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Magical Twin. Season 2 Episode 11

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SEASON 2????
(Their revenge)
By Mimmy
Previously on Return Of the magical twins

Evie please. He said crying
Evie took the iron and placed it on his penn*s
It turned red immediately
Idiot, enjoy that huh? She said and places it on it again
Shut up! She said and slapped him
Evie please. Forgive me. If you can’t forgive me, please forgive my big daddy. He said

Episode eleven
Eloise’s POV
I laughed out loud. He is so funny
He was sweating and crying as well
Please forgive my son. The father said
Evie took the iron and placed it on his penn*s again
Evie please. He pleaded
You know what? Let’s just finish them. She said
Freddy, we are ready. I said aloud
On it…
Wait. Evie said
What? Why?
I will do it myself. She said and Freddy came out
Can you handle this, it’s kinda heavy. He said
She sure can. I replied and crossed my arms.
She collected it from him and shot them dead. Her hands were shivering
What? I asked and moved closer to her
I just killed someone for the first time in my life. She said
Its nothing, come on let’s go. I said and dusted my hands. My phone beeped
I brought it out and checked who it was
I picked it immediately
~What?! I screamed
….Helen’s Chamber….
Dona’s POV
I brought out all the ingredients and the magical stuffs I bought with my money! They are so expensive!
I brought out the recipe
This is it!
I followed every step and mixed the ingredients in a small bowl. I finished it and untied him
I gave it to him and he drank it immediately
I was surprised because I didn’t tell him to drink it
The hair attached to his body suddenly turned to grey. This freaked me out, I was the only one in the chamber, I quickly ran out and closed the door.
I dare not open it till Helen comes.
Few hours later..
I couldn’t wait any longer, I was curious about his welfare. I walked to the door and opened it gently
Ha! I screamed and closed it immediately
He is a monster! No difference! The naggingian just made him look more like a monster!
I gulped down into nothing and walked back to the reception. I didn’t know when I slept off
Eloise’s POV

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We ran into the hospital like a flash!
What? Where is he? I can’t wait to see him! I said and jumped happily
He is awake..
I know, you told me. Can I see him? I asked
Yes but… No noise. He replied
Okay. I replied and went to his ward
Ha! I screamed happily and hugged him on the bed
Eloise, the doctor said no noise. Evie said
You are back, I thought you were dead. Dumbo. I said and knocked him
Eloise. Evie said
So, never in your life do that again, okay? I said and he replied with a smile
Dumbo. I muttered and kissed his cheek
Rat head. He replied
Hey! Why would you call me that?
Sorry. He replied slowly
I helped him to sit upright
I missed you. I said
I missed you more. He replied
Excuse me. Evie called out
Min, have you seen Beak? Evie asked
Yeah… My brother
He is with me. A lady answered coming in
Helen, how are you? Evie said and gave her a hug
Wow, I’m so happy to see you. She said beaming with smile.
She explained everything to us
So, you haven’t gotten a solution to his problem? Eloise asked and she nodded

A message popped into her phone
It’s from his Doctor, I have to see her now. She said and stood up
We should go together, I want to see him. I and my twin said
No problem.
I’ll be right back. I said to min and pecked him before leaving with the rest.
….. .
Helen’s chamber
Evie’s POV
I got scared with the way Doctor Dona explained his condition.
Are you sure it is save for us to see him? I asked Eloise
Yes, nothing’s gonna happen to us. She assured me
After the count of three, Doctor Dona opened the door, I was shocked!

Is this Beak? I and Eloise asked simultaneously

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