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Heiress. Episode 44

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????My Heiress????

[???? Melting His Cold Heart❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

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???? Episode 44????

Ms.choi’s pov????‍????

I was so surprised to see ruby shaken by just a threat for the first time in 12 years I’ve known him ….

I was a business tycoon ,and hustling business woman that wants to become a millionaire as soon as possible ….

I finally became the millionaire as another ambition entered my heart ..

Which is joining the Ronald’s billionaires/millionaires group which reings from generation and very popular in the country and out sides..

“I really wants to join the group so my little wealth will be bigger and also reings through my generation bloodline ,so I’ll be popular …

And that includes sacrifice ,as it was said by ruby , I’ve tried many times to join this group I was always humiliated and bullied to work more and lay example for my generation not joining some random group for riches …

“They also said the group is historic and can’t allow any new generation enters from the window overnight, that was such a humiliation and discragce to me they all tries to say I’m uncontented with what I had ….

10 years ago ????
Ms.choi’s pov????‍????

It’s been 2 years now that I’ve tried the group again , I’ve now been upgraded with money!!, let’s see if I would be rejected again”

I said as my driver drove me to the group embassy..

“I’ve been under the air conditioner some whiles now”

“Roll down the window I wants some fresh air!”

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I said as he rolled down the window…

We entered bump-up ⤴️road as the driver went on slow motion ..

“Ma’am spear us a coin , we are starving !”

This smelly little orphans poped up on my window…

“Get the fuck outta here you smelling chicks or I call the cops on you!!”

I said angrily at the hungry looking kids,

But they still didn’t resist , I was so pissed off ,and I opened my car door and it hits them all on the floor as they cried of the injuries they got from my wrath..

I we finished the bump ups and my driver drove in full speed till we reached the assembly, I passed through the security showing my I identity ,there were many guards and expensive cars of the ministers in the big assembly compound ..I walked to the assembly house I gave the attendant my passage entry and my identity, telling them I’m having business in I was scanned and ensured I was weapon free ….

“And here comes madam Choi!!”

The announcer announced my presence amo amongst the lot minister sitting handsomely on there honorary chairs..

I was led to a sit by the accommodator as my business isn’t on the line yet , they were still attending to honorable people who got there before me about official business,50 mins later the official business were all attended to …

“And now the last and not the least business we’ll be attending to is Ms.Choi all other businesses would be postponed!”

Minister Ronald who has been my crush for years said ,as I kept staring at his beautiful Roxy lips ,and at the way he pronounced my name make me drown in love with him,I will also take this opportunity to seduce him after I’ve been officially signed at the group …

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“Ms.choi as we may have thought you came here for influence of your business ,how may we help you ?, Giving you loan or advert from our company ,radio station , schools ,industries and all ”

“My lords I’ve came for my acceptance in Starronald Group”

“I think the group have ordered you to work hard and invest and also lay example to your generation and stop seeking for acceptance from an historic group”

Minister Jackie said ,

“And furthermore my Lord , women have been barred from the “stareun” generation till it reaches our generation which is “staronald” how can we accept woman so easily when our ancestors already barred it for some reasons”

Minister Benny commented to minister Ronald ,

“This woman just wants to be manipulative !”
Minister Anthony added .

“Ms.choi!, We’ve made conclusion 2 years ago ,that this historic group already barred women from stareun generation ,and starhong also didn’t allow woman , starandrew as well till it reaches my generation staronald I can’t accept women even till the ahead heir starbrent! ”

Minister Ronald said ,as he even Stated his illegetimate son Brent era wouldn’t accept women …

“I think this isn’t about , I’m more wealthier than some of ministers here this is about money and success ,does it looks like I’m forcing myself to the group ?, I’m just wanna be of hands and upcoming to the group”

“We don’t want any mockery ad backstab hands my lady ”

A minister said..

“I hope you understand lady Choi the group doesn’t allow your presence we’re highly sorry”

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Minister Louis said ,

“That bitch!!, How dares him still refers me as a lady!!”

I said inside me …

“My Lord ! You shouldn’t refers me to a lady again I’m the Heiress of the Choi family which is highly respected if the presence of Choi family isn’t accepted in the group I wouldn’t force the so called historic group I’ll take my leave now ..


7 years later

“All we need to do is to get the little girl and her dad killed after I’ve grabbed hold the power I needed in the group and my daughter the Heiress already I will give whatever position you need in the group ,all you needed to do is to help me with my mission ”

Minister ruby explained his plan to me ,,

And I connected an assassin for our deadly plan while my relationship with minister Ruby was kept in a low key”

Flashback Ended ????

“I have never been tricked so badly like this in my life ,this little girl brain washed me Ms.choi can you Imagine?”

Minister ruby said

“My Lord !, All we have to do is to kill the girl and her sister and all people involved in the incident in the last 7 years period!”


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