January 17, 2022

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Heiress. Episode 45

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????My Heiress????

[I don’t want no other body]????

Written by Author Chrisney????


Episode 45 ????

Chloe’s pov❣️

My brother drove my mom away after she’d rescused me from the watchermen ..

I walked slowly down the hill away from the cemetery silently and down , crying bitterly inside me …

My mom will forever be the best mom I’ve ever had …


A cab drove so fast at my front and I suddenly woke from my thoughts ..

I stared down the empty long silent street feeling to lazy to work down to the junction …


My phone rang and I picked up..

“Hey Chloe !,


I replied as I heard the voice of Zayne came through the phone …

“Where are you at , I’ve never seen you over some hours now “,

He said ,

“Ohh me !????, Huh, yeah I’m actually ….”

I said trying to describe where I was totally forgotten i shouldn’t let him know I came to a cemetery he would be suspicious I have something to do with mr louis my dad …

“I’m at the hill cemetery ”

I blurted out ,

“What?! At where ? , For what ”

He replied shocked and loudly through the phone ,

“What you doing there , it cold out and snow still dropping , I hope you wore a thick sweater”

He said with a concerned tone .

“Hummm, actually I don’t have any on ,but a scarf around my neck ????”

I said ,

“Wait there I’m gonna pick right away moreover it’s dangerous out there for a female alone ”

He said through the phone , as I couldn’t believe Zayne can still be so caring ..

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I stood by the street with the shivon white long sleeve ,and a black fitted trouser on and my hair all left down to help cover my ears against cold and also a scarf around my neck , I folded my arms , wrapping my body together waiting for the charming prince that’s coming for his princess..

7 mins passed as I saw Zayne’s car coming closer …


He whined the glass window down and called ,

“Come in !”

He said with his normal cute expressionless face ..

“I opened the door gently with courtesy , I sat gently like a flower on the front sit and placed my little bag on the floor by my left leg …

Until I felt a gentle touch rubbed my head gently as if it’s cleaning out some dirt ,

“The snow fell on your head and body
And you’re having goosebumps to , your lips are so red and I’m sure it would be frozen already ”

Zayne said as he touches my soft lips , as my heart races so fast like it’s gonna pop out …and my stomach growled so loud like I never eaten for ten years ..

I felt embarrassed that I couldn’t blink and feel comfortable …

“I can see you’re so hungry”

Zayne said ,

As I nodded like a baby ..

“Take and wear mine to make you warmer while we heading to the restaurant”…

Zayne said as he removed his heavy sweat , wore it for me , it smells so nice and make me feel warm at that instant …

“I looked his face and I fell even more deep in love with him as his blue Jade eyes sparkles like new mined Crystals as he ignited the car engine revised and drove away..

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We drove for almost 13 mins as we reached the most expensive restaurant in the whole city…

“I actually can’t afford this restaurant my Lord ”

I said,

As he walked from the car I was wondering what he wanted to do until he came to my side door and he opened the my sit door like a lover boy who brought his spouce for a date …

“I looked at his face so surprised , as I walked out of the door and went together to the big restaurants…

Riele’s pov????????
“My lady the preparation for the corronation is on progress ,you would be corronated next week”

My attendant said as I wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying as a thought struck through my mind ,i’ve tried to kill Chloe lots of time but I failed always ,,why didn’t I just use a assassin?, thats what they are there for , killing people with contract , she’ll be dead for sure”

“A great idea,the assassins my dad sent to kill minister Louis would be better ”

I thought to myself ,

“I need to get ready for outing”

I said ,

As my attendant brought out my make – over boss …

I opened my mirror box,

As I apply my power to my face gently with the Bad thought in my heart …

“Aghhh!!!!, Go away ,go away from me , evil ghost ,no ”

I was frightened as ivy Louis appeared in my mirror looking young like the 13 years old she was ..

“Go away !! Go ”

I shouted,

“My lady what’s wrong what should go away ,there’s nothing here ”

“Please just go away I cried as I smashed the mirror on the floor so angry ”

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Scrap the broken mirror out my room now ”

“It is pocessed!!”

I shouted ,

“Yes my lady ,


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