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Magical Twin. Season 2 Episode 9

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SEASON 2????
(their revenge) ????
By mimmy
Episode Nine
Eloise’s POV
We were staring at ourselves for some minutes..
Min, why are you staring? His friends said which snapped me out of my thoughts
I looked at Jamie, I could sense he was trying to free himself with his powers but they were not working.
Min, let me have the boy. I said cold heartedly
Let me have the boy now or else i’ll take him back forcefully. I said
Eloise…. He tried to talk but I punched him really hard in his face
What shit! A guy beside him said and collected his gun from him. Before he knew it, I was holding it. I collected it with my powers from him.

Eagle and her men were also there and I think they teamed up with min’s friend
I counted them
Eight. Wow!
Eight against one.
No, it’s right against two. Evie said behind me.
Min? She called, flabbergasted
Min.. I’m gonna count to three and if I don’t have the boy back… I will kill you and your gangs
You are not left out eagle but you won’t kill min right. Evie said and smiled
What a day?
I rolled my sleeves and broke the pistol I was holding, his friends was surprised
I walked over to one and gave him a life time beating. Then to the other and another
I got to Eagle and also dealt with her
We finished all of them except Min, why did I leave him alone
Eloise… Please, listen to me. He said

What a day? I started and moved closer to him
I thought we would never get to see each other again right but here we are now. I said and held his neck
I will never forget what you and your father did to I and my sister ! Never! I said and released him
He coughed
I didn’t do anything, I’m innocent.. I searched for you but couldn’t find you. He said and I scoffed
I looked at him and kicked him in between his legs

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Evie’s POV
I left Eloise and walked over to Freddy. I untied him and his sister
Freddy. I said and hugged him tightly to myself
How did you get here? I asked after we unlocked from the hug
Where have you been? We asked simultaneously
It’s a long story.
Ha! We heard
That’s probably Min and Eloise, I know Eloise would not spare him and by the way, where is Jamie?
And oh my gosh! I left that lady outside
Eloise! Where is Jamie?! I shouted
What? Jamie?
A lady came in and took him outside. Freddy said
We all rushed out, I found her dragging the boy
I took off my shoes and threw it at her face . I and Eloise tried moving close to her but them she brought out a pistol and stretched to us.
My name is Jane if you don’t know, one step and you are dead. She said looking at all of us
Min, why are you with them? She asked
Jane, there’s a lot to talk about. This is Eloise. He replied
I don’t care! She is alive now and I know she wants you back! She said
Hey shut your dumb mouth. Eloise said to her
Min is my ex, we broke up ever since he cheated on me. She said
Eloise. I called
And you know what? You two can be together after I kill the both of you for murder. She said and Jane scoffed
Eloise… I’m innocent. Min said
Shooters are liable to die young. Eloise said
I can kill you with my powers…
Don’t use it. Jamie said painfully
Your uncle is on his way here, he found out you are alive with the blink told you about..
Oh my! I totally forgot about that!
We have to act fast Eloise. I said
Before we could take a step, Jane shot Eloise in her chest
No! I screamed
Wait… It was Min
Min! Eloise.. It’s min. I said to her

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Eloise’s POV
I saw the bullet approaching me but I missed it and it landed on min
Min! I shouted and bent on my knees
Jane also dropped the gun and came to him
Are you satisfied? See what you did to him? Ugh? She shouted at me but I slapped her out of anger
I took the gun and shot her legs then I returned to min
Min, please wait… Don’t go. I never meant what I said, I still love you. I said crying
I looked at Jamie
Jamie, help me. I said
Your uncle is coming..
I don’t care! I shouted back
Min, please…. Stay alive with me. I still love you. I said crying uncontrollably
It is…. Too late. He said and I placed his hands on my cheek
No, we can be together. I said
You didn’t trust me…
I do now, please stay alive for me. I said and he smiled. I cleaned my eyes and returned the smile, I think he is coming back
I love you. He said holding my hands tightly then he released them and black out

What just happened?
It’s nothing possible right?

Min? Min?!


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