbers of food stuffs taken in to the event store in our compound .. what’s going on ?, Could it be the preparation of the so called corronation ?,is ruby plan going to work like this no!!!..

Ruby’s pov ????????
I was walking vice and versa in my large bedroom worrying so intensely. .

“My Lord !!, Why worry ?, This calls for celebration , your daughter would be corronated soon”

My personal female advisor said with a calming tone ..

“Why won’t I be worried someone knows all what i have done 7 years ago and she even said she has evidences, why should I loose my guard for celebration now I need serious advice now !”

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“Hahahaha!!, My Lord I have never seen you so worried ,a whole minister ruby looks so worried ”

She said sarcastically ,

“Why do you need to joke now !”

I replied her ,

“My Lord what if the false evidence was just used to threaten you and there’s really no evidence ,and I heard she said she recorded everything with a micro video camera she placed on her collar , micro video camera was just invented 6 years ago and these incidents was 7 years ago think wisely my Lord ! Hahahaha they tried to treathen you with cheap stragedy !! Hahahaha and you fell for it omg I can’t believe this”

Ms. Choi (my female advisor said ..


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