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Magical Twin. Season 2 Episode 8

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????????RETURN OF MAGICAL TWINS ????????
SEASON 2????????
(their revenge) ????
By mimmy ????
Previously on Return Of the Magical Twins

So, what’s the job about? I asked jane
Assassination. She replied cold heartedly
Okay. So… What’s the plan, what about the data? Kane asked
It’s a boy. A ten years old boy and the pay is nice. He said and I smiled

Episode eight ????
Eagle’s POV
I wrapped the last bundle of money and dropped it inside my bag. I zipped it and instructed my bodyguard to take to my vehicle.
She did, I used my sunshade glasses and stepped out of the house, my bodyguard opened the door to the backseat and I entered

I got a call from Prado, I picked it
~We are tracing him and his sister. He said
~I need Freddy not his sister, just get him. I replied and ended the call angrily. I noticed my bodyguard was looking at me
I turned to him then he avoided my gaze.

Carlos’ POV(bodyguard)

I hope I am save and I hope I am not risking my life. I turned to her again

“ma’am, I forgot the bag. I told her
“What? That’s not possible, I told you to! ”
“I’m sorry ma’am”. I replied politely
“Gosh! Driver turn back now! ” She commanded and he did
I smiled inwardly
I alighted out of the car and went inside. Knowing fully well I left the bag deliberately because of my mission.
I went to a save and secured place, I brought out my phone and texted her. I walked to where I left the bag and picked it up then I left.

Freddy’s POV
I held my sister tightly to myself as we alighted the out of the cab.
I want candy. She pouted
Okay, I’ll get you some, just stay here while I go get it. I said and kissed her hair
I walked over to the other side of the road where an old man sells candy, he kept me waiting and had an irrelevant conversation with me.

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I have to go please. I said and picked the candy and jogged over to where I left my sister but unfortunately, I couldn’t find her
Mara! I called out and searched for her. I looked at the other side, the man was still there selling
I…i left her here! I soliloquised
Hello, have you seen a little girl?
Excuse me?
I asked a lot of people
I looked at my time, the time for the check in was almost up
Mara! I called out again
Mara! Where are you?!
I searched for my phone and dialed her number, she picked it but nobody said a word
I ended the called and quickly stopped a cab
Station. I replied and it zoomed off speedily
Mingo’s POV
You guys should get ready for the job this evening, the chief gave us some information about the boy. I have his pictures. Kane said to us
By four, he’s going to pass through the kEllen’s road to apply for a visa to California
He’s going to be with his bodyguards, we should be careful. He concluded
Has he paid? Monster asked
Yeah, the chief paid already. He replied
Okay, it’s a done deal. I said
You are killing the boy.
No problem, I’ll do it. I replied and we drank our wine.
Freddy’s POV
On getting to the station, it was locked. I went to another but it was the same
Police are on strike. A man answered when I asked him
Strike? Why? How? Nothing today?! I need my sister!
I don’t know what to do man..
KElen’s street..
Eagle’s POV
What do you mean? I yelled at him
We couldn’t find him so we captured his sister instead..
I told you I want him..
We are…
I interrupted him with a slap
I want the boy here today! I said with authority.
Where is Carlos?! I yelled
Ma’am, we have sent him a text and we hope he comes here. We threatened him. He said beaming with smile
Whatever, I want that boy dead today. I replied and crossed my legs
No one would be available to rescue him and besides, the police are on strike… He would be here any minute. He said
Jamie’s POV
I wore my dress and walked out of the palace to my vehicle with Evie and Eloise.
I don’t feel happy about me traveling overseas, I tried to convince dad but he wouldn’t listen. He made up his mind.
I would have loved to destroy the palace but I am not a bad child, I make peace
I wonder how Nana would feel if she hears about this.

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Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Eloise said and hugged me in the car
Evie’s POV
The driver zoomed out of the palace, seriously it took hours before we got out of the village. I looked everywhere
I haven’t been here in months
Wow! Everywhere looks great.
Jamie, look at this. I pointed to a statue in order to stair him up but he was sad
I don’t want to see it. He replied sullenly
I sighed
Driver, are we almost there? I asked
We will be there in the next one hour. He replied
Well, its a great thing to he out of that village again after so many months. I smiled and turned it wiped away immediately
What’s going on? Eloise suddenly said and told the driver to stop the car.
I think we should inspect this place. Eloise said and opened the car
Who is going to stay with me? Jamie asked
Evie will..
No… We will go together, we will be right back. I said and went out of the car
Why did we see the signs if the road are clear? Eloise asked
Maybe it’s our imagination..

Help me! We heard like a shrill
We turned and saw some gangsta or whatever their names are taking him away hurriedly
No way! We ran after them
The driver has been shot dead
I forced used my powers on one of the Armed robbers, it fell on just a lady
I’ll get them. Eloise said and ran after them while I slapped the lady
Who are you?!
Minho’s POV
I missed my targets, I messed up. The chief has paid us already so the best thing is to carry the boy
I and my gangs ran into a building but the girl wouldn’t stop following us, she is so fast!
We got to a room and to my greatest surprise… I found Eagle, some guys and Freddy tied up.
What are you doing here?! She asked bewildered
Hey you wait! The girl shouted
I pushed the boy away and quickly brought out my gun and shot her direction but she missed it

Eloise’s POV
What the damn duck! How dare him?
He turned to me,i was about to grab his hands and hit me but them she stopped as soon as our eyes met

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I was dumbfounded and speechless, he was as well

Hey! What are you staring at! Pull the trigger boy! One of his guys shouted

Eloise?? He muttered
Oh.. Oh